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If a picture says a thousand words, hoping these few make up for at least half the posts I owe you.

Patty xx


Does It Count If It’s With A Girl?

Every now and then I get this itch that no man can scratch. It’s not often, maybe once a year or every couple of years but I recognise it instantly now – I want need to be with a woman. I wouldn’t say I’m bi-sexual by any means, because basically 99.99% of the time I will take cock over pussy. Seriously, cocks are awesome! They’re big and hard, don’t get UTIs just because you went swimming in over/under-chlorinated water or didn’t eat enough yoghurt, don’t get squelchy wet when you go near them and are generally the one part of a guys body without a 5 o’clock shadow. But it’s that 0.01% of the time I get butterflies when an exceptionally beautiful woman walks past and for some reason all I can think about is burying my face between her legs because… To hell with cock! My theory these days is because I use online dating websites so much to choose my bulls, I max out my creepy dude quota faster than the average person and so all of a sudden, women are starting to look kinda nice…

The first time I cucked Nathan with a woman, I thought it was going to be amazing. From an emasculation perspective, I thought it would be the ultimate way to enforce he’s that less of a man I would rather fuck a woman than him. From a small penis humiliation perspective, I thought it would really drive home that his penis is so small, I’d rather fuck a woman because I receive more pleasure from her clit rubbing against me. From a denial perspective, I thought it would be hot that he’s also denied from servicing her the same way he’d service my bulls because she was all for me.

However what I forgot was Nathan is still a pretty blokey guy (manly/masculine for the non-Australian readers) despite being a cuckold. So when I first raised it with him he was on board, not overly excited but definitely not underwhelmed. I set up the date as usual, with an absolutely stunning brunette in her early 20s who didn’t mind that Nathan would be in the room watching. She arrived at our place, chatted a bit on the couch before we made our way to the bedroom. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and within minutes clothes were flying and we were pressing our naked bodies together trying to grope and feel as much of the other one as we could. I thought it was going so well, I was getting my itch scratched and Nathan was getting the ultimate cuckolding by watching me with a woman. I was fucking a woman instead of him, how humiliating! Then I actually looked over at Nathan, and he was standing up wanking in the corner of the room with the same look on his face public masturbators have. That intense stare, with their lip curled up like they’re internally screaming “oooh yeah, fucking hot right here!” Then it finally dawned on me: He’s getting off on it because it’s girl-on-girl not because it’s cuckolding!

I was so mad at him, but I like to pride myself on a job well done so I made the Brunette cum a few times before sending her out the door and turning my attention to Nathan. “You’re a bad cuckold!” He shrugged and looked at me innocently, not understanding what I was talking about. “You were getting off on it for LESBIAN reasons not because of cuckolding! I saw your pervert face I know what you were thinking!” He shrugged again and said he thought that was the point of it, so I explained all my thoughts about how no in actual fact he should have been feeling pretty damn sexually humiliated. “Nah but it doesn’t count if it’s with a girl. Cocks or nothing, baby!” We argued a bit more and I was feeling pretty disheartened at my failed attempt, so I locked him in chastity for a few days so he couldn’t jerk off at the thought of me with the Brunette.

I’ve hooked up with a few more women since then, but now I use the same strategy as I do with my shyer bulls and keep Nathan on the otherside of the bedroom door to only listen in and not watch. I joke with the girl about how she’s so much better because Nathan’s so small and impotent I’d prefer her soft pussy any day of the week, and listen for the “Ahh omg!” coming through the door. He still believes he’s getting off because of the girl-on-girl aspect, but there’s no denying hearing him cumming at the exact moment I say that line. It’s nice to know that I can enjoy being with a woman, and my little cuck is still kept firmly in his place.

So what do you guys reckon? Can you cuck a cuck with a woman? I think my strategies working so far and if Nathan continues to deny that it is cuckolding, maybe two women with strap-ons spitroasting him would change his mind, but as always I’d love to hear your stories!

