All Because of the Cliche Yoga Pants

I know, I know I disappeared for a while – embarrassingly straight after announcing I was back and posting for 2016, but I was feeling a bit uninspired, not just with writing but with cuckolding and sex in general. Maybe it was because of all the stress of other things going on in my life, but it was starting to feel a bit same-same and I think writing about it was starting to make it feel even more monotonous. I have sex, big cock as always, cum (seriously? Of course that’s an always) and then write about it and re-live it all over again. I’m not depressed, it was just nothing new.


To fill the void and create a distraction I started hitting the gym pretty hard, doing a lot of strength work to become more toned. I discovered I’m not as fit as I thought I was and my body does not seem to have a core. Apparently I am made of marshmallows and big tits. So I spent a lot of time collapsed and sweating on the floor, swearing and wondering how the fuck everyone in the class is able to maintain downward dog for 7 minutes, followed by 50 pushups and bicep curls. Not so ironically though, my legs are strong and oh so very flexible. It was a nice morale booster to find out I was on par with the more advanced guys in my class when it came to leg work.


About two months or so ago after a squats set, one of the guys complimented me on my form. Apparently he’d been watching me since the start of the class and had been really noticing how much I’d improved. I was positively beaming and when I told Nathan about the comments he started smirking.

“What? Don’t you believe me?”

“No of course I believe you, but I mean… In those leggings of course the guys are going to talk about your ‘squats’ and your ‘form’.”

Ok so maybe I was wearing yoga pants. And maybe they’re the cheap ones that go see through when the fabric stretches… And maybe I was wearing a g-string…

“Fuck you I’m awesome and my squats are awesome.”

But I did wonder if maybe my ass on display was the real motivation behind the guy’s comments, and started to feel that familiar tingle between my legs.


Next class, I was looking at myself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror when I suddenly noticed a couple of guys staring at me. I turned around and one looked away but the other winked. I continued doing my weights but more slowly as I became much more aware of others staring at me. Ok so Nathan was probably right and everyone was checking out my ass. It took a few more classes of me noticing all of this apparent attention I was receiving yet completely oblivious to, but it all led to an epiphany about what had me in such a crappy funk – I missed being desired and chased after. The sideways glances, coy smiles and eventually a bold (or not so bold) flirtation that more often than not would lead to some silly banter and most definitely a good fucking.


Using online dating it was all guaranteed and there was really no chase. Sure sometimes you needed to send more than 3 messages to set something up, but it was all pretty definite. There was nothing really exciting leading up to it and it almost had become robotic and mundane to organise. Well that was my theory anyway. And yes most definitely this could be classified as a first world problem.


I decided to test out my theory and became a bit more interactive with the guys in class, not full on flirting just more approachable after previously being the token mute. After a couple of weeks, one of the younger guys asked if I wanted to get a coffee after class. I obliged, we had coffee, small talk and then I very bluntly asked him if I could fuck him in the back of my car. The poor guy nearly choked, his eyes widened and I could see he was thinking “be cool man… be cool…” but he was too excited to contain himself and within 10 minutes we had the bill paid and I was rocking back and forth on his thick 6 inch cock.


After we both came he said that thing I forgot comes with non-online dating: “So when can we do this again?” I guess because I was feeling so blasé about everything, I didn’t care about the consequences so just as frankly as I asked him to fuck me I told him it was a once off because I had a boyfriend. He didn’t say anything, although I could see he wanted to comment. Normally my neurotic need to make sure he wasn’t judging me for being a cheating whore would take over and I’d awkwardly explain everything about our one-sided open relationship – this time however, I didn’t clarify a thing. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t go into further detail, but he didn’t ask any questions about Nathan and just chatted a bit about gym before leaving.


Following that encounter, I made it my goal to fuck every willing man in my class and have been somewhat successful. The tally to date is:

Guy #1: back of my car

Guy #2: back of my car

Guy #3: fingered me in the sauna

Guy #4: back of his car

Guy #3: fucked at his place (ridiculously amazing sex)

Instructor: after a PT session in the physio room


Turns out what had me in my funk wasn’t missing out on the thrill of the chase, I just needed to up the ante to keep things interesting. With each guy in my class I fucked I felt myself becoming more and more excited and invigorated. There’s a few more to go but I don’t think I need them to close off the challenge. Each and every one of them knows that I’ve fucked the others, knows that I have a boyfriend and they don’t really seem to care.


So I feel like I’m back in the swing of things but I still can’t promise I’ll keep posting as frequently as I have previously. I will aim to dedicate some time each weekend to write posts to keep you all updated, especially to write about things more cuckold related compared to this post. But if I can be completely honest with you all – I’d rather spend that time fucking.


















Patty xx



  1. Hi Patty

    It’s nice to see you back posting. I’ve been checking most days for the last few months and was pleasantly surprised to see you at last had. Even nicer to see a pic of you and I do hope you post more pics of you and Nathan in the future.

    Sorry to hear you were in a funk but it does sound like you’ve come through it in fine style. One thing you didn’t touch on is how Nathan is enjoying your return to form. Does he get all the details or dare I say it a chance to clean up after?

    I do hope you decide to keep posting, one because I love reading about your adventures especially when you cuck Nathan and have him service the guy and do clean up (was it his idea or yours to make him suck some of your lovers?), and two you have a great writing style which provides your adventures with a strong emotional connection.

    Plus it’s great you’re an Aussie too!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kahuna, glad to hear you’ve been enjoying my blog and I’ve seen your other comments too sorry for never responding until now. Nathan’s definitely appreciated my return to form, although I have to mention there wasn’t any pressure or rushing into it from his end. He’s been getting all the details but no chance to clean up, however I’m going to a swinger’s party tonight and will be participating a lot more than the last time I went so he’ll have plenty of opportunity to clean up as well as fluff some of the guys. I’ll hopefully get some time tomorrow afternoon to write a post about all the juicy details.

      And nice to see a fellow Aussie checking out my blog as well, if you’re in QLD or NSW hope you’re managing to stay dry! P xx


      1. Hi Patty

        Thanks for your reply. Fortunately I’m on the other side of the country so no issues with the storms but it is cold!

        I hope you had fun at your (one sided) swingers party last night and that you do have plenty of juicy details to post later.

        In advance I had a couple of other questions perhaps you could consider answering, if you don’t mind?

        1. I know from your past posts Nathan initiated and introduced you to cuckolding him, but as you’ve advanced to clean up and fluffing who’s idea was that – his or yours or mutual?

        2. I’m guessing it’s coming up to 5 years since you started cuckolding Nathan. Have you kept a tally of the number of guys you have cucked Nathan with? It would be hot to get an idea of how many guys versus how many women Nathan has been with all up. I’m sure the ratio is significant. Actually now I think about it have you had Nathan fluffed more guys than women he’s been with? If he hasn’t there’s a challenge for you!

        3. In one of your earlier posts Nathan is wearing a strapon. Do you have him wear it often to fuck you and is that his main way of having sex with you?

        Thanks again.


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  2. That is so awesome! I wish I had the nerve to be so blunt with these guys. I may have to join a gym to see what kind of attention I get. Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol definitely recommend it although I have to admit I think I’ve only been so bold because it’s been a bit of a turn on knowing they’re all aware that I’ve had sex with other guys in the class. Hope you’ve been well, have to catch up on yours and hubby’s blogs!


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