Sunday Session

Swinger’s Party #2

If you read my previous post about swinger’s parties, you’d know I’m not a total fan of them. The whole idea of random people everywhere seems too disorganised and messy for me to actually be able to focus on having a good time. But in my increasing effort to up the ante and keep things interesting I decided to accept an invitation to a private party held last night. 10 couples and 5 single girls (on the cuckolding technicality, I was counted as one of the single girls).


I was surprised to find myself actually excited this time around and went all out to look my absolute sluttiest. Black lace-top stockings, shiny black patent leather heels, sheer navy blue dress and no bra or underwear. Whilst applying my make-up, Nathan entered the bathroom and started kissing the back of my neck, put an arm around my hips and slipped a finger between my legs, “How many guys do you think you’re going to fuck tonight?” He whispered, nuzzling into my neck. I smiled and shrugged nonchalantly, “All of them plus any willing wives I suppose. So that makes twenty.” Nathan moaned softly and his finger became more frantic. I was getting wet and started feeling hazy but kept applying my make-up and ignoring him, which seemed to spur him on even more so. He started pulling me closer to him so I could feel his penis hardening against my ass. It was then that I told him to stop otherwise besides being denied by every woman all night; I’d also have him caged. I felt him grow harder from the threat but he obliged and let me finish getting ready uninterrupted.


It’s the middle of winter here at the moment, so despite my sexy attire when we first arrived at the party I looked like this and didn’t get noticed. Apparently I hadn’t read the invitation properly, and this event was supposed to occur in phases. Stage 1 everyone arrives in regular casual clothes, Stage 2 get acquainted with everyone, Stage 3 people who are feeling horny are to retire to one of the rooms to change clothes or just remove clothes all together and then Stage 4 start fucking. Cue for the big reveal when I took off my coat and a group of men made a bee-line straight for me: “Hi I’m Mark” “Hi I’m Matt” “Hey I’m…??” Ok I’ll be honest, I can’t remember everyone’s names, but since I skipped Stages 1 and 2, I was the last to arrive and considered the first up for action, which meant everyone who was bored with small talk made their way over.


Little cuck gave me a kiss on the cheek and squeezed my hand before making his way to a quiet corner of the room near the nibbles and drinks, where he could watch me from afar. I sat down in a big leather armchair and one of the guys immediately knelt down by my side. “Are your tits real?” Before I could respond he had his hand down my dress and gently gave my breast a squeeze. “They are!” he exclaimed and proceeded to pull down the front of my dress so he could suck on it. One of the other guys knelt down next to him and started sucking and playfully biting the other one. I closed my eyes and sank back in the chair further as one of them put his hand between my legs, slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb. I opened my eyes again and saw another guy standing to my right, jerking off. I called him over and took his cock in my mouth. It wasn’t overly huge so I was able to deep throat him quite comfortably. I could see Nathan tugging away in his little corner at the sight of me with 3 men. For some reason I was also still the only woman that had progressed to the clothing optional stage, which meant I was still getting the most attention. One of the guys sucking on my breast stopped so that he could start eating me out, and as soon as he moved another man came and picked up right where he left off. Behind him another man was approaching and stood behind the guy I was sucking off like he was waiting in line. I beckoned him closer and allowed both men to fuck my mouth simultaneously.


Keeping track? That’s 5 guys on me right now. Cuck has already cum in his little corner.


Turned out the guy going down on me was bi, so he paused momentarily to gesture to another man to fuck him while he was licking my pussy. This made him all the more ravenous and as he clenched hard on my thighs, I started imagining how perfect it would be if it was actually my sweet cuck’s face buried deep between my legs, getting his virgin ass fucked and filled by one of my bulls. I started cumming hard. When I finished the guy’s took that as their sign to remove my dress and start fucking me while my pussy was as slick and wet as it was ever going to be. I had my stockinged legs propped up on the arms of the chair, as the first guy fucked me I sucked on the cock of the second. When the second started fucking me I took the cock of the third in my mouth to keep him hard until it was his turn. It was at that point, Nathan came over to assist (and give my jaw a break).


After allowing all 5 men to fuck me I needed to take a serious breather. Sex is still hard work even if you’re basically just lying back with your legs in the air doing nothing. Little cuck dutifully knelt in front of me and asked if he could lick me clean. I nodded, still breathing heavily and kept my hand on his head, gently stroking his hair. After a while he perched on the arm of the chair next to me and gave me a deep kiss, “Thank you.” He whispered and gave me a hug.


We sat together quietly, watching the other couples having sex. I noticed one woman was still standing with a glass of wine in her hand, clothes on and watching one of the men intently. She caught my gaze and smiled shyly before coming over. We introduced ourselves to her and I asked why she wasn’t joining in. “Oh I guess I’m like Nathan, I don’t really play I get off more on watching my husband with other women while I just sit back all…” She trailed off and started to blush. “I want to say neglected but I don’t want you to think I’m weird.” Nathan and I started laughing, and explained how he’s my cuckold. Turns out we had met a real life cuckquean! As someone who can make myself wet with little to no stimulation, I suddenly understood how baffling it must be to bulls who meet Nathan, and I wanted to ask her all the questions we had been asked before. “What do you mean you only want to watch?” “But don’t you like sex?” “How are you not as horny as I am when there are 10 decent sized cocks just aching to get inside you right this minute!?”