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Sam

Early Sunday Session post for you all because I’m away this weekend and won’t have a chance to put one up. Hope you enjoy x

Every now and then I indulge myself in a bull that may not actually have any interest in being a bull, ie. They could care less if I tell Nathan or not about what we do. They just want to fuck without him there, end of story. Sam contacted me online wanting to hook up and even had a specific fantasy: I’d come to his shop near closing time, we’d fool around a bit when customers weren’t looking and then he’d have his way with me out the back. I wasn’t that interested until he mentioned that he worked for a sex shop, and when he said he wanted to take me out back, he meant into the adjoining porno cinema. To top it off he had a fetish for pantyhose and promised the fucking of a lifetime if I arrived wearing them.

I told Nathan I was going to meet with Sam, teasing him that maybe we’d end up in the porno cinema before closing time and I’d end up being gang banged by all the customers while he was sitting at home completely unawares. Or maybe he’d be on his laptop, jerking off to some cuckold porn when he’d come across a live stream of me in the cinema… Nathan begged me to let him watch me with Sam, but I knew Sam wouldn’t be into it so I devised a plan. We’d both drive down together, I’d go into the shop first and shortly after Nathan would enter, pretending to be a customer just browsing but secretly watching me flirting with Sam. Then as the shop closed, little cuck would wait for me in the car. All of this was on the condition that he’d wear his cage so that he wouldn’t arouse suspicion by walking around with a little erection in his pants (although I’m sure he wouldn’t be the first person walking around a sex shop with a boner).

Sam’s next shift was a Friday night and as planned, little cuck and I drove to the shop together. I was wearing my stockings as promised, along with a short black dress that rode up to expose the lacey tops on my stockings as I walked around. When I arrived, Sam was chatting with a customer at the register so I gave him a quick wave and smile and pretended to look at some massage oils. As soon as the customer left, Sam raced over gave me a hug and kiss on the lips, “I’m so glad you came, you look so hot in those stockings.” He whispered, then bent down and felt my legs from ankle to thigh. He kissed me again, keeping an eye on the door and a hand up my skirt squeezing my ass. Right on cue, Nathan walked in and Sam stopped immediately, launching into a detailed explanation about the ingredients in the massage oils we were standing in front of. I frowned at my cuck, and he quickly walked off to the far corner of the store, browsing through the DVDs and keeping his head down.

Sam gestured for me to follow him to a different aisle where he kissed me again, this time while fingering me. I turned around so that he would be facing the wall and wouldn’t see Nathan watching us. He bobbed down and stuck his head under my dress, pushing my panties to the side and gave me a quick licking. His hands running up and down my legs simultaneously. Sam was right, wearing stockings made him completely ravenous and animalistic and I was getting off on how taboo and naughty it felt knowing we might get caught by a customer walking through the door at any minute. Kinda like being in high school and fooling around while listening to hear if your parents have come home. I looked up and could see Nathan staring at us, biting his lip and white knuckling the DVD he was holding.

The door chime went off as a customer walked through, and just as before Sam went automatically into customer service mode, maintaining the utmost professional demeanour even with his chin and lips very noticeably shiny with my pussy juices. Within the hour a couple more customers wandered in and out of the shop, Sam was getting more forward and riskier with touching me and sneaking a kiss here and there. Truthfully I was dripping wet from a combination of the excitement, the fact that it was the most drawn out foreplay I’ve ever experienced and knowing that Nathan was still standing in his little corner watching every time Sam slipped his tongue or fingers inside me, like a dirty little voyeur.

