Month: May 2015

Shopping for bulls: Online vs Real World

One of my absolute favourite activities to do on weekends is hunting shopping for potential bulls. When I first started dating Nathan, I used bars/clubs to pick up most guys and it was shooting fish in a barrel of vodka and bourbon. Even though lights were dim, with drinks flowing the drunken banter would ultimately end up with a taxi ride back to my place. But I didn’t really know how to tactfully explain to guys that I already had a boyfriend and literally only wanted them for sex. So it was always an extremely awkward conversation after I had them in my bed, “Hey… that was fun but my boyfriend will be here in the morning so you can’t sleep over… Oh yeah and I kinda want to call him and tell him about all the dirty things you did to me.” Some took it well and were somewhat relieved that I wasn’t clingy. Some were angry that they had been used as ‘the other man’. One guy cried. Another smiled and told me I wasn’t meant for this world. He might have been doing more than just drinking though…

The other downside to real life bull shopping was I couldn’t tell just from looking at a guy who had a big cock. Steve over at Small Penis Relationships can tell you all about how big cocks are hidden down the pants of guys of all colours, shapes and sizes. There is no guarantee that the guy who looks like a Greek Adonis will have a big, thick cock nor is there any reason you should doubt the skinny geeky looking guy isn’t secretly wielding a massive cock. Same rule applies to how well the guy will fuck you. Drunken dirty talk about how hard he’s going to pound your pussy, does not always translate into the same thing when you’re having drunken sex. There were so many nights that I’d pick up guys who were either not that into it or had a cock smaller than Nathan and I felt like it just defeated the whole purpose of cuckolding. Plus I’m not a very good liar, so Nathan always knew when the guy had disappointed me:

“Yeah he had… a GRAND penis… like a grand piano! With all of its girth, yes so much girth that I was overcome by his… girth!”

“He was smaller than me wasn’t he?”


After a while I got annoyed at how uncertain and volatile picking up guys in real life could be, so I tried online dating website Adult Matchmaker and it was perfect. I had never encountered people who were so open and liberal with their sexual fetishes/requests. And people were rarely offended if you said no, they just moved on to the next person. I could explain exactly what I was looking for on my profile and filter my search results to only show guys that would be interested – and then filter again by cock size (although I always subtract an inch from stated size for true accuracy!) They know it’s a one-off no strings encounter, know I have a boyfriend and aren’t freaked out by me requesting my cuck watch or listen in from the next room. Even if they weren’t experienced bulls, most guys were excited by the idea of doing something different and would run with the ‘dom bull’ persona and order cuck not to cum or touch himself as he watched. Probably even better was that I could be chatting with a dozen or so guys and humiliate Nathan by making him read all their messages and then make him choose which one would fuck me. Something you definitely could not get away with in real life!

The one downside to online dating – people are fucking weird on the internet. And I say that from a place of love, as a fellow person on the internet. Top 5 strangest requests I have ever received:

  • Can I put a vegetable on you? No sorry not into vegetables or any foreign objects being put inside me. No I mean ON you, like resting on your belly.
  • Can you come to my place? Except I live with my parents and don’t have a car so we’d have to have sex in my driveway on the left side of the tree only because then we can’t be seen in the streetlight.
  • Do you have a bath? I want to bathe you with a natural sea sponge because it’s best for your skin.
  • Can I fuck you in your pee-hole? Um I don’t think you realise where girls pee from because it’s kind of impossible… No I can do it, I’ve done it before all the time!
  • Do you have a seat-less chair? If not I can make you a seat-less chair for you to sit on and I will also bring 2 black clothes pegs with me. The rest will be a surprise…

But despite this I still prefer using online dating to real life because it’s so much easier to find a like-minded person. Experienced bulls will advertise themselves, whereas if I passed them on the street I wouldn’t have a clue what they were into. Ultimately I’m looking for someone to give me great sex to cuck Nathan with, not a partner. I don’t need a cute backstory about how I ran into the guy at a coffee shop when he got my latte and I got his macchiato or how our hands touched as we reached for the same copy of Hilary Clinton’s autobiography at the bookshop. Those kinds of spontaneous meetings are for single people wanting a relationship. I just want to fuck.

Tell me about your experiences looking for bulls – do you prefer online or real life? And what lead you to your preferences?