Before I could ask any questions she blurted out, “I’d really love to go down on you after you fuck my husband.” She started blushing again and I felt such an affinity towards her the same way I feel affection to my cuck when I’m with another man and can see him longing and lusting for me. I agreed conditionally, “I’m really determined to fuck every man here so if it’s ok with you and him, I’ll leave him until last and he can cum inside me. You can go down on me and lick all his cum and Nathan can go down on your husband and suck all my cum off his dick. What do you think?” She nodded, “Ok deal I’ll go tell Martin.” When she was out of earshot, Nathan and I giggled over the weird cuckolding circle we’d gotten into. Does this make me a bull too? I asked Nathan if after tonight if I masturbate, am I technically fucking a bull which means I’m self-cuckolding him? He smirked and said no because a female bull is a cow so I’d just be a cow patty – I gave him a whack over the head. A perverse part of me wanted to see the two cucks fuck, but he’d already cum once tonight so I knew chances were he wasn’t going to get hard again.


I felt suddenly energised and motivated to fuck the remaining four men so I could make my way to Martin. I didn’t want to waste time with any more foreplay, so when I saw guy number six lying on his back while another woman was sitting on his face, I promptly lowered myself on his hard upright cock before anyone else did. I could hear him moaning and felt his hips thrusting upwards as he wanted me to go faster. The woman sitting on his face turned around to kiss me while she started cumming which made me cum all over again as well. I figured this counted as sex because two people had cum so I hopped off and went in search of the next guy (I know cruel to leave a guy hanging but his face was enveloped by pussy so he never knew it was me).


Guy number seven had just finished smoking on the balcony and was coming inside. I was just about to call out to him when one of the other guys from before grabbed my waist and started fingering me from behind. “Mmm I need a second taste of you.” He knelt down and started eating out my ass as guy number seven walked off in the opposite direction. Argh! But guy number eight walked past so I winked and asked if he wanted to fuck me. He smiled, “Looks like you’re already taken though?” I shook my head, and started tugging on his cock which was growing thicker as well as longer the more I touched it. I told the other guy to come around to the front so I could get on all fours and suck him off while number eight fucked me. They took turns spit-roasting me from both ends until they both eventually came and I went off in search of guy number nine and seven.


Nathan came along to search with me and also fend off any other guys, but it looked like we were too late. Both couples had left the party! I wasn’t disappointed for too much longer because Martin and his wife had found us. Rather than going back into the main living room we ducked into one of the bedrooms so we could fuck uninterrupted. The two little cucks sat next to each other as Martin and I started making out on the bed. He was already hard and I was already wet. He lay down and I started grinding on top of him, making sure both cucks had the perfect view before I reached behind and slid his thick cock into me. I started rocking back and forth slowly, as he moved his hips to match my rhythm. He then sat up and flipped me so I was on my back and he was on top, jack-hammering into me while staring intently at his wife. “Look at you, you’re so fucking pathetic. I’d never bareback you like this, you disgust me.” He then turned to me, “Have you ever seen such a hideous woman in all your life? This is why I have to fuck other women because every time I look at her my dick goes soft. I only married her because she’s rich and she’s too stupid to figure out I’m using her.” I mumbled a reply but internally I was thinking, “Jesus Christ this dude is fucking harsh, am I this mean to Nathan?” No wonder men who have never been bulls before think it’s weird, even though I know it’s all role play I wanted to punch this guy in the face for being such an asshole. I looked over at Nathan and could see he was frowning slightly too and wasn’t even touching himself, so I knew it was riling him up a bit as well. Martin kept going, “You know I only fuck her mouth while she’s wearing a paper bag over her head? This is why you were a virgin until you met me because no one in their right mind would fuck you.” Ok this was officially odd but goddamn he was such a good fuck and she was knuckle deep inside herself so I guess she was enjoying herself too. Martin sat up and lifted me so I was straddling him with my legs wrapped around his waist, he then looked over my shoulder at his wife, “Don’t you fucking cum before I do you dumb slut or I’ll hit you across your fat fucking face in front of everyone!” Nathan was on his feet, “Oi calm down mate!” Martin ignored him, my heart started pounding and I could tell things were going to go bad very quickly so I tightened my grip on his cock and pretended to cum knowing Nathan wouldn’t do anything in this moment, and Martin followed cumming inside me, which at this point was not as hot as I thought it would be.


Nathan’s face was dark with anger but he still stood silently waiting for me to get off the bed. I signaled to him it was ok and not to do anything, “Thanks Martin that was great but I didn’t realise how late it was and we have to go now.” “Ohh but Carole was looking forward to cleaning you up.” He said softly, almost like he was a different person. I apologised again and dragged Nathan out who still had his fists clenched.