Five minutes until close, and Sam asked Nathan who was now the last person in the store, to leave. I winked at him as he gave me a shy smile before walking out the door. Sam quickly closed off the register, pausing occasionally to feel my legs. When he finished, he led me to the rear of the store and into the porno cinema. Eh it wasn’t what I imagined and there were a few too many scrunched up tissues on the ground for my liking, but I settled in one of the couches as Sam knelt in front of me and let his tongue go to work while I watched a woman get spit-roasted by two guys on screen. I was close to cumming so I pulled Sam’s head up and asked him to fuck me. I turned around in the seat so that I was facing backwards with my ass sticking out. Again Sam ran his hands up and down my legs a few times before sinking his cock into me. My moans were echoed by the woman on screen as he started to quicken his pace. I clenched the back of the sofa as I started to cum. Sam quickly reached around to finger me to the finish as he pulled out and came all over my stockinged legs. It really was like high school, over as soon as it began but we both came, and the hour long tease beforehand had left us well and truly spent.

I was pondering keeping my stockings on for little cuck to lick clean or removing them because they were sticky with cum and it wasn’t the nicest feeling through the nylon. But Sam had already decided he wanted to lick his cum off my legs, finishing up with his mouth on my pussy. As I sank back into my seat enjoying the sensation of his tongue thrusting in and out of me and hands perpetually running up and down my legs. I looked at my phone to check the time and was surprised to see over an hour had passed since the store closed. Guess it wasn’t a high school style quickie after all. After I came for the second time I told Sam it was getting late and I had to leave. He thanked me for helping fulfill his fantasy and offered to walk me back to my car, which I politely declined for obvious reasons.

When I got back to my car, my little cuck was still patiently waiting for me  – although I could see he had made a bit of a mess in his pants. No doubt after he left the shop his imagination had taken over of what was happening in the cinema. I let him out of his cage, and licked the dribble of cum off his little penis. I started the car and gave him permission to jerk off as I told him all about my escapades with Sam on the drive home.

Patty xx

The Perfect Bull

I’ve been tardy with my posts and completely negligent with my Sunday Sessions exploits and that’s because recently, I found the perfect bull.

My bull’s cock is a modest 7 inches but thick enough to make me both simultaneously want to cross my legs and cream. It’s black and gorgeous and when it was first unveiled the head glistened in the dim light of the bedroom. Beautifully proportioned, yet still too big for me to suck on properly to give him the oral he deserved. I licked the shaft and invited Nathan to come join me. The perfect bull for most cuckold couples is one who will not just let the little cuck watch but also partake in the foreplay. After all, little cuck should know his place is to satisfy the needs of both his partner and her bull.

Our bull was strong and silent, and his cock unwaveringly hard. Nathan was so turned on by the sight he put himself into chastity. It was one of the few times he did so without being instructed. I loved that he automatically knew he was the beta male to my bull. Nathan then lay me down on the bed and spread my legs for our bull. I kissed him on the forehead and he smiled shyly, biting his lip and slipping a few fingers inside me to make sure I was ready.

The bull’s cock ran up my inner thigh as I shuddered, bracing internally for him to enter me. He was gentle at first, slowly pushing into me and then stopping until I was ready to take more of him. Suddenly with one great thrust he was inside me and every part of my body tingled. My eyes were watering from being stretched by such a big cock. It was slightly painful, but as he moved in and out of me the pleasure quickly took over. I looked up and could see little cuck looking at me with complete adoration. “You could never fuck me like this.” I said between moans, and I meant it. I mentioned in my previous post about how I find emasculation talk fake and forced but not this time. It came naturally with each thrust of the bull’s cock. And yet another trait of the perfect bull, he wasn’t put off by the fact that I was yelling out obscenities and humiliating Nathan in front of him.

I turned around to get into the position for doggy and for the bull to finish me. He didn’t hold back like the first time and drove himself into me hard and fast. Little cuck reached around to finger my clit at the same time and after a minute I had an earth shattering orgasm followed by a few aftershocks. The bull withdrew his cock once I was done and I collapsed forward, with my head in my hands, heart pounding in my ears and ass in the air. I could feel my cum dripping down my thigh, and soon the soft little tongue of my cuck lovingly cleaning me up. It was a perfect bull experience.