Patty xx


The Denial Twist

Orgasm denial is something Nathan and I have experimented with in varying ways throughout our relationship. Part of what turns him on as a cuckold (and no, not all cuckolds do this) is not just watching me fuck other guys but being actively denied sex with myself. It’s almost a holistic cuckolding experience for him to have me derive so much satisfaction from other men that I no longer need him for anything sexual. If I cut Nathan off completely, he would be in total bliss. At first it was really quite difficult for me to adjust to, because I have such a high sex drive and finding the balance between denying Nathan and keeping me satisfied was a bit of a sore point early on in our relationship. Since I started cuckolding Nathan from the beginning, it wasn’t so much that I was upset with the idea of him not wanting to have sex with me, more that I want sex nearly every day and finding other available men was a full time job that required too much time (until I discovered adult online dating websites, but that’s a post for another time).

At first, denying Nathan was as simple as not having sex with him. The longer I denied him, the more he wanted me and that kind of infatuation was intoxicating. He became more doting, more sweet on me and forever wanted to kiss me. Not to say that when we did/do eventually have sex that he becomes less interested in me, but it’s different when I deny him. His passion for me increases and I almost feel like I’m being worshipped. I’m his queen and he is my little cuck who would do anything for me.

After our first year together, Nathan mentioned wanting to try chastity by being locked in a cock cage. I think I mentioned in previous posts that I work in the science industry, so of course all I could think of was the potential physiological repercussions. It was one thing to not have sex for three months, but something completely different to physically restrain yourself from having an erection for three months. The body can be so easily conditioned, I didn’t want him to cause any permanent damage – especially if chastity was just a phase that he’d grow out of (pun intended). But he was sure a cock cage was something he wanted, he had seen it in some cuckold porn and read in a few forums about how it took orgasm denial to another level. I admit I did have a perverse curiosity as to how it all worked, so we decided to buy one together – complete with lock, key and a little anklet for myself to keep said key on.

When we returned home after our shopping expedition, I was surprised to find how excited I was to fit the cage on Nathan and see how it all worked. We ended up having to wait a few hours though because Nathan was just as excited to wear it and couldn’t contain his erection (pun not intended, but I’ll claim it!) So after an afternoon of thinking un-sexy thoughts, Nathan finally went soft and we fit the cage on him. For someone who’s never seen anything like this before, I found it really intriguing. I licked his penis through the bars, keen to see what would happen when he’d get erect. Sure enough he swelled up and his penis tried desperately to push itself free through the cage bars, but instead it just dribbled out a bit of cum and started to deflate again. Nathan was happy with the result and decided to keep it on for the rest of the night. And the next day… And the rest of the week.  I teased him to no end that week just for the sole purpose of seeing his little penis swell, dribble and go soft again in the cage.

I put him in chastity every now and then. Mostly on days when I would be hooking up with someone else, so that only I would get to have an orgasm that day and not him. Other times when we’d go out in public or meet up with friends. I’d tease him about how he would explain what he was wearing if he had to go to use a bathroom that only had urinals. And sometimes just on a whim I’d decide I wanted him to be kept locked up. The longest time I kept him in chastity was 5 weeks. However, after nearly a year, it became less enjoyable for him to wear. He did notice it was harder for him to maintain an erection when he wasn’t in chastity but also the novelty wore off and it wasn’t as exciting or taboo to wear anymore. Now we only use it when I invite over a particularly dom bull, who likes the idea of little cuck sitting in a corner of the bedroom in chastity.

So I’ve gone back to just denying Nathan, sometimes by refusing to have sex with him and sometimes by having sex until I cum and then telling him he’s not allowed to finish. It’s much easier to integrate this into part of our play, by maintaining that he’s only satisfying me in the interim between bulls or ‘keeping me in practice’. It’s simple but it works for us. The chastity cage was/is interesting for us to play with but I definitely think that the intrigue was in it being new and different more than anything. I can admit though, I’m secretly relieved he decided not to continue with wearing the chastity cage, because ultimately when he was denied then I was denied. But at least now we know what level is comfortable for us.

Tell me about your experiences being denied or being the person doing the denying! Do you simply abstain from sex or use a chastity cage? Did you talk about chastity or just whip out the cage one night? And for the cuckold couples out there, do you even include denying your partner as part of your play?

