Month: December 2015

Slightly Manipulating Reality to Create a Fantasy (p.s. I’m back!)

Apologies for the exceedingly long hiatus! If you remember my last post from many months ago, Nathan and I just bought a place together and the renovations took a lot longer than expected. Have you ever dug up your garden only to find it was hiding syringes, crack pipes and basically everything else you associate with a crime scene? It is a good neighbourhood we just happened to purchase a place from the only crack head in town.


But in the midst of the renovation nightmare, I managed to fulfill one of Nathan’s long time cuckolding fantasies. Since I’ve known him, he’s always wanted to go to a bar or a club and have me fawning all over him, and yet still attract the attention of another guy (or guys) who flirts relentlessly with me despite knowing I’m with Nathan. He dances with me, buys me drinks and tries to touch me at every opportune moment. And of course the fantasy predictably ends with me sitting on his cock/face while my cuck quietly jerks off in the corner.


Although the start of my cuckolding experimentation started with hooking up with guys in clubs, I hated that I couldn’t guarantee a massive cock every time. I’ve posted about this previously when weighing up the pros and cons of online vs. reality and being able to filter men by every single feature is a huge pro that real life can’t provide. But we’d been working so hard, didn’t celebrate moving in, didn’t celebrate our anniversary, so I felt like now was the time to indulge in this fantasy… sort of.


Unbeknownst to Nathan, I updated my dating profile to say I was looking for a man to play along with my very specific fantasy. I requested a guy who would pretend not to know me or that I’d arranged for him to be at the bar, and act as inappropriately cocky and confident as he could possibly be in flirting with me in front of Nathan. I thought it might be a bit too strange a request but surprisingly had someone sorted within 2 days. Joel promised 9 thick inches of uncut cock would be fucking me raw by the end of the night.


Leading up to the weekend I convinced Nathan we needed a night off from renovating with a little well deserved indulgence, by going for dinner and drinks at the local bar. I wore a short, tight white dress with big red flowers printed all over and strappy black heels and texted a photo of myself as I was slipping into it, to Joel who responded with a photo of his cock dripping with pre-cum. Meanwhile my sweet cuck was sitting on the couch drinking tea.


Dinner flew by and we were soon at the bar watching the band playing some pretty terrible 80s covers. I was sipping on a mojito when I saw Joel enter. He looked directly at us then took a seat in a booth nearby so we were still in his view. I chewed on the end of my straw as I waited in anticipation. When was he going to approach us? What was he going to say? We never really discussed his pretend back story, just that he would pretend to have never communicated with me previously. Then I had that nagging thought that maybe he’s piked out. The music’s shit, the beer’s watered down, I’m not what he was expecting and he’s decided not to go ahead with it.


I became slightly despondent, which Nathan took as me needing another drink. I was still looking down when I noticed Joel walking towards me, so I sat up and smiled brightly at him as he walked past and stood next to Nathan at the bar. He looked like he was ordering a drink too and then started chatting with Nathan. They turned around simultaneously as Nathan pointed me out, and Joel nodded. Ugh did he just confess everything to Nathan and ruin the fantasy? But then they started laughing and as Nathan grabbed our drinks he gestured for Joel to follow him. “Hey Patty, this is Joel is it ok if he sits with us? Poor guy was just telling me he’s been stood up.” I slowly smiled and gave him a wink, “Of course, her loss is our gain.”


Joel quickly sat next to me while my unassuming cuck continued chatting about, I can’t even remember what, because Joel started walking his fingers up along my thigh and under my skirt. “So Nathan, how’d you end up with such a beautiful girlfriend?” Joel asked, withdrawing his hand from under my dress. “I mean even if my date had shown up, I probably would’ve pissed her off by staring at Patty all night.” Nathan looked a bit taken aback, “Yep you’re not the first person to point out I’m punching above my weight.” He said laughing and then changed the subject. Small talk continued for a while before I interrupted and asked both Nathan and Joel if they wanted to dance. At first Nathan shook his head but when he saw Joel jump up to join me with a little too much enthusiasm, he changed his mind and grabbed my hand to lead me to the dancefloor.


I danced between the two, watching Nathan look more and more confused at how brazen Joel was being. Every time Nathan would pull me close, Joel would grab my hand and twirl me over to him. Cuck excused himself to the bathroom, and as soon as his back was turned Joel leaned in to steal a quick kiss. “Am I being forward enough for you?” I smiled, “Yes it’s going perfectly but I’m not sure if Nathan can actually see what’s happening or if he just thinks he’s had too much to drink.” I giggled. “Well, let’s make sure he knows this is definitely real…” Joel pulled my waist close to him and kissed me hard and passionately on the mouth while running his fingers through my hair. I could hear a few guys wooping in the background but closed my eyes and melted into his kiss.