We left the party feeling the opposite to the excited high that we’d started off the night. On the drive home I asked Nathan if I ever said anything that harsh to him, and he shook his head vehemently. “No you call me a faggot and pathetic or whatever, but I can still tell you don’t really mean it. That douche said he was going to hit his wife and he sounded serious. I know she was getting off on all of it but it still seemed more real compared to when we do it.” I nodded but kept wondering what it was that made Martin’s comments seem so out of line. Maybe because Carole looked at him with so much love and adoration and it was such an extreme juxtaposition? Definitely not how I was expecting the night to turn out, but if I was going to extract any positives it was an eye-opener into other cuck couples who are into humiliation, as well as finally having some semblance of understanding what bulls have to listen to and how strange it can appear as an outsider. Oh and the start of the night, getting gangbanged by half the men at once was a damn hot positive.



Patty xx


To all the bulls out there or wannabe bulls, does the humiliation and emasculation aspect of cuckolding appeal or like Nathan and I, freak you out? Curious as always to hear your perspectives!


Sunday Session: Jay the virgin

I know I haven’t posted a Sunday Session in a while, so this one’s extra special: the time I cucked Nathan with a virgin.

Normally I only choose bulls my age or older, but there was something so endearing about Jay’s PM to me I couldn’t help but respond with interest. He was 19, never had a girlfriend and intrigued by the idea of Nathan letting other men have sex with his girlfriend. I get messages like this quite often, usually it’s someone yelling down from their moral high horse, but this was the first time the disbelief genuinely came from someone who couldn’t understand why he couldn’t even get a woman yet here was another man who was happy to share his girlfriend around.

After a bit of back and forth, Jay very awkwardly asked if I would consider fucking him. If he wasn’t a virgin he was playing the part very convincingly, so even though he was at the time 8 years younger, part of me loved the thought of taking someone’s virginity. I also imagined the level of humiliation for Nathan, for me to cuckold him with a boy who had even less sexual experience than him. Plus I peeked at the pictures in Jay’s gallery and he was cute with a huge dick, which is all I ever ask for.

That night, Nathan begged to go down on me while I described all the things I was going to do to Jay and let him do to me. I was so very tempted, but felt like saving myself for Jay… Well for 3 days anyway. Instead I gave my cuck a handjob, tugging away at his little penis and when his breathing quickened and he started the usual moans before he came, I let go. His eyes opened in shock as his penis swelled a little, dribbled a pathetically small amount of cum before collapsing completely into a ruined orgasm. I kissed him on the forehead and went to sleep while he cleaned himself up.

I normally dress extremely slutty for my bulls, but for Jay I felt like he needed a level of normalcy that wouldn’t make him think he’d just hired a prostitute. So I wore a summery blue cotton dress with little white flowers all over and underneath I wore a white lace corset that was completely see through over my breasts and a white g-string that had a big pink bow on the back. When Jay arrived he brought a bottle of red wine and some flowers. I thought it was adorable but I could see my little cuck’s face growing uncomfortable, as Jay openly flirted as if he was courting me to be his girlfriend.

I quickly moved us to the bedroom and Jay sat on the bed looking extremely nervous. I sat next to him and kissed him slowly, while cuck sat in his usual corner. “I’ve been watching some cuckold porn since you told me this is what you’re into, did you want me to say stuff to embarrass Nathan and stuff?” I laughed and told him to just ignore my little cuckold and pretend he wasn’t even there. I looked over and my little cuck was pulling on his penis furiously at what I’d just said or maybe it was because I laughed or maybe because I was about to fuck someone who’d only ever seen pussy in porn.

Jay and I made out for a while before he shyly put his hand up my dress and slipped a couple of fingers inside me. I moaned, which spurred him on even more as he pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top whilst still maintaining speed. I stopped him when I felt I was getting close and told him to take his clothes off.  He kneeled back on the bed, unzipped his pants and revealed a deliciously thick 8 – 9 inch cock that I immediately started sucking on, my ass sticking out with its pretty bow in Nathan’s direction. Jay couldn’t contain himself any longer and came in my mouth after about 5 seconds of oral. Little cuck came over to kiss me but I’d already swallowed it all.

Jay went red and apologized profusely for cumming so quickly, promising I’d only have to wait another 10 minutes and he’d be ready to go again. I forgot that was the benefit with fucking younger guys, some of them have the stamina to cum more than once in an hour. I let Jay give me his first ever attempt at head and it was amazing. I could feel his tongue and fingers pressing and feeling in me, half trying to get me off and half testing to see what would happen if he flicked his tongue a particular way or increased/decreased speed.

In my haze I looked over at Nathan who was mouthing, ‘take off your dress!’ I winked at him and turned my attention back to Jay. I lifted his head up from my pussy and told him to lie on his back. I sat on his semi-soft cock, and rocked back and forth a bit as I lifted my dress up over my head to reveal my white lace corset. Jay reached up immediately to feel my breasts and I could feel him growing hard instantly. I continued to tease him, grinding on to his cock and sitting completely upright so he could only run his hands over my body. I then took his now hard cock in my hand and directed it into me, lowering myself slowly onto it before I started to quicken my motion. I paused momentarily to turn around and ride him in reverse as I faced Nathan who had already cum and was watching me with intensity, biting his lip. All of a sudden I felt Jay’s hands lift me up off his cock and he pulled me forward so that he could eat my ass. I was on all fours and moaning as his tongue moved in and out of me. He then stopped and sat up, “I want to try doggy, is that ok?” I nodded and told him to do whatever he wanted to me. Jay however, didn’t quite know that doggy and anal aren’t synonymous and proceeded to force all thick, 8 unlubricated inches into me. Anyone who’s experienced that before knows it’s not the nicest surprise but little cuck sprung into action and as Jay pulled out a bit, squeezed a big amount of lube on his cock so it started to slide in with a bit more ease. Cuck then lay on his back underneath me so that he could lick my pussy while occasionally glancing at the massive cock penetrating my ass.