Also I highly recommend checking out the blog She Rules the Rooster for a much more comprehensive look at male orgasm denial and the blog Thrill of the Chaste to read about his experience with long term chastity.

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Mark

The biggest and thickest cock I’ve ever had was Mark. Even now as I type this, I’m biting my bottom lip and feeling tingles as I remember him. We met online via the adult dating site I use for most of my hookups. Normally I take the self-described penis size with a grain of salt, ie when the guy writes 7.5 inches, he’s probably more like 6 inches. So when I saw Mark had described his cock as 11 inches and very thick, I shrugged it off figured he’d be a nice 9 (which is more than enough anyway). Truthfully I was more captivated by his profile pic. He had a beautiful olive complexion, dark hair and typically Mediterranean features with the smug, cheeky smile of someone who knows they’re going to fuck you. And to really ice the cake he was an experienced bull! He loved being watched while fucking, was happy to do a once off hookup and wasn’t put off at all by any emasculating talk I’d throw at Nathan.

Unfortunately finding a time to actually meet Mark proved harder than expected. He couldn’t do nights because he had to look after his kid, which meant he could only meet up during the day – when I’m working. Not being able to fuck him was driving my sexual frustration to the point that I completely cut Nathan off and kept him in locked in chastity. If I couldn’t have sex, then neither could he. On days when I couldn’t bear the frustration, I’d take it out on Nathan, by riding him and rubbing myself on his cock cage until I came. If he dribbled out a little cum through through the bars, I’d wipe it with my finger and order him to swallow it. Luckily for my little cuck, he only had to wait 4 weeks before I happened to have a half day at work and seized the opportunity to invite Mark over.

I wore my absolute sexiest black dress. It was tight fitting and when the top part stretched over my breasts, it went see through, so naturally I didn’t wear a bra… Or underwear. I took a few photos of myself and sent them to Nathan, who was at work and trying to contain his erection under his desk (later he confessed he had to hide in the bathroom because it became too intense for him). When Mark arrived, I kissed him as soon as he walked in, and felt his hands running up and down my body. I didn’t stop kissing him, as I led him to the bedroom where he pushed me down on my knees. I slowly unzipped his pants and nearly died from shock. HE WAS HUGE! Not just his cock but his balls as well and he wasn’t even fully erect! I struggled to give him a blowjob because my mouth wasn’t deep or wide enough, even with both of my hands working on the base of his cock. He smirked the whole time, asking if I liked sucking his cock and if I’d be kissing my boyfriend with the same slutty mouth. I started fingering myself as I started sucking on his balls. He bent down and pushed my hand away, and told me I wouldn’t have to touch myself when I’m with him because unlike my cuck, he knew how to make women cum. He pulled me up off my knees and threw me down on the bed, spread my legs and shoved his tongue into me while slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb. Now at this point I have to let you know, Mark was a sloppy kisser. It felt like I was making out with a washing machine – but most of the time bad kisser translates to awesome oral. He took me right to the edge then stopped. He did this a couple of times until I was dripping wet, sensitive to touch and couldn’t take it any longer and demanded he fuck me.

I was so incredibly horny, I let him fuck me bareback. When he entered me it felt like I was being split open. I’m still not even sure if he was fully in me or only made it halfway in. He knew I was already close to cumming so he took slow deliberate strokes while sucking on my nipples, and after about 5 pumps I came hard. My body shuddered and I couldn’t stop gasping. I kept my legs wrapped around him so he couldn’t pull out just yet. But he was stronger than me, so he flipped me over onto my stomach while I was still recovering from my orgasm, then started fucking me hard and fast from behind. He reached forward and started playing with my clit as he fucked me until I came again, this time he came with me. Inside me. He kept my legs spread, reached for my phone and took photos for me to send to Nathan. Pictures of his used, dirty, whore girlfriend who spent the afternoon fucking a stranger and letting him cum in her, while he was at work.