“Uh oh, busted…” Joel whispered into my ear. I broke away from his embrace to see my cuck standing near the bar watching us. I grabbed Joel’s hand and led him over. “Hey man hope you don’t mind, like I said she’s just so fucking hot!” Joel said squeezing my ass. Nathan shifted his weight uncomfortably, “Nah it’s cool I guess, I mean yeah…” I gave him a wink, “Oh I’m so glad you said that because I’m actually getting kinda bored of this place and wanted to go back home. Just me, Joel and you.”  I didn’t give him a chance to respond and started heading towards the door with Joel’s hand in mine and cuck trailing.


What should have been a 10 minute walk home turned into half an hour as Joel took every opportunity to push me against a wall and kiss me. Fingering me in front of Nathan and commenting on how wet and ready I was for him. Asking Nathan to feel me and asking if he’d ever been able to make me as wet. Halfway on the route home we passed a park and Joel’s eyes lit up. “Patty have you ever had outdoor sex?” To tell the truth outdoor sex is on my list of things that seem to sound appealing in theory only.  Like group sex, it seems dirty and unhygienic plus with all the renovating, tonight was the first night in months that I wasn’t covered in a layer of grime, paint and plaster so I definitely was not enthusiastic to go roll around and get mud in my vagina. Joel sensed my hesitation and pointed to a dark corner where the outline of a park bench that was barely visible. “I’ll sit there and you can sit on me while your boyfriend keeps a look out.” I bit my lip and nodded, on the condition we stick to the bench.


Joel’s pants were around his ankles before he even got to the bench, and cuck obediently stood facing the foot path to keep watch. I gave him a quick kiss before going to position myself on my knees to suck Joel’s cock. “Babe as much as I love a bj, I’m so primed to fuck right now.” I gave the tip a flick with my tongue and obliged, straddling him and teasing him by not sitting all the way down until he gave a quick thrust upwards and pushed me onto his cock. “Oh god yes your cock is amazing…” I moaned. Joel grunted, quickening his pace and became almost animalistic trying to pull the top of my dress down to expose my breasts, which he licked and sucked with ferocity.


We fucked for a good 10 – 15 minutes before he couldn’t hold off any longer, “Babe quick get off, I’m close to cumming.” “You can cum in me if you want.” That was all it took and Joel blew his load inside me. I continued sitting on his lap, rocking back and forth gently as he finished cumming and I saw Nathan’s shadow approaching. Without saying a word I de-mounted Joel and spread my legs as cuck got on his knees and cleaned me up with his tongue, stopping occasionally to thank me for providing the privilege.


My grateful cuck leaned his head along the inside of my thigh after he finished as I stroked his hair. “Guys that was amazing, thanks so much for turning around my crap night.” I had to commend him for his commitment to the back story. Joel gave me a deep long kiss good bye, and to really put cuck in his place he ruffled his hair like a child and said “Thanks heaps dude for letting me fuck your girlfriend, although I guess you didn’t really have a choice did ya?” He laughed, zipped his pants up and headed back towards the road to flag a taxi as Nathan and I headed home. We walked most of the way in silence, Nathan squeezing my hand and taking in sharp breaths, which I knew was a sign he was close to cumming himself. As soon as we were inside, I dropped to my knees and took cuck’s little penis into my mouth. He came in less than 10 seconds but I still swallowed every last drop. I got back up to kiss him and as I pulled away he shook his head, “Patty I’m still… I don’t know what the hell is going on, is tonight real or am I really drunk?” “Why didn’t you have as much fun as I did?” I said with an exaggerated pout. “No no, it was amazing! But what was that guy’s deal? How weird was he? I mean I know this was my ultimate fantasy but who’s that rude in real life to fuck another guy’s girlfriend? And I was so nice to him and asked us to sit with us and everything because I felt sorry for him…” I felt terrible for causing Nathan this much angst and was about to confess I set the whole thing up and there was no girl who stood Joel up, but then he asked if he could go down on me as I replayed the night back to him going into detail about what it felt like to have Joel cum inside me. I smiled and led my sweet cuck to the bedroom.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear readers! Hope you enjoyed my last post for 2015. Looking forward to sharing more of my salacious cuckolding stories with you in the new year.



Patty xx