It didn’t take long before Jay started breathing heavily and grunting. I let him cum in my ass and told Nathan to remain in position so that when Jay pulled out, his cum would dribble on my little cuck’s face which he gratefully lapped up. As we got dressed, Jay thanked me profusely and said it’s definitely something he’d never forget. I gave him a quick debrief on what doggy ACTUALLY is and he went on his way. My naughty cuck then revealed while I was getting my ass pounded on all fours and he was lying underneath me, he took some photos and a short video on his phone. We spent the rest of the night in bed (seeing as I couldn’t sit properly) flicking through the photos and watching the video. I probably wouldn’t fuck another virgin but I’ve since opened up my age range to younger guys because like I tell my cuck, they just have the stamina to keep me satisfied in ways he never could.

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Sam

Early Sunday Session post for you all because I’m away this weekend and won’t have a chance to put one up. Hope you enjoy x

Every now and then I indulge myself in a bull that may not actually have any interest in being a bull, ie. They could care less if I tell Nathan or not about what we do. They just want to fuck without him there, end of story. Sam contacted me online wanting to hook up and even had a specific fantasy: I’d come to his shop near closing time, we’d fool around a bit when customers weren’t looking and then he’d have his way with me out the back. I wasn’t that interested until he mentioned that he worked for a sex shop, and when he said he wanted to take me out back, he meant into the adjoining porno cinema. To top it off he had a fetish for pantyhose and promised the fucking of a lifetime if I arrived wearing them.

I told Nathan I was going to meet with Sam, teasing him that maybe we’d end up in the porno cinema before closing time and I’d end up being gang banged by all the customers while he was sitting at home completely unawares. Or maybe he’d be on his laptop, jerking off to some cuckold porn when he’d come across a live stream of me in the cinema… Nathan begged me to let him watch me with Sam, but I knew Sam wouldn’t be into it so I devised a plan. We’d both drive down together, I’d go into the shop first and shortly after Nathan would enter, pretending to be a customer just browsing but secretly watching me flirting with Sam. Then as the shop closed, little cuck would wait for me in the car. All of this was on the condition that he’d wear his cage so that he wouldn’t arouse suspicion by walking around with a little erection in his pants (although I’m sure he wouldn’t be the first person walking around a sex shop with a boner).

Sam’s next shift was a Friday night and as planned, little cuck and I drove to the shop together. I was wearing my stockings as promised, along with a short black dress that rode up to expose the lacey tops on my stockings as I walked around. When I arrived, Sam was chatting with a customer at the register so I gave him a quick wave and smile and pretended to look at some massage oils. As soon as the customer left, Sam raced over gave me a hug and kiss on the lips, “I’m so glad you came, you look so hot in those stockings.” He whispered, then bent down and felt my legs from ankle to thigh. He kissed me again, keeping an eye on the door and a hand up my skirt squeezing my ass. Right on cue, Nathan walked in and Sam stopped immediately, launching into a detailed explanation about the ingredients in the massage oils we were standing in front of. I frowned at my cuck, and he quickly walked off to the far corner of the store, browsing through the DVDs and keeping his head down.

Sam gestured for me to follow him to a different aisle where he kissed me again, this time while fingering me. I turned around so that he would be facing the wall and wouldn’t see Nathan watching us. He bobbed down and stuck his head under my dress, pushing my panties to the side and gave me a quick licking. His hands running up and down my legs simultaneously. Sam was right, wearing stockings made him completely ravenous and animalistic and I was getting off on how taboo and naughty it felt knowing we might get caught by a customer walking through the door at any minute. Kinda like being in high school and fooling around while listening to hear if your parents have come home. I looked up and could see Nathan staring at us, biting his lip and white knuckling the DVD he was holding.

The door chime went off as a customer walked through, and just as before Sam went automatically into customer service mode, maintaining the utmost professional demeanour even with his chin and lips very noticeably shiny with my pussy juices. Within the hour a couple more customers wandered in and out of the shop, Sam was getting more forward and riskier with touching me and sneaking a kiss here and there. Truthfully I was dripping wet from a combination of the excitement, the fact that it was the most drawn out foreplay I’ve ever experienced and knowing that Nathan was still standing in his little corner watching every time Sam slipped his tongue or fingers inside me, like a dirty little voyeur.

Five minutes until close, and Sam asked Nathan who was now the last person in the store, to leave. I winked at him as he gave me a shy smile before walking out the door. Sam quickly closed off the register, pausing occasionally to feel my legs. When he finished, he led me to the rear of the store and into the porno cinema. Eh it wasn’t what I imagined and there were a few too many scrunched up tissues on the ground for my liking, but I settled in one of the couches as Sam knelt in front of me and let his tongue go to work while I watched a woman get spit-roasted by two guys on screen. I was close to cumming so I pulled Sam’s head up and asked him to fuck me. I turned around in the seat so that I was facing backwards with my ass sticking out. Again Sam ran his hands up and down my legs a few times before sinking his cock into me. My moans were echoed by the woman on screen as he started to quicken his pace. I clenched the back of the sofa as I started to cum. Sam quickly reached around to finger me to the finish as he pulled out and came all over my stockinged legs. It really was like high school, over as soon as it began but we both came, and the hour long tease beforehand had left us well and truly spent.

