Like most cuckold couples will tell you, we are both relatively normal people. Working professionals within the science industry, with a love of good food, wine, movies and sex. Well, truthfully I love sex, and Nathan loves being denied sex.

This blog is dedicated to all newbies to the cuckolding scene, who like me just wants something to read about the ups/downs of the lifestyle without those images with the dad jokes on them. (If you’re into cuckolding, and have been on tumblr you know exactly what I mean!) Don’t worry there will be plenty of posts about my more interesting exploits for you to read. Please feel free to use my blog to comment and share your stories as well. I know firsthand, that one of the limitations of being the partner of a cuckold is having very limited to zero friends you can talk to, about the gloriously thick 9 inch cock you fucked in your boyfriend’s bed while he listened from the other room…

Welcome to Cuckolding Nathan xx



  1. Hi,

    my name is Steve and I have been a reader of your blog for two months now – I love it, especially the posts about cuckolding…

    A while ago, I opened my blog at lovinsmallpenis.wordpress.com. It is basically about my small penis and my relationship with my wife, since we are more and more becoming a cuckold couple. I really enjoy this and opened therefore my blog to write about my experiences.

    However, so far I have almost no readers. That’s a little embarassing, and that’s why I wanted to ask you if you wanted to put a link to my blog to your site?

    Have a nice weekend!



    1. Hi Steve

      Thanks for the kind words but I’m probably not as popular as you think I am! Happy to plug your blog though, and from what I’ve read so far and the fact that you’re delving deeper into the cuckolding lifestyle I have no doubt you’ll get more fans. Look forward to reading more about your experiences 🙂

      Patty xx


  2. Hi,

    thank you for writing about cuckolding from a female perspective. Me and my GF are in a long term relationship. Her sex drive and need for variety are a lot higher than mine and she has been warming me up to let her cuckold me. I must admit the idea is strangely arousing and frightening at the same time so we have not quite crossed that bridge yet.

    I have a couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind.

    You have written about the need to periodically take a time-out from cuckolding. During these time outs, do you genuinely enjoy having sex with Nathan, I mean on a physical level, not just to emotionally reconnect? I.e. can he still make you cum? I ask because you have mentioned that he has always been a premature ejaculator, will always come second to your bulls and have made multiple references to his “little penis” (although in another post you wrote that he is not that small at all).

    I also wonder what would happen if Nathan would (purely hypothetically) no longer enjoy being cuckolded or if it even would begin hurting him. Would you stop doing it or is it for you an essential aspect of the continued success of your relationship?

    I hope you can share some insights.

    Thanks again for the blog!


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    1. Hi John

      Firstly thanks for checking out my blog and apologies if there are errors in my response as Im replying on my mobile.

      This may shatter the illusion for some readers but yes I do physically enjoy having sex with Nathan. I do have the benefit of him being bigger than average (references to his little penis is more something i say to tease him) but I still believe even if he was actually small we’d still enjoy sex with each other. Sex doesnt necessarily need to be limited to just shoving your cock in a vagina and cumming, and having him watch me with other guys he knows all my cues and what I need to get off.

      If we stopped cuckolding it would be a bit strange at first I think mostly because it is a lifestyle and doingbthings like checking out other men and telling Nathan about them is something that now comes naturally. But I do love Nathan and if it was causing more angst than fun for him Id be fine to stop. Ive previously been in monogamous relationships and I like to think Ive got the willpower to remain monogamous but like the adjustment into cuckolding took time, the transition out of it would also take time.

      Hope that answered your questions, feel free to ask more if you have any 🙂 xx


  3. Hello,
    great blog for an excellent lifestyle. I congratulate the author of the blog for describing the little complexities and intricacies involved in such a lifestyle. We live in India and me and my wife are enjoying the cuckolding lifestyle for almost eight years. But we follow some rules and regulations in our relations. I will also like to add that cuckolding lifestyle also demands that the bull, the Hotwife and the cuckold all respect each other’s boundaries and then only these type of relations can be fruitful and enjoyed for a longer period of time.

    There is no shame in marrying a Hotwife and being a submissive male. I firmly believe that women are superior than men. My wife always tells me that a real man must make her panties wet rather than making her eyes wet.

    My parents were born in Bangladesh and there were many atrocities that were carried out then on the minority community. So my parents decided to settle in India permanently. On their way to India my mother had to sacrifice her married womanhood for saving my father. Her sacrifice cost her too much and she gave birth to a baby. My father could not accept the child but my mother wanted to have the child because she knew how much hardships she had been through and the sacrifices she made to save her husband. But the child was given up for adaptation at Missionaries of charity in Kolkata, India. I would have never known about my family’s past if I did not have the habit to spy into my mother’s diaries. I have read my mother’s diaries and I have seen the hatred in my mother’s heart for my father for not allowing her to have her first child. I was born few years after this mishap.

    I am extremely fortunate to have a life partner who in-spite of being much younger than me in age is much more broad minded in her thoughts, matured in her ideas and understandings. She made me realize the complexities involved in a relationship, and with her help I concluded that if my mother had sacrificed her womanhood for saving my father’s life, then it was also the duty of my father to respect her decisions. I certainly did not want to land up in a no man’s land in a married relationship. I always have a feeling of inferior complexity regarding my health and stamina and henceforth i am not a great lover. So my wife who is a masterclass seductress passed on the idea of cuckolding to me. She also made me understand that cuckolding is not cheating since the game is played in the front rather than behind the back. But to respect each other’s boundaries we decided to have certain rules and regulations, and its working very perfect till date.

    congratulations to the site owner, for posting such a beautiful and matured content blog
    Dulal Roy Chowdhury


  4. Hi Patty

    I’ve just come across your blog and have read from beginning to end. It’s great to get the female perspective on cuckolding and the way you describe your adventures and Nathan’s cuckolding are inspiring. Even better you’re from Australia!

    I notice it’s been a couple of months since you last posted so I do hope you find time to update with some more interesting exploits soon!



  5. I found the name of this blog on another blog, I Googled it and got in here. I find it interesting and would like to put it into my favorites. I have noticed a lack of recent activity, are you still active, is the blog up and running?
    I am a mature male recently married. I was feminized by my late wife, my new bride keeps it going. I am in chastity but not to my knowledge a cuckold but the threat is clearly there.
    Please let me know if the blog is active.


  6. Patty,

    I understand your funk. You are well spoken and the blog is very nicely done. I found it today by mistake, and now delight. A totally interesting delve into the female prospective. I read it oldest to newest post order. Good stuff, on a higher plane then I expected. I was blown away that there was actually a picture of you at the very end. Now I understand the swinger party comments about “are your tits real?” Pretty funny. Have a good day.



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