Miss me?

If a picture says a thousand words, hoping these few make up for at least half the posts I owe you.

Patty xx


Swinger’s Party #2

If you read my previous post about swinger’s parties, you’d know I’m not a total fan of them. The whole idea of random people everywhere seems too disorganised and messy for me to actually be able to focus on having a good time. But in my increasing effort to up the ante and keep things interesting I decided to accept an invitation to a private party held last night. 10 couples and 5 single girls (on the cuckolding technicality, I was counted as one of the single girls).


I was surprised to find myself actually excited this time around and went all out to look my absolute sluttiest. Black lace-top stockings, shiny black patent leather heels, sheer navy blue dress and no bra or underwear. Whilst applying my make-up, Nathan entered the bathroom and started kissing the back of my neck, put an arm around my hips and slipped a finger between my legs, “How many guys do you think you’re going to fuck tonight?” He whispered, nuzzling into my neck. I smiled and shrugged nonchalantly, “All of them plus any willing wives I suppose. So that makes twenty.” Nathan moaned softly and his finger became more frantic. I was getting wet and started feeling hazy but kept applying my make-up and ignoring him, which seemed to spur him on even more so. He started pulling me closer to him so I could feel his penis hardening against my ass. It was then that I told him to stop otherwise besides being denied by every woman all night; I’d also have him caged. I felt him grow harder from the threat but he obliged and let me finish getting ready uninterrupted.


It’s the middle of winter here at the moment, so despite my sexy attire when we first arrived at the party I looked like this and didn’t get noticed. Apparently I hadn’t read the invitation properly, and this event was supposed to occur in phases. Stage 1 everyone arrives in regular casual clothes, Stage 2 get acquainted with everyone, Stage 3 people who are feeling horny are to retire to one of the rooms to change clothes or just remove clothes all together and then Stage 4 start fucking. Cue for the big reveal when I took off my coat and a group of men made a bee-line straight for me: “Hi I’m Mark” “Hi I’m Matt” “Hey I’m…??” Ok I’ll be honest, I can’t remember everyone’s names, but since I skipped Stages 1 and 2, I was the last to arrive and considered the first up for action, which meant everyone who was bored with small talk made their way over.


Little cuck gave me a kiss on the cheek and squeezed my hand before making his way to a quiet corner of the room near the nibbles and drinks, where he could watch me from afar. I sat down in a big leather armchair and one of the guys immediately knelt down by my side. “Are your tits real?” Before I could respond he had his hand down my dress and gently gave my breast a squeeze. “They are!” he exclaimed and proceeded to pull down the front of my dress so he could suck on it. One of the other guys knelt down next to him and started sucking and playfully biting the other one. I closed my eyes and sank back in the chair further as one of them put his hand between my legs, slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb. I opened my eyes again and saw another guy standing to my right, jerking off. I called him over and took his cock in my mouth. It wasn’t overly huge so I was able to deep throat him quite comfortably. I could see Nathan tugging away in his little corner at the sight of me with 3 men. For some reason I was also still the only woman that had progressed to the clothing optional stage, which meant I was still getting the most attention. One of the guys sucking on my breast stopped so that he could start eating me out, and as soon as he moved another man came and picked up right where he left off. Behind him another man was approaching and stood behind the guy I was sucking off like he was waiting in line. I beckoned him closer and allowed both men to fuck my mouth simultaneously.


Keeping track? That’s 5 guys on me right now. Cuck has already cum in his little corner.


Turned out the guy going down on me was bi, so he paused momentarily to gesture to another man to fuck him while he was licking my pussy. This made him all the more ravenous and as he clenched hard on my thighs, I started imagining how perfect it would be if it was actually my sweet cuck’s face buried deep between my legs, getting his virgin ass fucked and filled by one of my bulls. I started cumming hard. When I finished the guy’s took that as their sign to remove my dress and start fucking me while my pussy was as slick and wet as it was ever going to be. I had my stockinged legs propped up on the arms of the chair, as the first guy fucked me I sucked on the cock of the second. When the second started fucking me I took the cock of the third in my mouth to keep him hard until it was his turn. It was at that point, Nathan came over to assist (and give my jaw a break).


After allowing all 5 men to fuck me I needed to take a serious breather. Sex is still hard work even if you’re basically just lying back with your legs in the air doing nothing. Little cuck dutifully knelt in front of me and asked if he could lick me clean. I nodded, still breathing heavily and kept my hand on his head, gently stroking his hair. After a while he perched on the arm of the chair next to me and gave me a deep kiss, “Thank you.” He whispered and gave me a hug.


We sat together quietly, watching the other couples having sex. I noticed one woman was still standing with a glass of wine in her hand, clothes on and watching one of the men intently. She caught my gaze and smiled shyly before coming over. We introduced ourselves to her and I asked why she wasn’t joining in. “Oh I guess I’m like Nathan, I don’t really play I get off more on watching my husband with other women while I just sit back all…” She trailed off and started to blush. “I want to say neglected but I don’t want you to think I’m weird.” Nathan and I started laughing, and explained how he’s my cuckold. Turns out we had met a real life cuckquean! As someone who can make myself wet with little to no stimulation, I suddenly understood how baffling it must be to bulls who meet Nathan, and I wanted to ask her all the questions we had been asked before. “What do you mean you only want to watch?” “But don’t you like sex?” “How are you not as horny as I am when there are 10 decent sized cocks just aching to get inside you right this minute!?”