I was pondering keeping my stockings on for little cuck to lick clean or removing them because they were sticky with cum and it wasn’t the nicest feeling through the nylon. But Sam had already decided he wanted to lick his cum off my legs, finishing up with his mouth on my pussy. As I sank back into my seat enjoying the sensation of his tongue thrusting in and out of me and hands perpetually running up and down my legs. I looked at my phone to check the time and was surprised to see over an hour had passed since the store closed. Guess it wasn’t a high school style quickie after all. After I came for the second time I told Sam it was getting late and I had to leave. He thanked me for helping fulfill his fantasy and offered to walk me back to my car, which I politely declined for obvious reasons.

When I got back to my car, my little cuck was still patiently waiting for me  – although I could see he had made a bit of a mess in his pants. No doubt after he left the shop his imagination had taken over of what was happening in the cinema. I let him out of his cage, and licked the dribble of cum off his little penis. I started the car and gave him permission to jerk off as I told him all about my escapades with Sam on the drive home.

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Dimitri

I met Dimitri last week but have been chatting to him for about a month, through work. He runs a small industry magazine that I wanted to publish a press release in and negotiate some cheap advertising, so I amped up the flirting and girlish giggles but he was just as equally charming (as sales people tend to be) so our phone calls often ended up being more personal than business. I teased Nathan about how I was openly flirting at work with everyone within earshot, and then told him to go down on me as I thought about Dimitri.

There were a few times we were supposed to meet but something always came up and we ended up cancelling. Until last week when I agreed to meet him after work on Friday evening at his office, yes it was unusual, yes I knew we were going to be completely alone and yes I knew it was highly likely I was going to fuck him. The Friday morning I made sure Nathan paid attention to what I was going to wear to work – little black dress that wasn’t short but did show off my cleavage, sheer stockings, black lace bra and no underwear. He kissed me all over and begged me to try and take some photos for him to look at later.

The day flew by and soon I was knocking on Dimitri’s office door. I had imagined in my head that he looked stereotypically Greek (purely because his name was Dimitri) and from his stories that he was in his 40s. And of course I fantasised he had a big thick 9 inch cock with massive balls to match. When he opened the door, I was surprised to see he did look exactly as I imagined but so much taller, my head just reached his chest! He didn’t shake my hand and instead gave me a big bear hug, pressing me hard against his body and every ounce of will power had to keep me from running my hands down his back to squeeze his ass. “My dear I’m so glad you came, come inside and let me give you the tour.” I followed Dimitri in and politely listened as he showed me around his little office space, chatting about the industry and how business was starting to get tough, I was starting to think maybe nothing was going to happen, until we got to his office.

It was pretty bare except for a massive desk, whiteboard and a little 2 seater sofa. Dimitri sat down and patted the seat next to him for me to join, “You look a lot prettier than I imagined. Do I look like what you imagined?”  I bit my lip and nodded, admitting he was a lot taller and joked that it’s good we were sitting because I didn’t have to stretch my neck. Dimitri smiled and moved closer to me, “Plus it makes it easier if I was going to kiss you… Would you like me too?” I didn’t even respond I just leant forward and kissed him, both my hands on either side of his face. Still kissing him, I moved so that I could sit on his lap and straddle him. Grinding into his cock that I could feel growing harder, while unbuttoning his shirt. He was rubbing my stockinged legs, and eventually moved his hands up under my dress. “No panties? Bad girl…” I sat up a bit so that he could put two fingers inside me and continued to kiss him, fiercely. “I knew I was going to fuck you…” I murmured between kisses, “But before you do, I want your cock in my mouth and I want you to take photos of me savouring every inch of it.” He smiled through the kisses, “Oh I’m pretty sure I can oblige with that.” I got off his lap to get my phone as he unzipped his pants.

His cock wasn’t as long I was hoping for, but he had a nice thick head that was already glossy with pre-cum. I licked my lips and got onto my knees handing him the phone. I took long slow sucks, and licked it from the base to the head, while Dimitri took photos for me to send to my little cuck. He handed me back the phone saying we’d played enough and now he wanted to fuck me. I was about to put my phone away, but instead decided to call Nathan so that he could listen to Dimitri fucking me. I was already wet at the thought of him listening and jerking off to the sounds of me getting fucked and filled. After I called him, I put the phone face down on the floor and stood up, to have Dimitri lift my dress over my head. He kissed me again, moving down kissing my chest, my breasts, my stomach and then gently sucked on my clit. I leaned back against the desk, legs spread, and moaned, pressing his head into me, feeling his tongue lapping up all my juices.

