Month: July 2015

How Nathan Became a Cuckold

I think most guys in the cuckolding lifestyle will agree they didn’t just wake up one day and decide that they would be happier if their partner cheated on them. It’s something they lusted for over a period of time, whether or not they recognised it at first. Some guys are into swinging, so cuckolding is a natural progression, some guys with a smaller than average penis size fantasise about seeing what a bigger, thicker cock would do their partner and the others have it thrown in their face by witnessing their partner cheat on them, and through the rage realise their cock has become rock hard.

Nathan falls into the latter category. He was 19 and in a pretty tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship with his first girlfriend. They’d break up, he’d hook up with someone, she’d find out get angry and jealous and want to get back together. They’d break up again, she’d hook up with someone, he’d  get angry and jealous and want to get back together. The final time they broke up, he found himself at a house party that she happened to be at. And there she was, sitting in the lap of another guy, making out with him (among other things). Nathan was so incredibly furious, and yet he couldn’t look away. He was completely captivated by seeing her openly hooking up with this other guy. Half their friends didn’t know they had broken up, and something about the public humiliation of being the beta male, just felt so right.

In his next relationship he still hadn’t really worked out what it was that turned him on so much about seeing his ex with another man, so he kept it under wraps and started reading about it online. Discovering cuckold porn and reading forums about other guys, who just like him were confused about why the idea of their partner cheating on them turned them on so much. The more cuckold porn he watched and the more he read about how it was so much more than just a fetish, the more he knew it was a lifestyle he wanted. His relationship ended without him having the chance to experiment, but he ended up finding a new girlfriend (let’s call her Laura) that he knew was also a bit more sexually liberal and could possibly be open to the idea of cucking him.

Nathan floated the idea past Laura after about a year or so into their relationship, and as expected she freaked out asking the same questions that most partners have: “Why do you want me to sleep with someone else? Don’t you love me anymore? What do you get out of it? How could you think I would even be capable of cheating on you?” But as mortified as she was, Laura was also curious, and tempted to see how far she could go exactly. After a while, she confessed to Nathan that she wouldn’t mind hooking up with her ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but the ex-boyfriend wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of being with Laura while she had a boyfriend, so after the first and only time they fucked, he stopped texting back. Nathan was pretty pleased he got to hear all the juicy details and this time he didn’t feel the rage and jealousy, and couldn’t keep his hands off Laura. The next time she decided to fuck someone, she chose a guy in her dance class. He was even willing to let Nathan watch one time, and he was in heaven. After that he begged Laura to cut him off completely, no sex whatsoever except with her dance class friend. Unfortunately what Nathan didn’t plan on, was Laura growing more and more attached to her friend and eventually leaving Nathan, so she could be with him.

Nathan reflects back on it as standard amateur cuck mistake. He was just so excited about how well things were seemingly going for him, he didn’t realise how far apart he was drifting from Laura. They never set any ground rules, so when she started cancelling on him to hang out with her friend or ignoring his calls he thought it was part of the experience. She’d already cut him off for sex, so this was just the next level, right?

Needless to say when Nathan met myself, he had a more clear idea in his head of what he wanted as well as what sort of boundaries/limitations there should be. But that being said just because we follow our rules, doesn’t mean our experiences are all Stepford perfect. I’ve been cucking Nathan for over 4 years now, which is the longest he’s ever been cuckolded. And after a while, for the first time he started to experience so-called ‘cuckold angst’. There are lots of articles and other blogs out there that discuss this in more detail, but for Nathan it’s almost as if the cheating aspect had become real and it wasn’t fun anymore. He can feel that same rage and jealousy growing in him that he felt when he was 19, and it makes him more angry and upset because he knows he should be enjoying himself. He particularly feels this when I go to the bull’s place alone or when I’m with a bull who I just happen to get along really well with so it’s almost like we’re a real couple lying in bed chatting, laughing and fucking while Nathan sits awkwardly in the corner. He knows deep down that I love him and that he loves being cuckolded, still sometimes he just can’t shake that little paranoid voice in his head that wonders if I’ll also end up leaving him with one of my bulls.

Like any good cuckold couple we have discussed it, so I am more mindful of being overly friendly with my bulls. Not just for Nathan’s sake but for theirs and mine as well – I mentioned in a previous post about how oblivious I was to a bull wanting to be more than just my favourite cock because we got along so well. Anyway, I digressed a fair bit but I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that Nathan may have identified first feeling cuckolded at 19 but as our relationship evolves and we experiment, his identity as a cuckold shifts and changes as well. Not all cuckolds engage in the same kind of activities as us and vice versa, which is what makes it a lifestyle more than a set fetish. Four years seems like it’s already been a long time to us but realistically we have the rest of our life together and I have no doubt that eventually we’ll get to that cuckolding sweet spot of no angst, no jealousy, no testing limits just to see where they are, nothing but amazing fucking orgasms… (for me, not him!)

