Sunday Session: Dave

So I’ve decided to create a series of Sunday Sessions posts, where I can share the details of my hottest hookups with you all, every Sunday. Hopefully they’ll tantalise enough to keep you lusting well into the night…

I met Dave online via an adult dating site and we hit it off straight away. He described himself as bi-curious, had never been with a cuckold couple before but being a bull was something he’d fantasized about. I sent him a few topless pics and he sent back pics of his thick cock, erect to its full 8 inches – followed shortly by a video of him cumming to a pic of my breasts on his laptop screen. If there is one secret you must know about me, there’s something about seeing a guy cumming over photos of me that makes me absolutely weak at the knees. I suppose it’s the slutty version of making a girl feel special. I was creaming in my pants, so like any sensible girl would do I took them off, lay in the bed and called Nathan over to read my conversation with Dave out loud while I touched myself. When he was finished reading, I could see he was hard and told him to slowly lick my pussy until I came, whilst I texted Dave to organise a date to meet. Poor little cuck was desperate to blow his tiny load, but I made him promise not to until after I fucked Dave in a week’s time. If he was good, then maybe I’d let him fuck me… Maybe.

The night Dave was due to come over, I wore a tight, sexy blue dress with plunging neckline that emphasized the size of my breasts, paired with black patent leather heels. Nathan watched me getting ready all evening (as he always does), biting his lip and trying to find any excuse to touch me. I let him rub my clit over my g-string, to make sure I was wet and ready for Dave. Right on 8pm, there was a knock at the door. As soon as I opened it, Dave’s eyes widened and I knew he liked the dress. I invited him and he didn’t waste any time running his hands all over my body. He kissed my neck as I ran my fingers through his dark hair, when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t introduced Nathan. I brought him into the living room and Nathan shook his hand, and I could see he noticed the outline of Dave’s cock, bulging through his pants.

Dave took control of the situation straight away. He ordered little cuck onto his knees and told him to suck on the cock that was going to be fucking his girlfriend. I watched Nathan take Dave’s cock into his mouth, close his eyes and take long slow sucks, trying to fit as much of it in as he could. Dave then called me over and told me take my dress off. I slipped it over my head and did a little twirl in my heels, winking at him as I removed my bra and g-string. Immediately he pulled me to his side, shoving two fingers roughly inside me and sucked on one of my breasts. I was moaning loudly and could feel my pussy juices dripping down my inner thigh. Dave started to pull his fingers out and told Nathan to stop sucking his cock and start eating out his ass. He then made me kneel on our ottoman so that he could slide his cock between my tits. He put the two fingers that had been in my pussy, into my mouth. “Do you like how you taste?” I nodded and gently massaged his balls as he kept thrusting into my chest. For a first time bull I couldn’t help but be impressed at how well he was doing, giving Nathan all of the demeaning jobs like eating his ass, constantly reminding him not to cum because he doesn’t have the privilege.

Dave was finally satisfied that I was worked up enough for him and we moved to the bedroom. He made me bend over and place both palms flat on the bed and spread my legs, while little cuck was to lie on the floor between my legs so he could have a nice view of Dave’s cock fucking me from behind. As soon as Dave entered me I let out a loud moan. He was so.fucking.thick. I came after a few minutes and in my orgasm haze could hear Nathan moaning below, desperately trying not to cum himself. Dave slapped me on my ass and motioned for me to turn around. I was on the flat of my back and screaming again. He pounded me hard and fast while Nathan watched from the edge of the bed. I could see a few drops of cum escaping his little penis, as he bit his lip and kept his arms behind his back. I felt Dave start to tense the muscles in his back and sure enough he groaned “Fuck I’m cumming”, pulled out and blew all over my pussy before collapsing next to me in post-orgasmic bliss. I called little cuck over and ordered him to lick me clean. He slurped every last drop of Dave’s cum, but I could feel another wave of pleasure washing over me so I held his head there and told him not to stop. Dave lifted his head to start kissing me on the mouth while squeezing my breast with his hand. I came again for the second time and all over my little cuck’s face.

Dave and I lay in bed together, caressing each other’s bodies while Nathan patiently sat and waited on the floor. When it was finally time to call it a night, I took my time walking Dave to his car and kissing him good night, knowing that Nathan would still be waiting for me on the bedroom floor. When I came back into our apartment, my cuck was up and kissing me all over, complimenting my performance and asking how it was fucking someone with a cock that was so much bigger and thicker than his. His small penis was growing hard again and rubbing against me. Under normal circumstances I would have denied Nathan sex, allowing him only to jerk off, but I had such a great night with Dave I was feeling generous and decided to let him fuck me. As usual, he was finished within a minute. I didn’t mind though because I knew it would be a long time before I would let Nathan fuck me again.

So there you have it, the first Sunday Session! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, any details you’d like to hear more or less of next time? Or maybe share a steamy cuckolding encounter of your own 😉

Patty xx



  1. Wow, what a well written story, thanks Patty. Great read in the morning train to work.

    At the end you say that’s Nathan doesn’t last a minute. Cuckolding stories are mostly about bigger cocks, which is great, but adding the aspect of premature (or very quick) ejaculations to the story makes it more complete. Is Nathan always that quick, and if so how do you tease him with that? Have you ever discussed this with another person with him present, teasing him with it when a bull or another woman is there. Or maybe you have a story for one of your Sunday sessions in which this aspect is very prominent.

    I look forward to read your next blog entries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 – and sorry if this comment appears twice, not sure what’s happening with WordPress this morning but I lost my first reply to you!

      To answer your question, Nathan has always been premature. At first I used to let him finish in me, but now as part of our play I make him pull out and finish on himself while I say things like: “This is why I have to fuck other guys… A real man would last longer… You cum before I can even get wet…” etc. I have had a few bulls that loved to emasculate Nathan or control his orgasms by ordering him not to touch himself, but honestly not that many bulls feel comfortable doing it (in my experience anyway). Most bulls are happy to hear me say things along the lines of “you’re so much bigger than my boyfriend” but are a bit hesitant with saying anything too humiliating – which I suppose is understandable if it’s the first time we’re hooking up with them and they’re nervous about crossing the line.

      And I can definitely write my next Sunday Session with Nathan being premature as the focus. I have plenty of examples in mind… 😉


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