He got up and told me to turn around and bend over, keeping my legs spread with my palms face down on the desk. I felt him tracing his cock between my legs, and begged him to fuck me. He grabbed my hips then gave a small grunt before thrusting into me, hard and fast. We were both screaming and moaning in ecstasy, then he slapped my ass and that was enough to make me start cumming. I could feel my juices trickling down my inner thigh as Dimitri started to slow. When I finished he told me to turn around and lie on my back so that he could see his cock entering me from the front. I obliged and he grabbed my legs, pulling them towards him as he started thrusting in me again. I was in a hazy bliss enjoying the feeling of his thick head sliding in and out of me, when he suddenly started gasping, “Ahh I’m cumming, I’m going to cum inside you!” He increased speed and threw his head back as he emptied his load in my pussy.

Dimitri was breathing heavily, and pulled his cock out of me. He told me to stay in position so that he could take photos of my creaming pussy full of cum for himself so that he could jerk off to them later. When he finished, he started licking me up “Mmm your pussy is heaven I could lick you forever.” I didn’t want to tell him that clean up was Nathan’s job, so I just let him continue until I had another mini orgasm.

We got dressed and I checked my phone, it was still going so I whispered “love you” and hung up. Dimitri didn’t hear, but he did notice me smiling and assumed it was because of a job well done. We made out again for a while before I decided it was time to leave. As much as I had fun with Dimitri, I was much more interested in seeing my little cuck’s reaction to having listened in to my after work session. Sure enough as soon as I got home, Nathan was all over me, kissing me and telling me how hot it was listening in on the other end. Visualising Dimitri’s cock entering and stretching my pussy beyond what his soft little penis ever could. I showed him the photos I took on my phone, and as I did I received a message from Dimitri, thanking me for coming over and a video of him jerking off after looking at the pics he took of his cum dripping out of my pussy. That was enough to make my little cuck blow in his pants. A sure sign of a hot encounter, and a nice reminder to Nathan as to why I prefer fucking other men.

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Domenic & Julian

I didn’t have time to post a Sunday Session last weekend AND I was late this weekend, so I thought I’d make up for it by posting a special one tonight about the time I cucked Nathan with two guys at the same time.

Julian and Domenic were twin brothers who shared everything, including especially pussy. I met Domenic first and quickly arranged for him to come over on a long weekend coming up. After about a week of texting back and forth, he brought up the idea of having a threesome and if it was something I was into he could arrange for someone to join us. Specifically, his brother Julian. I was hesitant because truthfully, I really don’t enjoy threesomes. Maybe I fall into the category of “I just haven’t had a good one yet”, but every experience I’ve had, the extra person is in the way, I never know who to focus on, and it just seems really messy and disorganized. So I politely told Domenic it seemed like a nice idea, but I wasn’t into threesomes. He texted back asking if instead of a threesome, Julian just sat outside in the living room with Nathan and waited his turn. My deviant mind immediately thought of my little cuck. How deliciously humiliating would it be for him, not only sitting in the living room having to listen to his girlfriend having sex – but sitting on the couch next to the guy who would be fucking her next! I told Domenic I was on board.

I told Nathan about Domenic and Julian, and how I expected him to be at their beck and call for whatever they needed throughout the night. He was to sit and listen to what they wanted to do to me, compliment and commend them on their ability to stay hard and fuck me with their much bigger, thicker cocks and if one of them needed a fluffer, he would get on his knees and suck them off. And under no circumstances was he to touch himself. If he was able to follow the rules then I would reward him by letting him cum after they had left.

Domenic and Julian had a thing for slutty school girls, so I wore a navy blue tartan skirt with a sheer white top and white knee high socks. I felt a bit cliché but after seeing Nathan’s facial expression as I was getting ready, I knew I looked good. I kissed him and let him put his hand up my skirt to squeeze my ass and reminded him it was going to belong to two men tonight. Just then there was a knock at the door, and little cuck sprung into action. Opening the door and welcoming Domenic and Julian in, offering them drinks and asking if they’d like to take a seat on the couch – acting just like a good subservient little cuck should. I made my entrance and sat right between the two boys, kissing both on the lips and placing my hands in both their laps. Nathan returned with the drinks, to find me with Domenic’s tongue down my throat and Julian’s hands under my top squeezing and massaging my breasts, while kissing the back of my neck. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes and could see he was struggling not to touch himself. I winked at Domenic and whispered to him we should move into the bedroom, but he tugged me back. “I want to fuck you here on the couch while Jules and your boyfriend watch.” Straight away, Julian got up and sat on the opposite couch next to Nathan, and started rubbing his cock through his pants.

I straddled Domenic, grinding into his lap and kissing his face as he removed my top and skirt so that I was completely naked with the exception of my white knee high socks. I felt obliged to put on a show for my little audience, so I moaned loudly and arched my back to stick my chest out, which Domenic couldn’t help but take as a sign to lick and suck on my nipples. Once he was completely worked up, I turned around so that I was facing Nathan and Julian on the opposite couch and lowered myself onto Domenic’s cock. Moving slowly so they could clearly see it going in and out of me. Little cuck was beside himself, seeing all my pussy juices running down Domenic’s cock and not being allowed to lick it up.

