Sometimes you just need a bit of vanilla

Do you remember the first time you had sex with someone and the lead up to it was a gradual slow burn? It’s tender, loving kisses and fingers lightly tracing over parts of your body. Being held close in their embrace and nuzzling into their neck, breathing in their scent. You’re lying on your back looking up at the adoration in their eyes as they position themselves on top of you. They stroke your hair and as they gently thrust between your legs you let out a soft gasp. Everything goes hazy just like in the movies, it’s just you and this other person in complete harmony and nothing else could be more perfect.

I’m ashamed to admit my first moment like this in my relationship with Nathan, wasn’t exactly with Nathan. Don’t get me wrong I loved Nathan then as much as I love him now, but I suppose we were so caught up with cuckolding we never really had an intimate moment with each other like that. There were moments when we would spoon each other, not speaking and just holding hands but besides that, we weren’t ever really intimate and it’s something I never even realised (nor Nathan) until about a year and a half into our relationship. It might sound a bit strange but we weren’t always living together and when we would see each other we’d always be having so much fun together – cuckolding or otherwise – that it just kinda slipped our minds to stop once in a while and really be with each other.

When I invited Tom over, I knew he wanted to have what I call “nice sex”. Basically when a bull doesn’t want a throw down or anything out of the ordinary, just a nice way to spend a cold night indoors and under the covers. Usually it’s a bull with a bit of a hero complex who wants to rescue me from the “evil cuckold” who they think forces me to have sex with random men (for the record, not true!!) but what can I say, I let it slide because I’m a sucker for a big, thick cock! But Tom was different. He was so beautifully gentle and truly cherished me so that by the end of it I didn’t know whether to cum or cry because of the realization I’d never experienced this with Nathan. I came of course, but I was still upset. After Tom left, I was absolutely beside myself and called Nathan asking him for reassurance that we were in love and it wasn’t all just an illusion created by the fun we were having. Were we even boyfriend and girlfriend or just really weird friends with lax boundaries who had sex in front of each other? “If you love me, then why don’t we have nice sex?” After I said it I realised I never told him about my secret term and was about to explain, but he knew exactly what I meant and told me we’d give cuckolding a break and spend more time together, just the two of us. No bulls, no orgasm denial, no chastity, no emasculation. Just the two of us.

I was actually a bit nervous on our first non-cuckold night together and slightly anxious that after all this time I’d spent cuckolding him and role playing as a femdom, maybe he wouldn’t like me as I am. He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom, then took my face in his hands and kissed me without first asking permission. It was a completely different dynamic but he managed to put me at ease. He took his time undressing me, before laying me on the bed. We had nice sex. It was vanilla and boring and blissfully perfect.

I took a break from cuckolding Nathan for about 3 months before I was ready to jump on a bull again, and taking breaks is something we do regularly now as well. Every few months we have a month of just us time and I feel like it strengthens us even more. Physical intimacy is one of those things that’s completely underrated and unappreciated until you realise it’s missing. I’m yet to find it mentioned on other cuckold blogs because the focus is usually on the importance of communication. Maybe our situation is unique because I cuckolded Nathan from the start rather than halfway through our relationship, when most people have already had these intimate moments and didn’t have to fret about them. The same way I never worried about why Nathan would prefer to watch me with other men than have sex himself, because it was something we established from the beginning. But I firmly believe physical intimacy is important and needs to be maintained in a cuckold relationship, because there really is no amount of big cocks that can replace it!

Tell me about how you maintain intimacy in your cuckold relationship. Do you take time outs every now and then or do you only cuckold your partner rarely anyway? And what do you feel is the bigger issue for cuckold couples – communication or physical intimacy?

Patty xx


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