When little cuck came home he spent the night with his face between my legs, trying to slurp out every last bit of Mark’s cum from my pussy. It was such a hot encounter, I dreamt about it for the next few nights and let Nathan fuck me, while I called out Mark’s name, over and over again…

Patty xx

The Ground Rules

Unlike any of my previous relationships, I found that being with Nathan meant a very upfront discussion of boundaries and what would cause a breach of trust. At a time when new couples are in their honeymoon phase, spending every waking moment trying to absorb as much of the other person as they can, we were talking about the other guys I could fuck. In a normal monogamous relationship, it’s very obvious that cheating = bad, but with cuckolding the lines are a little more blurred. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we started off with two very basic rules:

  1. Secret or undisclosed encounters count as cheating, not cuckolding
  2. No relationships, friendships or dating of guys I’ll be hooking up with

At first glance it may seem like our rules were more to protect Nathan, especially given his ex had run off with their bull. But really it was to protect me emotionally as well. I mean it’s only inevitable if you do form a friendship with someone and start fucking them while at the same time denying your partner sex, of course your brain is going to start sending you mixed messages about who it is you really want to spend time with. In our case as well, when I do occasionally have sex with Nathan, he gets off on being ridiculed for having a small penis, being impotent and wants me to be selfish with my orgasms, making myself a priority over him. So you can understand where/why things can get complicated and why the “rules” are for my emotional protection as much as they are for him.

Over the years though, our rules have become much more flexible as we’ve come across the numerous exceptions, which have proven that ultimately it all comes down to trust in each other. For example I have on certain occasions secretly invited guys back to our place to fuck me, while Nathan was at work. Technically that’s breaking rule 1, but imagine how unbelievably hot it was for him to come home after a grueling day to find a condom filled with cum and a little note saying: “You weren’t home and I was bored so I had to find someone to keep me entertained… Be a good boy and clean up the mess.” And of course because I’m a sadistic nice girlfriend, I filmed the whole escapade for his viewing pleasure.

As for rule 2 this has proven to be useful because we both often forget the other guy involved isn’t just a giant cock for me to fuck, and funnily enough is a real person with feelings who can get attached – especially if I’m lusting after him and scheduling him in weekend after weekend. This happened with one particular guy, whose cock I absolutely adored. He was thick and long, and I would cum a minimum 3 times in an hour when I fucked him AND he would cum with me every time – he had the stamina of a bull in heat and I was in total awe. Plus he was a genuinely nice guy, he liked having Nathan watch us fuck and in the moments of repose he’d chat about work and life and everything in between. Long story short, I was so enamoured with his cock I didn’t even realise how we’d suddenly gone from down and dirty fucking to intimate love making. He was being more gentle, stroking my hair, kissing me lightly on my eyelids and the tip of my nose and whispering to me how beautiful I look, in hindsight very obvious signs he was getting more attached. It’s true that he was well aware I had a boyfriend who was literally sitting in the room every time we were together, but I think all of us can sympathise with being so completely lost in the moment with another person that you tune everything else out. So it was a sad day when I had to say good bye to him and his gorgeous cock, but definitely necessary. As cruel as it sounds, he served as a lesson learnt though and myself and Nathan are more strict now with the guys we hook up with, trying not to repeat them too many times before any kind of emotional connection is established on either side.

Our 2nd rule is probably a bit strange for most couples who initially decide to trial cuckolding with a friend/co-worker aka someone familiar who you can trust. Personally for us, it boils down to the fact that we can’t trust anyone in our inner circles to tell them, let alone ask them to engage in our relationship. All of our friends are conservative, and our reputations in our workplaces, mean too much to jeopardize with seducing a co-worker. Everyone ultimately has to do what works for them, for us it’s “randoms”. Plus, I’m still in my 20s, so I suppose you could say I’m stereotypically a bit more laidback about having sex with strangers!

Do you have any rules you follow in your cuckold relationship or are you still feeling things out to see what works for you? I’m interested to hear if any other couples have had similar or different issues to what we’ve had and how you resolved them.