But… I have a confession to make, my perfect bull is a strap-on I bought for Nathan to fuck me with all weekend long. He had a constant dribble of cum through the bars of his cock cage and I could barely walk afterwards. Needless to say, a strapon is not the same as feeling warm flesh pressed against your body, but holy fuck no one has ever made me cum that hard.

Patty xx

Emasculating Nathan

One of the more devious joys I get from cuckolding Nathan, is emasculating him privately and in public. Nothing thrills me more than ordering him to wear my pink g-string under his jeans when we’re about to go out, and then slyly lifting his top to expose his sissy secret. Nathan loves being humiliated for being a lesser man (hence why I cuckold him) so emasculation was an obvious progression. At first we kept all things emasculation in the bedroom. I’d tell him to wear my underwear and bra and parade around for me, asking what all his friends would think if they knew he was nothing more than a little sissy cuck. Or on occasion when I’d invite over a particularly dominant bull, Nathan would sit in the corner with one of my little pink dresses on, lips parted and ready to take the bull’s cock in his mouth.

However, I’m honestly not the greatest when it comes to dirty talk let alone verbal emasculation. I just feel like what I’m saying sounds really insincere and forced, especially when he asks me to humiliate him for having a small penis when he’s really not that small at all. So I make it work by getting more involved with physical than verbal emasculation. That’s not to say I never remind him that he’d never be able to satisfy me to extent my bulls do, but in this case actions definitely speak louder than words! Below are some examples of my interpretation of certain phrases that I feel I translate better into a physical emasculation:

Your cock is so small you’re basically a woman, so you might as well look like one.”

I apply my make up to him until I was satisfied. Long, thick mascara curled lashes, garish red lipstick and a hot pink blush. Then I’d take photos of him all dolled up and tease him asking which friend he’d like me to text the photos to first…

“Your penis is so small I’d never cum if I fucked you, and that’s why you deserve to be cuckolded.”

While I’m on my knees sucking on the big, thick cock of a bull I like to call Nathan over and have him hold his penis out as a comparison. Sometimes I take photos, sometimes the bull takes photos. Either way, Nathan knows he could never compete.

“I’d rather fuck a woman than you.”

I get him to wear my prettiest, laciest bra and then fuck me with a strap on. Sometimes I’ll apply makeup as well, just to really drive this point.

“You’re a pathetic sissy faggot and everyone can tell just by looking at you.”

Usually after or during a night when he’s acted as a fluffer for my bull, I’ll pull out a big black permanent marker and write ‘cock sucking slut’ across his chest. The next day is always fun when I make him wear a white t-shirt that isn’t quite see through, unless you’re really looking hard…

“I’m revoking your right to orgasm.”

I gave my favourite bull the key to his chastity cage.

I don’t truly get any sexual satisfaction from the actual sissification of Nathan, but I do from the power it gives me. Each time I do it, I’m transported back to that same feeling I had the very first time I cuckolded him. I’m in complete control and he follows my orders not because he fears me, but because he wants to be in complete supplication to me. Just like with cuckolding, when I emasculate Nathan the after effect is he’s more devoted and loving. I then end up wanting to push the boundaries further, which he again reflects back and we end up in a place of complete love and trust in each other that started off by me telling Nathan his penis might as well be a little clitoris. It’s weird but it works for us.

Do you emasculate or sissify your partner? Cuckold couples or non-cuckold couples alike, I’d love to hear your stories and experiences!

Patty xx

The Denial Twist

Orgasm denial is something Nathan and I have experimented with in varying ways throughout our relationship. Part of what turns him on as a cuckold (and no, not all cuckolds do this) is not just watching me fuck other guys but being actively denied sex with myself. It’s almost a holistic cuckolding experience for him to have me derive so much satisfaction from other men that I no longer need him for anything sexual. If I cut Nathan off completely, he would be in total bliss. At first it was really quite difficult for me to adjust to, because I have such a high sex drive and finding the balance between denying Nathan and keeping me satisfied was a bit of a sore point early on in our relationship. Since I started cuckolding Nathan from the beginning, it wasn’t so much that I was upset with the idea of him not wanting to have sex with me, more that I want sex nearly every day and finding other available men was a full time job that required too much time (until I discovered adult online dating websites, but that’s a post for another time).

