The Perfect Bull

I’ve been tardy with my posts and completely negligent with my Sunday Sessions exploits and that’s because recently, I found the perfect bull.

My bull’s cock is a modest 7 inches but thick enough to make me both simultaneously want to cross my legs and cream. It’s black and gorgeous and when it was first unveiled the head glistened in the dim light of the bedroom. Beautifully proportioned, yet still too big for me to suck on properly to give him the oral he deserved. I licked the shaft and invited Nathan to come join me. The perfect bull for most cuckold couples is one who will not just let the little cuck watch but also partake in the foreplay. After all, little cuck should know his place is to satisfy the needs of both his partner and her bull.

Our bull was strong and silent, and his cock unwaveringly hard. Nathan was so turned on by the sight he put himself into chastity. It was one of the few times he did so without being instructed. I loved that he automatically knew he was the beta male to my bull. Nathan then lay me down on the bed and spread my legs for our bull. I kissed him on the forehead and he smiled shyly, biting his lip and slipping a few fingers inside me to make sure I was ready.

The bull’s cock ran up my inner thigh as I shuddered, bracing internally for him to enter me. He was gentle at first, slowly pushing into me and then stopping until I was ready to take more of him. Suddenly with one great thrust he was inside me and every part of my body tingled. My eyes were watering from being stretched by such a big cock. It was slightly painful, but as he moved in and out of me the pleasure quickly took over. I looked up and could see little cuck looking at me with complete adoration. “You could never fuck me like this.” I said between moans, and I meant it. I mentioned in my previous post about how I find emasculation talk fake and forced but not this time. It came naturally with each thrust of the bull’s cock. And yet another trait of the perfect bull, he wasn’t put off by the fact that I was yelling out obscenities and humiliating Nathan in front of him.

I turned around to get into the position for doggy and for the bull to finish me. He didn’t hold back like the first time and drove himself into me hard and fast. Little cuck reached around to finger my clit at the same time and after a minute I had an earth shattering orgasm followed by a few aftershocks. The bull withdrew his cock once I was done and I collapsed forward, with my head in my hands, heart pounding in my ears and ass in the air. I could feel my cum dripping down my thigh, and soon the soft little tongue of my cuck lovingly cleaning me up. It was a perfect bull experience.

But… I have a confession to make, my perfect bull is a strap-on I bought for Nathan to fuck me with all weekend long. He had a constant dribble of cum through the bars of his cock cage and I could barely walk afterwards. Needless to say, a strapon is not the same as feeling warm flesh pressed against your body, but holy fuck no one has ever made me cum that hard.

Patty xx



  1. That brings back some memories – I have used a strap-on with my wife a few times while locked in chastity. It is amazing! She did really enjoy it too. It has the intimate closeness of “real” sex but like you, she does still miss the warmth of the real thing too!

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