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Dave

So I’ve decided to create a series of Sunday Sessions posts, where I can share the details of my hottest hookups with you all, every Sunday. Hopefully they’ll tantalise enough to keep you lusting well into the night…

I met Dave online via an adult dating site and we hit it off straight away. He described himself as bi-curious, had never been with a cuckold couple before but being a bull was something he’d fantasized about. I sent him a few topless pics and he sent back pics of his thick cock, erect to its full 8 inches – followed shortly by a video of him cumming to a pic of my breasts on his laptop screen. If there is one secret you must know about me, there’s something about seeing a guy cumming over photos of me that makes me absolutely weak at the knees. I suppose it’s the slutty version of making a girl feel special. I was creaming in my pants, so like any sensible girl would do I took them off, lay in the bed and called Nathan over to read my conversation with Dave out loud while I touched myself. When he was finished reading, I could see he was hard and told him to slowly lick my pussy until I came, whilst I texted Dave to organise a date to meet. Poor little cuck was desperate to blow his tiny load, but I made him promise not to until after I fucked Dave in a week’s time. If he was good, then maybe I’d let him fuck me… Maybe.

The night Dave was due to come over, I wore a tight, sexy blue dress with plunging neckline that emphasized the size of my breasts, paired with black patent leather heels. Nathan watched me getting ready all evening (as he always does), biting his lip and trying to find any excuse to touch me. I let him rub my clit over my g-string, to make sure I was wet and ready for Dave. Right on 8pm, there was a knock at the door. As soon as I opened it, Dave’s eyes widened and I knew he liked the dress. I invited him and he didn’t waste any time running his hands all over my body. He kissed my neck as I ran my fingers through his dark hair, when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t introduced Nathan. I brought him into the living room and Nathan shook his hand, and I could see he noticed the outline of Dave’s cock, bulging through his pants.

Dave took control of the situation straight away. He ordered little cuck onto his knees and told him to suck on the cock that was going to be fucking his girlfriend. I watched Nathan take Dave’s cock into his mouth, close his eyes and take long slow sucks, trying to fit as much of it in as he could. Dave then called me over and told me take my dress off. I slipped it over my head and did a little twirl in my heels, winking at him as I removed my bra and g-string. Immediately he pulled me to his side, shoving two fingers roughly inside me and sucked on one of my breasts. I was moaning loudly and could feel my pussy juices dripping down my inner thigh. Dave started to pull his fingers out and told Nathan to stop sucking his cock and start eating out his ass. He then made me kneel on our ottoman so that he could slide his cock between my tits. He put the two fingers that had been in my pussy, into my mouth. “Do you like how you taste?” I nodded and gently massaged his balls as he kept thrusting into my chest. For a first time bull I couldn’t help but be impressed at how well he was doing, giving Nathan all of the demeaning jobs like eating his ass, constantly reminding him not to cum because he doesn’t have the privilege.

Dave was finally satisfied that I was worked up enough for him and we moved to the bedroom. He made me bend over and place both palms flat on the bed and spread my legs, while little cuck was to lie on the floor between my legs so he could have a nice view of Dave’s cock fucking me from behind. As soon as Dave entered me I let out a loud moan. He was so.fucking.thick. I came after a few minutes and in my orgasm haze could hear Nathan moaning below, desperately trying not to cum himself. Dave slapped me on my ass and motioned for me to turn around. I was on the flat of my back and screaming again. He pounded me hard and fast while Nathan watched from the edge of the bed. I could see a few drops of cum escaping his little penis, as he bit his lip and kept his arms behind his back. I felt Dave start to tense the muscles in his back and sure enough he groaned “Fuck I’m cumming”, pulled out and blew all over my pussy before collapsing next to me in post-orgasmic bliss. I called little cuck over and ordered him to lick me clean. He slurped every last drop of Dave’s cum, but I could feel another wave of pleasure washing over me so I held his head there and told him not to stop. Dave lifted his head to start kissing me on the mouth while squeezing my breast with his hand. I came again for the second time and all over my little cuck’s face.

Dave and I lay in bed together, caressing each other’s bodies while Nathan patiently sat and waited on the floor. When it was finally time to call it a night, I took my time walking Dave to his car and kissing him good night, knowing that Nathan would still be waiting for me on the bedroom floor. When I came back into our apartment, my cuck was up and kissing me all over, complimenting my performance and asking how it was fucking someone with a cock that was so much bigger and thicker than his. His small penis was growing hard again and rubbing against me. Under normal circumstances I would have denied Nathan sex, allowing him only to jerk off, but I had such a great night with Dave I was feeling generous and decided to let him fuck me. As usual, he was finished within a minute. I didn’t mind though because I knew it would be a long time before I would let Nathan fuck me again.

