Sunday Session: Domenic & Julian

I didn’t have time to post a Sunday Session last weekend AND I was late this weekend, so I thought I’d make up for it by posting a special one tonight about the time I cucked Nathan with two guys at the same time.

Julian and Domenic were twin brothers who shared everything, including especially pussy. I met Domenic first and quickly arranged for him to come over on a long weekend coming up. After about a week of texting back and forth, he brought up the idea of having a threesome and if it was something I was into he could arrange for someone to join us. Specifically, his brother Julian. I was hesitant because truthfully, I really don’t enjoy threesomes. Maybe I fall into the category of “I just haven’t had a good one yet”, but every experience I’ve had, the extra person is in the way, I never know who to focus on, and it just seems really messy and disorganized. So I politely told Domenic it seemed like a nice idea, but I wasn’t into threesomes. He texted back asking if instead of a threesome, Julian just sat outside in the living room with Nathan and waited his turn. My deviant mind immediately thought of my little cuck. How deliciously humiliating would it be for him, not only sitting in the living room having to listen to his girlfriend having sex – but sitting on the couch next to the guy who would be fucking her next! I told Domenic I was on board.

I told Nathan about Domenic and Julian, and how I expected him to be at their beck and call for whatever they needed throughout the night. He was to sit and listen to what they wanted to do to me, compliment and commend them on their ability to stay hard and fuck me with their much bigger, thicker cocks and if one of them needed a fluffer, he would get on his knees and suck them off. And under no circumstances was he to touch himself. If he was able to follow the rules then I would reward him by letting him cum after they had left.

Domenic and Julian had a thing for slutty school girls, so I wore a navy blue tartan skirt with a sheer white top and white knee high socks. I felt a bit cliché but after seeing Nathan’s facial expression as I was getting ready, I knew I looked good. I kissed him and let him put his hand up my skirt to squeeze my ass and reminded him it was going to belong to two men tonight. Just then there was a knock at the door, and little cuck sprung into action. Opening the door and welcoming Domenic and Julian in, offering them drinks and asking if they’d like to take a seat on the couch – acting just like a good subservient little cuck should. I made my entrance and sat right between the two boys, kissing both on the lips and placing my hands in both their laps. Nathan returned with the drinks, to find me with Domenic’s tongue down my throat and Julian’s hands under my top squeezing and massaging my breasts, while kissing the back of my neck. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes and could see he was struggling not to touch himself. I winked at Domenic and whispered to him we should move into the bedroom, but he tugged me back. “I want to fuck you here on the couch while Jules and your boyfriend watch.” Straight away, Julian got up and sat on the opposite couch next to Nathan, and started rubbing his cock through his pants.

I straddled Domenic, grinding into his lap and kissing his face as he removed my top and skirt so that I was completely naked with the exception of my white knee high socks. I felt obliged to put on a show for my little audience, so I moaned loudly and arched my back to stick my chest out, which Domenic couldn’t help but take as a sign to lick and suck on my nipples. Once he was completely worked up, I turned around so that I was facing Nathan and Julian on the opposite couch and lowered myself onto Domenic’s cock. Moving slowly so they could clearly see it going in and out of me. Little cuck was beside himself, seeing all my pussy juices running down Domenic’s cock and not being allowed to lick it up.

It didn’t take long for Domenic to cum, but when he did Julian was straight to me. I didn’t even see him take his pants off but he had my on the floor on all fours and started fucking me from behind. Julian definitely enjoyed taking me in front of Nathan, and asked if he was that much of a loser to let two strangers fuck his girlfriend, in his own house while he watched on. Cucky was sweating and biting his lip but was finally tipped over the edge when Julian looked him dead in the eye and said, “Watch me cum inside your girlfriend, faggot.” I came. Julian came. Nathan was fumbling to undo his pants, only able to give his penis two little tugs but it was already a dribbling ruined orgasm.

I was well and truly spent. I lay on the floor next to Julian and Domenic came down to lie on the other side of me, both men just lightly running their fingers up and down my body. Nathan cleaned himself up and returned to the living room and sat patiently. Julian sat up and I could feel him gently putting his fingers in my pussy, “You know I’m curious to see what it looks like to see another man eat my cum.” He looked at Nathan and pointed to me, “I want you to lick your girlfriend clean until I decide it’s acceptable.” Domenic looked a bit worried that maybe Julian was going too far, but it was perfect! Nathan was still sitting on the couch so I motioned him with my finger, “Don’t make Julian ask you twice my little cuck…” Straight away he was on all fours, his face between my legs and licking frantically. Julian watched on, pointing every so often to tell him he missed a spot until he was satisfied and ordered Nathan to stop.

That was the first time I cucked Nathan with two men at the same time and it was more fun than I thought it would be. I hooked up with Julian a few more times after that because he really enjoyed playing the role of the bull, but Domenic felt it was a bit too weird to do again. I haven’t had another time with more than one man since then but it’s definitely something I’d like to do in future, maybe with three to four men, one after the other while little cucky watches.

Patty xx


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