Patty xx


Sunday Session: Dimitri

I met Dimitri last week but have been chatting to him for about a month, through work. He runs a small industry magazine that I wanted to publish a press release in and negotiate some cheap advertising, so I amped up the flirting and girlish giggles but he was just as equally charming (as sales people tend to be) so our phone calls often ended up being more personal than business. I teased Nathan about how I was openly flirting at work with everyone within earshot, and then told him to go down on me as I thought about Dimitri.

There were a few times we were supposed to meet but something always came up and we ended up cancelling. Until last week when I agreed to meet him after work on Friday evening at his office, yes it was unusual, yes I knew we were going to be completely alone and yes I knew it was highly likely I was going to fuck him. The Friday morning I made sure Nathan paid attention to what I was going to wear to work – little black dress that wasn’t short but did show off my cleavage, sheer stockings, black lace bra and no underwear. He kissed me all over and begged me to try and take some photos for him to look at later.

The day flew by and soon I was knocking on Dimitri’s office door. I had imagined in my head that he looked stereotypically Greek (purely because his name was Dimitri) and from his stories that he was in his 40s. And of course I fantasised he had a big thick 9 inch cock with massive balls to match. When he opened the door, I was surprised to see he did look exactly as I imagined but so much taller, my head just reached his chest! He didn’t shake my hand and instead gave me a big bear hug, pressing me hard against his body and every ounce of will power had to keep me from running my hands down his back to squeeze his ass. “My dear I’m so glad you came, come inside and let me give you the tour.” I followed Dimitri in and politely listened as he showed me around his little office space, chatting about the industry and how business was starting to get tough, I was starting to think maybe nothing was going to happen, until we got to his office.

It was pretty bare except for a massive desk, whiteboard and a little 2 seater sofa. Dimitri sat down and patted the seat next to him for me to join, “You look a lot prettier than I imagined. Do I look like what you imagined?”  I bit my lip and nodded, admitting he was a lot taller and joked that it’s good we were sitting because I didn’t have to stretch my neck. Dimitri smiled and moved closer to me, “Plus it makes it easier if I was going to kiss you… Would you like me too?” I didn’t even respond I just leant forward and kissed him, both my hands on either side of his face. Still kissing him, I moved so that I could sit on his lap and straddle him. Grinding into his cock that I could feel growing harder, while unbuttoning his shirt. He was rubbing my stockinged legs, and eventually moved his hands up under my dress. “No panties? Bad girl…” I sat up a bit so that he could put two fingers inside me and continued to kiss him, fiercely. “I knew I was going to fuck you…” I murmured between kisses, “But before you do, I want your cock in my mouth and I want you to take photos of me savouring every inch of it.” He smiled through the kisses, “Oh I’m pretty sure I can oblige with that.” I got off his lap to get my phone as he unzipped his pants.

His cock wasn’t as long I was hoping for, but he had a nice thick head that was already glossy with pre-cum. I licked my lips and got onto my knees handing him the phone. I took long slow sucks, and licked it from the base to the head, while Dimitri took photos for me to send to my little cuck. He handed me back the phone saying we’d played enough and now he wanted to fuck me. I was about to put my phone away, but instead decided to call Nathan so that he could listen to Dimitri fucking me. I was already wet at the thought of him listening and jerking off to the sounds of me getting fucked and filled. After I called him, I put the phone face down on the floor and stood up, to have Dimitri lift my dress over my head. He kissed me again, moving down kissing my chest, my breasts, my stomach and then gently sucked on my clit. I leaned back against the desk, legs spread, and moaned, pressing his head into me, feeling his tongue lapping up all my juices.

He got up and told me to turn around and bend over, keeping my legs spread with my palms face down on the desk. I felt him tracing his cock between my legs, and begged him to fuck me. He grabbed my hips then gave a small grunt before thrusting into me, hard and fast. We were both screaming and moaning in ecstasy, then he slapped my ass and that was enough to make me start cumming. I could feel my juices trickling down my inner thigh as Dimitri started to slow. When I finished he told me to turn around and lie on my back so that he could see his cock entering me from the front. I obliged and he grabbed my legs, pulling them towards him as he started thrusting in me again. I was in a hazy bliss enjoying the feeling of his thick head sliding in and out of me, when he suddenly started gasping, “Ahh I’m cumming, I’m going to cum inside you!” He increased speed and threw his head back as he emptied his load in my pussy.