So there you have it, the first Sunday Session! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, any details you’d like to hear more or less of next time? Or maybe share a steamy cuckolding encounter of your own 😉

Patty xx

Do you know what a cuckold is?

I had just finished fucking Nathan after our first date (because that’s how I roll) when he asked me that question. I didn’t really care, but I hadn’t got off yet so I figured that if I humoured him and kept the conversation going, he’d be ready to go again. He explained, tentatively at first, that he had a fetish/fantasy of being with a woman who denied him sex, whilst having sex with other men. As someone with an incredibly high sex drive, the idea of wanting to be denied sex boggles my mind. What? But? Have you ever? WHY??????

I listened intently, not really understanding what he got out of it exactly. But for some reason, it really did intrigue me.  Maybe because it was something new and different. Maybe because he told me of his previous relationship where his girlfriend had dumped him for the bull she was fucking, and I felt sorry for him. Or maybe it was simply because in that moment, we’d had sex and I hadn’t cum but there he was, offering a possible solution.

Looking back on that moment four years later, I love the fact that he was honest with me from the start. He gave me the opportunity to either say yes this is a road I want to go down or no, but thanks anyway. That night I went home and read articles about cuckolding, and the next day and the day after that. I wanted to know more about this lifestyle that I’d never heard of before and didn’t really understand. I came across a lot of “grooming” websites, which gave men tips on how to convince your partner to cheat on you or set up situations that would lead to cheating. One recurring example was to invite a few male friends over, get them and your partner insanely drunk, play a raunchy game and essentially let nature take its course. In my limited experience, the one thing I’ve learnt is that if you can’t be 100% honest with your partner to the point you literally cannot even ask them to cuckold you, then you’re probably going to have a relationship breakdown and end up as one of those morally self-righteous news stories about why open relationships don’t work. Thanks.

So after about a week of researching cuckolding, and discussing with Nathan what the ground rules would be (any undisclosed secret encounters would count as actual cheating, not cuckolding and I would only fuck, no dates or friendships), I decided to go along with it. I was excited to test the water and kept looking for opportunities to hook up with another guy, which ended up happening about a week later. Just like a scene out of a bad porno, I needed to get my laptop repaired and after some playful flirting, the guy at the shop invited me back to his place for some “afterhours servicing”. I cringed internally at the pun but I was excited to try my first stint at cucking Nathan. I texted him pictures of the sexy dress I was wearing, pics of me not wearing underwear and then all the things I wanted to do to the computer guy. It was thrilling knowing I was working him up without even being there. I went over to the guys house and he was pretty much straight into it, kissing me all over my face and my breasts and as soon as he slid his hand up my leg and realized I wasn’t wearing underwear, he called me a slut and kissed me hard on the mouth. I was fucking him within the first 5 minutes of walking through the door. It was no-strings, super hot and I admit I felt a bit like a secret agent, silently memorising the especially lurid moments so I could call Nathan and tell him about it later. I came 3 times and felt thoroughly spent. He snuggled up to me and started stroking my hair gently, then said the one thing I hadn’t really prepared for: “That was amazing, when can I see you again?” I wasn’t sure if I could just blurt out, Ahh I have a boyfriend! Or if I should just play it aloof and say I’ll call him some time. If you haven’t realised it by now, I tend to neurotically overanalyze everything I do. I awkwardly sat up and stammered out a lie about how I couldn’t really see anyone because work has me travelling interstate all the time so it would be too difficult to arrange another date or hookup. Thankfully he got the hint (or believed me) and did the whole, “Yeah that’s cool but *yawn* it’s late I’ve got work tomorrow, time to go” spiel, to which I gratefully obliged.

I called Nathan while driving home and relayed the details of the night, while listening to him jerking off and eventually cum. I felt so much more seductive with the power I had over him, than I’d ever experienced in my life. It was like nothing I’ve ever done before, but I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing. Keep putting him in his place and reminding him that he doesn’t deserve to fuck me, and that even if he did he would never measure up to the other guys.

That was the first time I cuckolded Nathan, and I kinda liked it. Tell me in the comments about your first time cucking your partner, or if you’re yet to do so, how you plan on being much more suave than I ever was.

Patty xx