My First Swinger’s Party

This guy Mike I’ve been chatting to online for a while (no real bull potential but he’s interesting to talk to) has been inviting me to some swingers and gang bang events he’s hosted over the past 6 months. About 75% of the time I did genuinely have other plans, the other 25% of the time I was a bit eh about the idea of going. It’s one of those things that in theory I thought sounded extremely hot – a smorgasbord of men lining up to fuck me one after the other or all at the same time, while my sweet little cuck sits in the corner tugging away. But the more time I have to think about it, the more I wonder how these guys are screened, do they even have big cocks? Is it going to be hygienic? Do they like attending gang bangs because they secretly don’t last very long at all and know that in a tag team scenario no one would ever know? Or even worse – will it end up being a scary drunken rape-fest and the police will say I was asking for it because I’m the slutty girlfriend of a cuckold. Ok so maybe the last one is overkill, but you get the idea of how my brain works.

I started a new job a couple weeks ago, with exceedingly long hours and as weekends roll around I’ve been finding myself more and more wanting to play as hard as I’ve worked all week. I just want to take a load (heh heh…) off and relax. So last weekend when I received yet another invite to Mike’s swingers party, I thought what the hell let’s give it a go! I figured Nathan and I could attend in an ‘observational’ capacity to suss it out, and then depending on whether or not we liked what we saw, we’d either participate or thank our host and politely walk out.

The night of, I wore some crotchless fishnets with a short black lacey skirt and a tight white singlet top. Just because I wasn’t intending to hook up, didn’t mean I couldn’t dress like I was going to! Mike was hosting at his house and promised a fun night regardless of our participation. He invited 15 couples, about 10 of which were regulars, and assured that everyone was genuinely lovely and as long as we were open and advised whether or not we would participate, they would be respectful and leave us be. I was still doubtful, but having Nathan with me did admittedly make me feel braver about the whole thing.

When we got to Mike’s house, he greeted us warmly kissing both on the cheek and thanking us for coming. I have to stop here to describe Mike’s house because it literally seemed like the Playboy Mansion, but if it was smaller and located in the middle of the suburbs. There were 4 bedrooms that were beautifully presented and each had a big bowl full of condoms, sachets of lube and massage oils set up, along with an assortment of dildos and buttplugs. All the beds were 4 poster with sheer red curtains and satin sheets. There was a sauna, a 10 person spa, and a swimming pool complete with mini-cascading waterfall. It was a total porno sex pad. Plus it was a far cry from the dingy room with stained mattress I was imagining.

We went around introducing ourselves to everyone, some were seasoned swingers and a few were newbies like us just trialing it out. I struck up a conversation with a man in his late 30s called James, who was there with his wife (who was receiving head from another man in the kitchen while others watched). I explained my relationship with Nathan, and that I was just at the party to see how it all worked at first. James was utterly charming, sharing hilarious stories of all the seedy parties they’d attended previously before scoring an invite to Mike’s. It was starting to rain outside so we decided to carry on the conversation inside, moving into the loungeroom. Mike came in as well to make sure Nathan and I were doing well, and the four of us got to chatting and laughing, before James finally asked, “So Patty, I’m not sure if this is out of line but could I go down on you? No reciprocation needed, I just really want to taste you.” I was feeling pretty comfortable at this stage, so I agreed. Plus who could pass up free head? I remained sitting on the couch and spread my legs wide for James. He started by lightly kissing me from my ankle, up my calf, along my inner thigh and then just gently on the lips of my pussy. He was teasing me and when I couldn’t resist anymore I pushed his head down into me. I looked across and could see both Mike and Nathan sitting next to each other, jerking off.

I let my head fall back and enjoyed James’ tongue feeling its way inside me, changing speeds and intensity to bring me to the edge and then back again. Another woman walked into the room and sat down between Mike and Nathan. It felt strange being put on display and watched, but she soon turned her attention to Mike, rubbing his cock while kissing him hard on the mouth. I could see Nathan watching them slowly out of the corner of his eye, still pulling away on his little penis. She then stopped, and turned to face Nathan, “Aww you should get some loving too.” She purred. As she reached for Nathan, Mike suddenly spoke up, “No wait I’m pretty sure he’s not allowed to fuck anyone, isn’t that right Patty? You told me he was your cuckold or something?” I nodded from my blissful haze, “That’s right he doesn’t have the privilege to fuck anyone.” The woman shrugged, “That’s weird…” and mounted Mike, slowly grinding into him before quickening her pace. Being surrounded by other people having sex and then openly humiliated was enough to tip Nathan over the edge, making him cum into his open hand. He went bright red and excused himself to the bathroom.

I was so close to cumming but I wanted Nathan to be there when it happened. He was taking forever in the bathroom and I couldn’t hold off any longer, so I came all over James’ face. As I finished, Nathan walked in and was greeted by James’ face, shiny with my cum. I adjusted my skirt and went over to my little cuck, “You should thank James.” I whispered. He bit his lip and nodded, glancing over again at Mike and the woman to see them still fucking but also watching with curiosity. “Um, James, I just wanted to thank you for giving Patty such good head. I know I couldn’t make her cum as much as you made her.” He said sheepishly. I kissed my little cuck on the cheek.  James was clearly bemused by it all, and boldly offered to give me his number in case next time I feel like a proper fucking instead.

Mike was still being ridden by the mystery woman, and another two couples plus James’ wife entered the lounge room completely naked, so we took that as our cue to leave. It was one thing to get eaten out in front of two people but I wasn’t entirely ready to get fucked in front of a room full of strangers, by a room full of strangers (yeah I know, call me conservative). I said goodbye to Mike and gave him a kiss, and then the woman he was fucking, stole a kiss as well.

So even though I didn’t do much swinging per se, my first swinger’s party definitely felt like a success and something I can tick off my sexual bucket list. I also loved the idea of being in a room where everyone was having sex except Nathan, who could only watch on forlornly. It has inspired me to maybe host my own event one day with a few trustworthy bulls, fucking me one after the other while Nathan watches on, wondering when he’ll be allowed to touch himself…

Have you ever been to a swinger’s party? What was your experience like? Love to hear your stories as always!

Patty xx



  1. Hey Patty, Thanks for this post. I found your blog because you left a comment on mine. I’m glad I came to see what you had to say. I am new to the cuckold scene and have lots of questions and thoughts. I haven’t had lots of time to read through to many of your posts but this one was especially of interest to me. I have been interested in a swingers party but thought they expected both me and my husband to participate. I was worried that I would be expected to perform if I wasn’t ready. It’s nice to know that we can go and feel the people out without any pressure to perform if I’m not ready. And that my husband could only watch and participate with only me. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. As you said in your introduction…can’t talk about this with friends.


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    1. Hi Suzy

      Welcome to my blog 🙂 I can’t say for sure all swinger’s parties will be like the one I experienced but definitely chat to the host about it. Prior to Mike’s party, I’d been approached by a few other hosts that did have a similar stance for newbies, where you could go and feel it out but they had time limits. So you would arrive say at 8pm and if you weren’t going to participate then you had to leave by 9.30pm. Feel free to ask me any questions, I haven’t been in the cuckolding lifestyle for decades like some, but I’m happy to share my perspective on anything you’re curious about.


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