At first, denying Nathan was as simple as not having sex with him. The longer I denied him, the more he wanted me and that kind of infatuation was intoxicating. He became more doting, more sweet on me and forever wanted to kiss me. Not to say that when we did/do eventually have sex that he becomes less interested in me, but it’s different when I deny him. His passion for me increases and I almost feel like I’m being worshipped. I’m his queen and he is my little cuck who would do anything for me.

After our first year together, Nathan mentioned wanting to try chastity by being locked in a cock cage. I think I mentioned in previous posts that I work in the science industry, so of course all I could think of was the potential physiological repercussions. It was one thing to not have sex for three months, but something completely different to physically restrain yourself from having an erection for three months. The body can be so easily conditioned, I didn’t want him to cause any permanent damage – especially if chastity was just a phase that he’d grow out of (pun intended). But he was sure a cock cage was something he wanted, he had seen it in some cuckold porn and read in a few forums about how it took orgasm denial to another level. I admit I did have a perverse curiosity as to how it all worked, so we decided to buy one together – complete with lock, key and a little anklet for myself to keep said key on.

When we returned home after our shopping expedition, I was surprised to find how excited I was to fit the cage on Nathan and see how it all worked. We ended up having to wait a few hours though because Nathan was just as excited to wear it and couldn’t contain his erection (pun not intended, but I’ll claim it!) So after an afternoon of thinking un-sexy thoughts, Nathan finally went soft and we fit the cage on him. For someone who’s never seen anything like this before, I found it really intriguing. I licked his penis through the bars, keen to see what would happen when he’d get erect. Sure enough he swelled up and his penis tried desperately to push itself free through the cage bars, but instead it just dribbled out a bit of cum and started to deflate again. Nathan was happy with the result and decided to keep it on for the rest of the night. And the next day… And the rest of the week.  I teased him to no end that week just for the sole purpose of seeing his little penis swell, dribble and go soft again in the cage.

I put him in chastity every now and then. Mostly on days when I would be hooking up with someone else, so that only I would get to have an orgasm that day and not him. Other times when we’d go out in public or meet up with friends. I’d tease him about how he would explain what he was wearing if he had to go to use a bathroom that only had urinals. And sometimes just on a whim I’d decide I wanted him to be kept locked up. The longest time I kept him in chastity was 5 weeks. However, after nearly a year, it became less enjoyable for him to wear. He did notice it was harder for him to maintain an erection when he wasn’t in chastity but also the novelty wore off and it wasn’t as exciting or taboo to wear anymore. Now we only use it when I invite over a particularly dom bull, who likes the idea of little cuck sitting in a corner of the bedroom in chastity.

So I’ve gone back to just denying Nathan, sometimes by refusing to have sex with him and sometimes by having sex until I cum and then telling him he’s not allowed to finish. It’s much easier to integrate this into part of our play, by maintaining that he’s only satisfying me in the interim between bulls or ‘keeping me in practice’. It’s simple but it works for us. The chastity cage was/is interesting for us to play with but I definitely think that the intrigue was in it being new and different more than anything. I can admit though, I’m secretly relieved he decided not to continue with wearing the chastity cage, because ultimately when he was denied then I was denied. But at least now we know what level is comfortable for us.

Tell me about your experiences being denied or being the person doing the denying! Do you simply abstain from sex or use a chastity cage? Did you talk about chastity or just whip out the cage one night? And for the cuckold couples out there, do you even include denying your partner as part of your play?

Also I highly recommend checking out the blog She Rules the Rooster for a much more comprehensive look at male orgasm denial and the blog Thrill of the Chaste to read about his experience with long term chastity.

Patty xx