It didn’t take long for Domenic to cum, but when he did Julian was straight to me. I didn’t even see him take his pants off but he had my on the floor on all fours and started fucking me from behind. Julian definitely enjoyed taking me in front of Nathan, and asked if he was that much of a loser to let two strangers fuck his girlfriend, in his own house while he watched on. Cucky was sweating and biting his lip but was finally tipped over the edge when Julian looked him dead in the eye and said, “Watch me cum inside your girlfriend, faggot.” I came. Julian came. Nathan was fumbling to undo his pants, only able to give his penis two little tugs but it was already a dribbling ruined orgasm.

I was well and truly spent. I lay on the floor next to Julian and Domenic came down to lie on the other side of me, both men just lightly running their fingers up and down my body. Nathan cleaned himself up and returned to the living room and sat patiently. Julian sat up and I could feel him gently putting his fingers in my pussy, “You know I’m curious to see what it looks like to see another man eat my cum.” He looked at Nathan and pointed to me, “I want you to lick your girlfriend clean until I decide it’s acceptable.” Domenic looked a bit worried that maybe Julian was going too far, but it was perfect! Nathan was still sitting on the couch so I motioned him with my finger, “Don’t make Julian ask you twice my little cuck…” Straight away he was on all fours, his face between my legs and licking frantically. Julian watched on, pointing every so often to tell him he missed a spot until he was satisfied and ordered Nathan to stop.

That was the first time I cucked Nathan with two men at the same time and it was more fun than I thought it would be. I hooked up with Julian a few more times after that because he really enjoyed playing the role of the bull, but Domenic felt it was a bit too weird to do again. I haven’t had another time with more than one man since then but it’s definitely something I’d like to do in future, maybe with three to four men, one after the other while little cucky watches.

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Mark

The biggest and thickest cock I’ve ever had was Mark. Even now as I type this, I’m biting my bottom lip and feeling tingles as I remember him. We met online via the adult dating site I use for most of my hookups. Normally I take the self-described penis size with a grain of salt, ie when the guy writes 7.5 inches, he’s probably more like 6 inches. So when I saw Mark had described his cock as 11 inches and very thick, I shrugged it off figured he’d be a nice 9 (which is more than enough anyway). Truthfully I was more captivated by his profile pic. He had a beautiful olive complexion, dark hair and typically Mediterranean features with the smug, cheeky smile of someone who knows they’re going to fuck you. And to really ice the cake he was an experienced bull! He loved being watched while fucking, was happy to do a once off hookup and wasn’t put off at all by any emasculating talk I’d throw at Nathan.

Unfortunately finding a time to actually meet Mark proved harder than expected. He couldn’t do nights because he had to look after his kid, which meant he could only meet up during the day – when I’m working. Not being able to fuck him was driving my sexual frustration to the point that I completely cut Nathan off and kept him in locked in chastity. If I couldn’t have sex, then neither could he. On days when I couldn’t bear the frustration, I’d take it out on Nathan, by riding him and rubbing myself on his cock cage until I came. If he dribbled out a little cum through through the bars, I’d wipe it with my finger and order him to swallow it. Luckily for my little cuck, he only had to wait 4 weeks before I happened to have a half day at work and seized the opportunity to invite Mark over.

I wore my absolute sexiest black dress. It was tight fitting and when the top part stretched over my breasts, it went see through, so naturally I didn’t wear a bra… Or underwear. I took a few photos of myself and sent them to Nathan, who was at work and trying to contain his erection under his desk (later he confessed he had to hide in the bathroom because it became too intense for him). When Mark arrived, I kissed him as soon as he walked in, and felt his hands running up and down my body. I didn’t stop kissing him, as I led him to the bedroom where he pushed me down on my knees. I slowly unzipped his pants and nearly died from shock. HE WAS HUGE! Not just his cock but his balls as well and he wasn’t even fully erect! I struggled to give him a blowjob because my mouth wasn’t deep or wide enough, even with both of my hands working on the base of his cock. He smirked the whole time, asking if I liked sucking his cock and if I’d be kissing my boyfriend with the same slutty mouth. I started fingering myself as I started sucking on his balls. He bent down and pushed my hand away, and told me I wouldn’t have to touch myself when I’m with him because unlike my cuck, he knew how to make women cum. He pulled me up off my knees and threw me down on the bed, spread my legs and shoved his tongue into me while slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb. Now at this point I have to let you know, Mark was a sloppy kisser. It felt like I was making out with a washing machine – but most of the time bad kisser translates to awesome oral. He took me right to the edge then stopped. He did this a couple of times until I was dripping wet, sensitive to touch and couldn’t take it any longer and demanded he fuck me.

I was so incredibly horny, I let him fuck me bareback. When he entered me it felt like I was being split open. I’m still not even sure if he was fully in me or only made it halfway in. He knew I was already close to cumming so he took slow deliberate strokes while sucking on my nipples, and after about 5 pumps I came hard. My body shuddered and I couldn’t stop gasping. I kept my legs wrapped around him so he couldn’t pull out just yet. But he was stronger than me, so he flipped me over onto my stomach while I was still recovering from my orgasm, then started fucking me hard and fast from behind. He reached forward and started playing with my clit as he fucked me until I came again, this time he came with me. Inside me. He kept my legs spread, reached for my phone and took photos for me to send to Nathan. Pictures of his used, dirty, whore girlfriend who spent the afternoon fucking a stranger and letting him cum in her, while he was at work.

