To BBC Or Not BBC? That Is The Question!

You all know I love cuckolding Nathan. You all know I love big, thick cocks. What you don’t know is that I’m probably the only so-called cuckoldress in the world, to have never had or even tried a BBC. Like all things in life, I have a perfectly neurotic explanation for it all. I don’t post pictures of myself here so I guess when I mention that I’m Australian you’re imagining the stereotypical blonde haired, blue eyed Bondi beach babe. But my heritage is Sri Lankan ie. I’m a brown eyed girl with brown skin… And I’m kinda short. Being Sri Lankan means my extended family on both my parents’ sides, hold enough people to populate a small country. So when I was in high school, chances were that when one of the girls mentioned they’d just met the “cutest Sri Lankan boy”, I was somehow related to him (this literally happened three times). So I’ve just always had this natural aversion against dating people with darker skin just in case we happened to be related. I’m not completely nuts, I am fully aware of the fact that not all black/brown people are related to me or even Sri Lankan, yet I just can’t shake having this horrible vision of becoming accidentally pregnant with a two headed spawn of incest. I’m pretty sure I could convince my deeply religious parents that it was a virgin birth, but it’s a whole different story explaining why the baby was probably also my combined fourth cousin and uncle three times removed.

Similarly to most cucks, one of Nathan’s biggest fantasies when we first met, was to see my pussy stretched, fucked and filled by a BBC. His favourite cuckolding story, is about a couple who get married and honeymoon in the Caribbean. The husband is of course infuriatingly impotent, so the poor unfulfilled bride goes for a walk on the beach where she befriends four or five local Barbados men who after a brief chat, all end up gang banging her while the husband is off playing golf. I think at some point the priest that married them turns up and fucks her silly as well, but I digress. When I first confessed to Nathan that the thought of BBC repulses me in the same way thinking about your sibling in a sexual way makes you want to gag, he thought it was a joke and I’d inevitably bring one home. But of course I never did. Sure he was disappointed at first, but when I was able to demonstrate my resourcefulness for locating other cocks that were still just as massive, he got over it pretty quickly.

Lately though, I’ve been toying with the idea in my mind, wondering if I am missing out on something sublimely amazing. I’ve had many big cocks, including the odd few that made me walk a bit like a cowboy afterwards. So what would be so different with having a BBC? A part of me is intrigued and tempted to try something I’ve never had, and then another more cynical part of me wonders if it’s going to be a completely underwhelming and ordinary experience made more exciting by the moments leading up to it. Kinda like the first time you let a guy cum inside you, thinking you’re going to actually feel his cum exploding inside you, but you don’t end up feeling anything and you now also have a sticky mess to clean up that will continue to dribble down your thigh on the walk to the bathroom.

What’s hard to find though, is a female perspective on how great BBC’s are, without mentioning they got off on seeing the contrast between skin colours as they press against each other. Sure they mention how big they are, but who cares there are plenty of other nationalities with big cocks too – I know because I’ve fucked them and was left well and truly sated each time. There’s some mention about these men having almost godly hard bodies cut from marble, but again nothing I haven’t had before plus athleticism isn’t that big a deal to me anyway. I think that’s what’s confusing me as well, because there seems to be an extremely fine line between BBC in cuckolding and BBC in interracial fetishes. I’m seeking an answer related to cuckolding but it seems to always drift back to seeing the different skin tones against each other. Since I broke the stereotype with Nathan and showed him there are plenty of massive cocks around that aren’t necessarily BBC, he doesn’t really care anymore if I bring one home or not. As long as he gets cuckolded, he’s happy. So I suppose it all has to come down to me and if I want to add the BBC notch to my belt and also quash my crazy neuroses about being related to anyone with even remotely tanned skin.

I think I started off this post hoping after a few paragraphs of reflection the answer would magically appear and my subconscious desires would be revealed after a few keystrokes. But I just re-read what I typed and it’s just the ramblings of neurotic mind that no doubt some people may take out of context and accuse me of being racist. I am feeling though that maybe BBC isn’t something I should seek out actively, rather wait for it to fall into my lap (so to speak) and then slowly go from there depending on how comfortable I feel in that moment. Last thing I want is to go to the trouble of arranging a guy to come over, only to dry reach as soon as he tries to kiss me because I can’t get over my idiotic thoughts of him possibly being related to me.

What are your thoughts and theories, my dear reader? Would love to hear from anyone that swears by BBC. Should I just take a Xanax and jump on the first one I see? I’m curious especially from a cuckolding perspective, what the appeal is to seeing your wife/girlfriend with a BBC, besides the interracial aspect.

Patty xx



  1. Honestly – I misunderstood the title of your post before clicking. I saw ‘BBC’ and thought you were pondering whether or not to grant an interview or something. –“Tonight, we go down under to talk to an Aussie temptress…”
    Then I remembered I was reading a sex blog and felt like an idiot 
    But it’s cool you’re this honest about where you are coming from in terms of psychology. Aversion to incest is a fascinating reason to not be interested in dark-skinned sex partners. As for whether or not you should seek out the BBC, I have no idea.
    But if you do, I sure hope you’ll post the details on how it went!

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    1. Haha that genuinely made me laugh out loud! I can imagine you reading and wondering when I’m going to mention the part where I met David Attenborough 🙂

      And yes, still in two minds about it but I do enjoy sharing my exploits so if it does happen, you’ll be sure to read about it here first. (now back to you in the studio)

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  2. I just want to say thank you for squashing the stereotype that all women prefer BBC. The genre of interracial cuckold porn has been driven by a white man’s fantasy (mine as well, frankly) and I for one have a lot of respect for those that don’t succumb to the myth that it’s the main way to cuckold. Now, if you’d like to fulfill Nathan’s fantasy just for the sake of doing just that, I can respect that type of commitment to him as well. But I doubt such an encounter will magically change your whole outlook on BBC despite what is reported in “fantasy land”.

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    1. I completely agree, the line somehow got blurred where interracial became synonymous with cuckolding. Even to the point that I’ve seen porn/pics online of women fucking guys of an average but respectable penis size, however they are in no way BBC or even cuckold related. It’s just a woman having generic sex with a man, but because of skin colour it gets tagged as BBC. I’ve spoken to Nathan about it and we thought maybe it was an American thing but the assumption that you’re not a true cuck unless your partner has had a BBC seems to crop up everywhere.
      I’m still undecided about it, if I was to go after a guy with a BBC it would be more to quell my own neuroses and prove to myself I’m not completely ruled by them. But like I said in my post I probably won’t seek it out actively, if it happens it happens, if not well there’s plenty of other big cocks in the sea 🙂


  3. Check out a blog I run to help connect cuckoldresses and BBCs in NYC. If you’re ever in NY, just check out, pick out the one(s) you want from the catalog and I’ll arrange. The only women I’ve been with who havent been blown away by BBC (it’s not just the cock, it’s the technique, attitude and stamina) are te ones who were too close-minded to try them.


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