Month: September 2015

DommeBloggers Topic Challenge: Changing Your Mind

Have you ever changed your mind about a kink? Thought you liked something and it turned out you didn’t? Thought you didn’t like something and it turned out you did? What do you think made you flip?

As soon as I saw this topic my mind was swimming with ideas. The mind-numbingly obvious kink I tried and fell head over heels with would be cuckolding. And even though this is supposed to be a blog about all the ways I cuckold my partner, I thought I’d write about another kink I tried and did not turn out to be anything like how I imagined.

Failed Kink: Older guys… Much older guys

So this one is a little embarrassing to admit, but in my early 20s I started to fantasise about what it would be like to fuck a man in his 50s/60s. I don’t know why, but I just assumed that all men around that age would have a Maxwell Sheffield like charm to them (yes I spent my teen years watching the Nanny). I thought they would be witty and handsomely rugged, and so much more mature than those silly boys I was dating. They would be REAL men who could satisfy me sexually and mentally, with their worldly knowledge obtained from Jacque Cousteau-esque adventures.

It wasn’t until I met Nathan that I decided it would be the opportune time to experiment in my fantasy while indulging in his. Of course Nathan teased me relentlessly, telling me to use a safeword to signal I was being suffocated by saggy balls. But if anything it was his teasing and immaturity about the whole thing that spurred me on even more to find my sophisticated older gentleman. So I went onto my trusty dating website and unsurprisingly the profile of a then 25 year old girl saying she wanted to bang an old man was inundated with requests.

The first man I chose was a dud. He promised a deliciously thick cock that would stay hard without the need for Viagra. Technically I suppose he was right, but really he should have clarified it would stay hard for about 30 seconds without needing Viagra. He did fill in the remaining 20 or so minutes with a rant about the weather and how he wanted to be a weatherman because it’s the only job where you get paid to be wrong. This experience was not what I expected at all and gave me horrible visions of having to listen to inane ramblings of Nathan after the age of 50… But I am a scientist by trade and a firm believer in using appropriate sample sizes before drawing a conclusion. So I gave it another try.

Guy number 2 was very handsome, very charming, very attractive looking cock… And obsessed with being a sugar daddy. He didn’t want sex, just someone to dote on and shower with gifts. Although the sound of free presents just for looking pretty was tempting, he wanted to spend more than one night together and couldn’t even promise sex. Specifically, he wanted me to come away with him for weeks on end. Seriously? Is there any sane person out there that would go away to an undisclosed location for “several weeks” with a stranger they met on the internet? Guy number 2 was a bust and we didn’t even fuck.

Guy number 3 I suspect, was a lot more older than his profile or picture showed. Every layer of clothing he removed, revealed wrinklier and wrinklier flesh. I wondered if his insurance covered injuries sustained during sex of if that was the reason he moved so slowly. He also wanted to pretend I was a lot more younger than I was. That I was an innocent young virgin he was about to violate. Thankfully the whole ordeal lasted only 10 minutes but made me finally question what the hell I was thinking imagining sex with a man twice my age would be sexy.

The fourth and final guy was ok, gave amazing head but then thought it would be perfectly acceptable to hang outside our apartment for the next couple of weeks, waiting for me after work. Luckily at the time I wasn’t living with Nathan, so I went safely back to my actual house while my poor cuck had to awkwardly pretend to the neighbours he didn’t know who the old guy with flowers was either.

Alright so 4 guys is hardly a big enough sample size, but I couldn’t handle any more. It was a horrible experience, and I’m pretty confident as soon as Nathan turns 50 I’m going to be trading him in for someone younger who doesn’t ramble about nothing or smell like cabbage and tobacco. This kink was officially a massive fail. Sure maybe I just chose the ‘wrong’ guys but if they were the best options out all the messages I received then I’m happy to shelve this fantasy and concentrate on cucking Nathan with guys my own age.

Patty xx


Does It Count If It’s With A Girl?

Every now and then I get this itch that no man can scratch. It’s not often, maybe once a year or every couple of years but I recognise it instantly now – I want need to be with a woman. I wouldn’t say I’m bi-sexual by any means, because basically 99.99% of the time I will take cock over pussy. Seriously, cocks are awesome! They’re big and hard, don’t get UTIs just because you went swimming in over/under-chlorinated water or didn’t eat enough yoghurt, don’t get squelchy wet when you go near them and are generally the one part of a guys body without a 5 o’clock shadow. But it’s that 0.01% of the time I get butterflies when an exceptionally beautiful woman walks past and for some reason all I can think about is burying my face between her legs because… To hell with cock! My theory these days is because I use online dating websites so much to choose my bulls, I max out my creepy dude quota faster than the average person and so all of a sudden, women are starting to look kinda nice…

The first time I cucked Nathan with a woman, I thought it was going to be amazing. From an emasculation perspective, I thought it would be the ultimate way to enforce he’s that less of a man I would rather fuck a woman than him. From a small penis humiliation perspective, I thought it would really drive home that his penis is so small, I’d rather fuck a woman because I receive more pleasure from her clit rubbing against me. From a denial perspective, I thought it would be hot that he’s also denied from servicing her the same way he’d service my bulls because she was all for me.

However what I forgot was Nathan is still a pretty blokey guy (manly/masculine for the non-Australian readers) despite being a cuckold. So when I first raised it with him he was on board, not overly excited but definitely not underwhelmed. I set up the date as usual, with an absolutely stunning brunette in her early 20s who didn’t mind that Nathan would be in the room watching. She arrived at our place, chatted a bit on the couch before we made our way to the bedroom. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and within minutes clothes were flying and we were pressing our naked bodies together trying to grope and feel as much of the other one as we could. I thought it was going so well, I was getting my itch scratched and Nathan was getting the ultimate cuckolding by watching me with a woman. I was fucking a woman instead of him, how humiliating! Then I actually looked over at Nathan, and he was standing up wanking in the corner of the room with the same look on his face public masturbators have. That intense stare, with their lip curled up like they’re internally screaming “oooh yeah, fucking hot right here!” Then it finally dawned on me: He’s getting off on it because it’s girl-on-girl not because it’s cuckolding!

I was so mad at him, but I like to pride myself on a job well done so I made the Brunette cum a few times before sending her out the door and turning my attention to Nathan. “You’re a bad cuckold!” He shrugged and looked at me innocently, not understanding what I was talking about. “You were getting off on it for LESBIAN reasons not because of cuckolding! I saw your pervert face I know what you were thinking!” He shrugged again and said he thought that was the point of it, so I explained all my thoughts about how no in actual fact he should have been feeling pretty damn sexually humiliated. “Nah but it doesn’t count if it’s with a girl. Cocks or nothing, baby!” We argued a bit more and I was feeling pretty disheartened at my failed attempt, so I locked him in chastity for a few days so he couldn’t jerk off at the thought of me with the Brunette.

I’ve hooked up with a few more women since then, but now I use the same strategy as I do with my shyer bulls and keep Nathan on the otherside of the bedroom door to only listen in and not watch. I joke with the girl about how she’s so much better because Nathan’s so small and impotent I’d prefer her soft pussy any day of the week, and listen for the “Ahh omg!” coming through the door. He still believes he’s getting off because of the girl-on-girl aspect, but there’s no denying hearing him cumming at the exact moment I say that line. It’s nice to know that I can enjoy being with a woman, and my little cuck is still kept firmly in his place.

So what do you guys reckon? Can you cuck a cuck with a woman? I think my strategies working so far and if Nathan continues to deny that it is cuckolding, maybe two women with strap-ons spitroasting him would change his mind, but as always I’d love to hear your stories!

Patty xx