Quitting Cuckolding Cold Turkey

John, one of my readers asked me recently on my previous post, if Nathan wanted to cease being cuckolded, if I would be able to stop. At first I’ll admit I was a little indignant, I mean I’m not a wild animal I do have some self control! But I got down off my sassy horse before replying and really thought about it – could I just go cold turkey? No more checking out guys on the street guilt free, no more variety in my sex life or cocks for that matter. Just one sole cock… Forever… For the rest of my life.


Would this also mean Nathan no longer wants to be emasculated? Sure, I know cuckolding and humiliation don’t necessarily go hand in hand but after 5 years of pulling faces at the sight of his penis and rolling my eyes and asking when he’s going to finish flopping on top of me like a dying fish, could I suddenly stop and be nice? “Yeah you go Nathan! I love that part where you came before me it was the best! Now let’s cuddle and talk about how we only want to have sex with each other.”


Ok so maybe it wasn’t such a silly question from John after all and it has given me a lot to consider. This is my first open relationship (even if it’s only my side that’s open) and I’ve had many other monogamous relationships prior to meeting Nathan but it’s different with us. I suppose because we started cuckolding from the very beginning it’s almost ingrained into the foundation of our relationship. Similarly to how most of my readers have found moving their relationship towards cuckolding has taken years (or in Sherulestherooster’s case, over a decade), would the transition into monogamy be just as long a process after spending years where cuckolding was the norm?


These were all the questions swarming around my head after I read John’s comment. But then in a moment of clarity it all clicked – we love each other. If anything cuckolding related or otherwise, is causing us harm, stress or anxiety we would both do whatever we could to stop the pain. I know it sounds sappy, but it really does override everything. Why would you want to continue doing something that causes so much angst for the person you love? If Nathan came up to me tomorrow and said cuckolding’s no longer fun for him, I’d naturally ask what’s changed and be a little taken aback (omg why you cockblocking me for!?) but ultimately I’d stop. Sure it would be hard, all relationship compromises are. But I didn’t start dating Nathan knowing he was a cuckold and I didn’t continue to stay in our relationship because he is one either. We’re together for every other reason that’s special to us and we just happen to enjoy the fact I fuck other guys. If that stops so be it, but it’s not the end of our relationship just a transition into a new lifestyle.


Plus life after cuckolding does mean I no longer have to lie to everyone about what I get up to on the weekend!


What are your thoughts on this my dear readers? If you’re currently in a cuckold relationship could you just go cold turkey or would it be something you fight for?


Patty xx



      1. Hi Patty

        I agree we hope Nathan doesn’t want to stop the fun anytime soon. Likewise I do hope you continue to post about your adventures as I see it’s been a few months since you last posted and I would certainly like to read about recent get togethers with your Bulls and your cuckolding of Nathan. It’s even better to get the female perspective on cuckolding!!!



  1. Hi Patty,
    I’m glad you’re posting again. Suzy and I both enjoy your blog (I think – haha!). Thanks for the shout-out. Our “agreement” consists of: she tells me everything and we both have a veto power over cuckolding. We’re still dipping our toes in this “lifestyle” (btw, it kinda freaked me out when she used that term at first) and it’s very exciting for us both. Speaking for myself, I am in no way close to exercising a “veto”. Being a cuckold is still very exciting to me.

    So our answer is very similar to yours:

    If anything cuckolding related or otherwise, is causing us harm, stress or anxiety we would both do whatever we could to stop the pain.



  2. Love this post! Cuckolding is hot and seems to exist a certain way in fantasy and a bit differently in reality. As you point out, love–something rarely spoken in depth about–is the difference in a healthy cuckold relationship. Ultimately, it is your relationship with Nathan that is supreme. Cuckolding is only a part of journey together.


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