Sunday Session: Mark

The biggest and thickest cock I’ve ever had was Mark. Even now as I type this, I’m biting my bottom lip and feeling tingles as I remember him. We met online via the adult dating site I use for most of my hookups. Normally I take the self-described penis size with a grain of salt, ie when the guy writes 7.5 inches, he’s probably more like 6 inches. So when I saw Mark had described his cock as 11 inches and very thick, I shrugged it off figured he’d be a nice 9 (which is more than enough anyway). Truthfully I was more captivated by his profile pic. He had a beautiful olive complexion, dark hair and typically Mediterranean features with the smug, cheeky smile of someone who knows they’re going to fuck you. And to really ice the cake he was an experienced bull! He loved being watched while fucking, was happy to do a once off hookup and wasn’t put off at all by any emasculating talk I’d throw at Nathan.

Unfortunately finding a time to actually meet Mark proved harder than expected. He couldn’t do nights because he had to look after his kid, which meant he could only meet up during the day – when I’m working. Not being able to fuck him was driving my sexual frustration to the point that I completely cut Nathan off and kept him in locked in chastity. If I couldn’t have sex, then neither could he. On days when I couldn’t bear the frustration, I’d take it out on Nathan, by riding him and rubbing myself on his cock cage until I came. If he dribbled out a little cum through through the bars, I’d wipe it with my finger and order him to swallow it. Luckily for my little cuck, he only had to wait 4 weeks before I happened to have a half day at work and seized the opportunity to invite Mark over.

I wore my absolute sexiest black dress. It was tight fitting and when the top part stretched over my breasts, it went see through, so naturally I didn’t wear a bra… Or underwear. I took a few photos of myself and sent them to Nathan, who was at work and trying to contain his erection under his desk (later he confessed he had to hide in the bathroom because it became too intense for him). When Mark arrived, I kissed him as soon as he walked in, and felt his hands running up and down my body. I didn’t stop kissing him, as I led him to the bedroom where he pushed me down on my knees. I slowly unzipped his pants and nearly died from shock. HE WAS HUGE! Not just his cock but his balls as well and he wasn’t even fully erect! I struggled to give him a blowjob because my mouth wasn’t deep or wide enough, even with both of my hands working on the base of his cock. He smirked the whole time, asking if I liked sucking his cock and if I’d be kissing my boyfriend with the same slutty mouth. I started fingering myself as I started sucking on his balls. He bent down and pushed my hand away, and told me I wouldn’t have to touch myself when I’m with him because unlike my cuck, he knew how to make women cum. He pulled me up off my knees and threw me down on the bed, spread my legs and shoved his tongue into me while slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb. Now at this point I have to let you know, Mark was a sloppy kisser. It felt like I was making out with a washing machine – but most of the time bad kisser translates to awesome oral. He took me right to the edge then stopped. He did this a couple of times until I was dripping wet, sensitive to touch and couldn’t take it any longer and demanded he fuck me.

I was so incredibly horny, I let him fuck me bareback. When he entered me it felt like I was being split open. I’m still not even sure if he was fully in me or only made it halfway in. He knew I was already close to cumming so he took slow deliberate strokes while sucking on my nipples, and after about 5 pumps I came hard. My body shuddered and I couldn’t stop gasping. I kept my legs wrapped around him so he couldn’t pull out just yet. But he was stronger than me, so he flipped me over onto my stomach while I was still recovering from my orgasm, then started fucking me hard and fast from behind. He reached forward and started playing with my clit as he fucked me until I came again, this time he came with me. Inside me. He kept my legs spread, reached for my phone and took photos for me to send to Nathan. Pictures of his used, dirty, whore girlfriend who spent the afternoon fucking a stranger and letting him cum in her, while he was at work.

When little cuck came home he spent the night with his face between my legs, trying to slurp out every last bit of Mark’s cum from my pussy. It was such a hot encounter, I dreamt about it for the next few nights and let Nathan fuck me, while I called out Mark’s name, over and over again…

Patty xx


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