When little cuck came home he spent the night with his face between my legs, trying to slurp out every last bit of Mark’s cum from my pussy. It was such a hot encounter, I dreamt about it for the next few nights and let Nathan fuck me, while I called out Mark’s name, over and over again…

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Dave

So I’ve decided to create a series of Sunday Sessions posts, where I can share the details of my hottest hookups with you all, every Sunday. Hopefully they’ll tantalise enough to keep you lusting well into the night…

I met Dave online via an adult dating site and we hit it off straight away. He described himself as bi-curious, had never been with a cuckold couple before but being a bull was something he’d fantasized about. I sent him a few topless pics and he sent back pics of his thick cock, erect to its full 8 inches – followed shortly by a video of him cumming to a pic of my breasts on his laptop screen. If there is one secret you must know about me, there’s something about seeing a guy cumming over photos of me that makes me absolutely weak at the knees. I suppose it’s the slutty version of making a girl feel special. I was creaming in my pants, so like any sensible girl would do I took them off, lay in the bed and called Nathan over to read my conversation with Dave out loud while I touched myself. When he was finished reading, I could see he was hard and told him to slowly lick my pussy until I came, whilst I texted Dave to organise a date to meet. Poor little cuck was desperate to blow his tiny load, but I made him promise not to until after I fucked Dave in a week’s time. If he was good, then maybe I’d let him fuck me… Maybe.

The night Dave was due to come over, I wore a tight, sexy blue dress with plunging neckline that emphasized the size of my breasts, paired with black patent leather heels. Nathan watched me getting ready all evening (as he always does), biting his lip and trying to find any excuse to touch me. I let him rub my clit over my g-string, to make sure I was wet and ready for Dave. Right on 8pm, there was a knock at the door. As soon as I opened it, Dave’s eyes widened and I knew he liked the dress. I invited him and he didn’t waste any time running his hands all over my body. He kissed my neck as I ran my fingers through his dark hair, when I suddenly remembered I hadn’t introduced Nathan. I brought him into the living room and Nathan shook his hand, and I could see he noticed the outline of Dave’s cock, bulging through his pants.

Dave took control of the situation straight away. He ordered little cuck onto his knees and told him to suck on the cock that was going to be fucking his girlfriend. I watched Nathan take Dave’s cock into his mouth, close his eyes and take long slow sucks, trying to fit as much of it in as he could. Dave then called me over and told me take my dress off. I slipped it over my head and did a little twirl in my heels, winking at him as I removed my bra and g-string. Immediately he pulled me to his side, shoving two fingers roughly inside me and sucked on one of my breasts. I was moaning loudly and could feel my pussy juices dripping down my inner thigh. Dave started to pull his fingers out and told Nathan to stop sucking his cock and start eating out his ass. He then made me kneel on our ottoman so that he could slide his cock between my tits. He put the two fingers that had been in my pussy, into my mouth. “Do you like how you taste?” I nodded and gently massaged his balls as he kept thrusting into my chest. For a first time bull I couldn’t help but be impressed at how well he was doing, giving Nathan all of the demeaning jobs like eating his ass, constantly reminding him not to cum because he doesn’t have the privilege.

Dave was finally satisfied that I was worked up enough for him and we moved to the bedroom. He made me bend over and place both palms flat on the bed and spread my legs, while little cuck was to lie on the floor between my legs so he could have a nice view of Dave’s cock fucking me from behind. As soon as Dave entered me I let out a loud moan. He was so.fucking.thick. I came after a few minutes and in my orgasm haze could hear Nathan moaning below, desperately trying not to cum himself. Dave slapped me on my ass and motioned for me to turn around. I was on the flat of my back and screaming again. He pounded me hard and fast while Nathan watched from the edge of the bed. I could see a few drops of cum escaping his little penis, as he bit his lip and kept his arms behind his back. I felt Dave start to tense the muscles in his back and sure enough he groaned “Fuck I’m cumming”, pulled out and blew all over my pussy before collapsing next to me in post-orgasmic bliss. I called little cuck over and ordered him to lick me clean. He slurped every last drop of Dave’s cum, but I could feel another wave of pleasure washing over me so I held his head there and told him not to stop. Dave lifted his head to start kissing me on the mouth while squeezing my breast with his hand. I came again for the second time and all over my little cuck’s face.

Dave and I lay in bed together, caressing each other’s bodies while Nathan patiently sat and waited on the floor. When it was finally time to call it a night, I took my time walking Dave to his car and kissing him good night, knowing that Nathan would still be waiting for me on the bedroom floor. When I came back into our apartment, my cuck was up and kissing me all over, complimenting my performance and asking how it was fucking someone with a cock that was so much bigger and thicker than his. His small penis was growing hard again and rubbing against me. Under normal circumstances I would have denied Nathan sex, allowing him only to jerk off, but I had such a great night with Dave I was feeling generous and decided to let him fuck me. As usual, he was finished within a minute. I didn’t mind though because I knew it would be a long time before I would let Nathan fuck me again.

So there you have it, the first Sunday Session! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, any details you’d like to hear more or less of next time? Or maybe share a steamy cuckolding encounter of your own 😉

Patty xx