Dimitri was breathing heavily, and pulled his cock out of me. He told me to stay in position so that he could take photos of my creaming pussy full of cum for himself so that he could jerk off to them later. When he finished, he started licking me up “Mmm your pussy is heaven I could lick you forever.” I didn’t want to tell him that clean up was Nathan’s job, so I just let him continue until I had another mini orgasm.

We got dressed and I checked my phone, it was still going so I whispered “love you” and hung up. Dimitri didn’t hear, but he did notice me smiling and assumed it was because of a job well done. We made out again for a while before I decided it was time to leave. As much as I had fun with Dimitri, I was much more interested in seeing my little cuck’s reaction to having listened in to my after work session. Sure enough as soon as I got home, Nathan was all over me, kissing me and telling me how hot it was listening in on the other end. Visualising Dimitri’s cock entering and stretching my pussy beyond what his soft little penis ever could. I showed him the photos I took on my phone, and as I did I received a message from Dimitri, thanking me for coming over and a video of him jerking off after looking at the pics he took of his cum dripping out of my pussy. That was enough to make my little cuck blow in his pants. A sure sign of a hot encounter, and a nice reminder to Nathan as to why I prefer fucking other men.

Patty xx

You don’t make friends when cuckolding

I’m back! And I promise to do a Sunday Session this weekend, but first this post is somewhat of a rant slash FYI for new cuckold couples who are wondering whether or not cuckolding is right for them.

Everyone always talks about how the cuckolding lifestyle is all about communication – specifically if you don’t trust your partner or feel comfortable talking to them, then things are going to go sour really quickly. This is why it’s not really something you want to do to spice up a relationship that’s already struggling with disclosure and mistrust. But there’s another aspect to cuckolding that is never spoken about – and that’s the fact that it generally has to be done in secret.
I’m the kind of person that when I get excited about something I want to shout it to the world and tell literally everyone about it. It’s a beautiful thing when you discover a new restaurant or band or tv show or anything really, and you share it with people who all come together in awe of this new experience. Alas if only society was so open when it came to talking about great sex and cock size, let alone open relationships or cuckolding.
And that’s the sad truth about cuckolding, it can get really lonely. Sure, cuckolding isn’t all there is to me but it is a lifestyle, so as natural as it feels for me to openly show Nathan the texts of the next guy I’m going to fuck, it’s not exactly something I can talk to my friends about either, which means I end up leading a secret double life. In my real life I spend most weekends fucking a different guy. But to everyone else in my life, (friend or otherwise) I’m the really boring girl who never does anything on Saturday nights except hang out with her boyfriend watching movies or gardening or knitting or some other completely benign activity. The times I really feel the loneliness are when things go hilariously wrong with the bull and I can’t stop laughing, Nathan can’t stop laughing and I have this urge to share the laughter with others, then I remember I can’t. Like the time when the guy came while I was taking my bra off, the guy who went soft when I offered a bj because he had been traumatised by a previous girl who was way too toothy, and then the guy who asked me to lie face down on the bed, cross my legs tight and then proceeded to fuck me between my thighs and I had no idea if it was his fetish or if the poor guy thought he really was inside me.
I don’t begrudge my friends, afterall some of them I became friends with long before we even knew what sex was and we have so much more in common I would never cut them off just because I can’t share anything about cuckolding with them. It would just be nice one day to have someone to talk to that doesn’t giggle at the word cock or speak in vague innuendos that could be mistaken for a description of a really good meal rather than sex. I’ve tried reaching out online, as there are numerous cuckolding forums out there, now including sub-reddits, but most posts are from cucks or wannabe cucks. Occasionally I’ve chatted to some self-described ‘hotwives’ but they usually just want to swap pics or are so, so deep into cuckolding (ie. the females with queen of spades tattoos and cucks with “sissy cuck” tattoos) that they don’t want to talk because I’m not as hardcore as them.
It might sound like I’m being silly or talking about a completely innocuous aspect of cuckolding, but trust me it does creep in to your every day life. Remember that woman earlier in the year who wrote a book about how her and her partner tried an open relationship for a year and she fucked a total of 12 guys? Every single person I know was mortified and disgusted AND placed all the blame on her when their relationship deteriorated, while all I could think was that 12 guys was a really poor effort. Or maybe you’ll be caught up in a conversation with your girlfriend’s about how sleeping with more than 5 guys is very slutty and you have to sit there biting your tongue and nodding in agreement.
So if you are going to start cuckolding your partner, make sure you always have a good little white lie to tell everyone when they ask what you did on the weekend, lest you end up blurting out “I FUCKED A HUGE COCK WHILE MY BOYFRIEND WATCHED!”
Patty xx