Before I could ask any questions she blurted out, “I’d really love to go down on you after you fuck my husband.” She started blushing again and I felt such an affinity towards her the same way I feel affection to my cuck when I’m with another man and can see him longing and lusting for me. I agreed conditionally, “I’m really determined to fuck every man here so if it’s ok with you and him, I’ll leave him until last and he can cum inside me. You can go down on me and lick all his cum and Nathan can go down on your husband and suck all my cum off his dick. What do you think?” She nodded, “Ok deal I’ll go tell Martin.” When she was out of earshot, Nathan and I giggled over the weird cuckolding circle we’d gotten into. Does this make me a bull too? I asked Nathan if after tonight if I masturbate, am I technically fucking a bull which means I’m self-cuckolding him? He smirked and said no because a female bull is a cow so I’d just be a cow patty – I gave him a whack over the head. A perverse part of me wanted to see the two cucks fuck, but he’d already cum once tonight so I knew chances were he wasn’t going to get hard again.


I felt suddenly energised and motivated to fuck the remaining four men so I could make my way to Martin. I didn’t want to waste time with any more foreplay, so when I saw guy number six lying on his back while another woman was sitting on his face, I promptly lowered myself on his hard upright cock before anyone else did. I could hear him moaning and felt his hips thrusting upwards as he wanted me to go faster. The woman sitting on his face turned around to kiss me while she started cumming which made me cum all over again as well. I figured this counted as sex because two people had cum so I hopped off and went in search of the next guy (I know cruel to leave a guy hanging but his face was enveloped by pussy so he never knew it was me).


Guy number seven had just finished smoking on the balcony and was coming inside. I was just about to call out to him when one of the other guys from before grabbed my waist and started fingering me from behind. “Mmm I need a second taste of you.” He knelt down and started eating out my ass as guy number seven walked off in the opposite direction. Argh! But guy number eight walked past so I winked and asked if he wanted to fuck me. He smiled, “Looks like you’re already taken though?” I shook my head, and started tugging on his cock which was growing thicker as well as longer the more I touched it. I told the other guy to come around to the front so I could get on all fours and suck him off while number eight fucked me. They took turns spit-roasting me from both ends until they both eventually came and I went off in search of guy number nine and seven.


Nathan came along to search with me and also fend off any other guys, but it looked like we were too late. Both couples had left the party! I wasn’t disappointed for too much longer because Martin and his wife had found us. Rather than going back into the main living room we ducked into one of the bedrooms so we could fuck uninterrupted. The two little cucks sat next to each other as Martin and I started making out on the bed. He was already hard and I was already wet. He lay down and I started grinding on top of him, making sure both cucks had the perfect view before I reached behind and slid his thick cock into me. I started rocking back and forth slowly, as he moved his hips to match my rhythm. He then sat up and flipped me so I was on my back and he was on top, jack-hammering into me while staring intently at his wife. “Look at you, you’re so fucking pathetic. I’d never bareback you like this, you disgust me.” He then turned to me, “Have you ever seen such a hideous woman in all your life? This is why I have to fuck other women because every time I look at her my dick goes soft. I only married her because she’s rich and she’s too stupid to figure out I’m using her.” I mumbled a reply but internally I was thinking, “Jesus Christ this dude is fucking harsh, am I this mean to Nathan?” No wonder men who have never been bulls before think it’s weird, even though I know it’s all role play I wanted to punch this guy in the face for being such an asshole. I looked over at Nathan and could see he was frowning slightly too and wasn’t even touching himself, so I knew it was riling him up a bit as well. Martin kept going, “You know I only fuck her mouth while she’s wearing a paper bag over her head? This is why you were a virgin until you met me because no one in their right mind would fuck you.” Ok this was officially odd but goddamn he was such a good fuck and she was knuckle deep inside herself so I guess she was enjoying herself too. Martin sat up and lifted me so I was straddling him with my legs wrapped around his waist, he then looked over my shoulder at his wife, “Don’t you fucking cum before I do you dumb slut or I’ll hit you across your fat fucking face in front of everyone!” Nathan was on his feet, “Oi calm down mate!” Martin ignored him, my heart started pounding and I could tell things were going to go bad very quickly so I tightened my grip on his cock and pretended to cum knowing Nathan wouldn’t do anything in this moment, and Martin followed cumming inside me, which at this point was not as hot as I thought it would be.


Nathan’s face was dark with anger but he still stood silently waiting for me to get off the bed. I signaled to him it was ok and not to do anything, “Thanks Martin that was great but I didn’t realise how late it was and we have to go now.” “Ohh but Carole was looking forward to cleaning you up.” He said softly, almost like he was a different person. I apologised again and dragged Nathan out who still had his fists clenched.


We left the party feeling the opposite to the excited high that we’d started off the night. On the drive home I asked Nathan if I ever said anything that harsh to him, and he shook his head vehemently. “No you call me a faggot and pathetic or whatever, but I can still tell you don’t really mean it. That douche said he was going to hit his wife and he sounded serious. I know she was getting off on all of it but it still seemed more real compared to when we do it.” I nodded but kept wondering what it was that made Martin’s comments seem so out of line. Maybe because Carole looked at him with so much love and adoration and it was such an extreme juxtaposition? Definitely not how I was expecting the night to turn out, but if I was going to extract any positives it was an eye-opener into other cuck couples who are into humiliation, as well as finally having some semblance of understanding what bulls have to listen to and how strange it can appear as an outsider. Oh and the start of the night, getting gangbanged by half the men at once was a damn hot positive.



Patty xx


To all the bulls out there or wannabe bulls, does the humiliation and emasculation aspect of cuckolding appeal or like Nathan and I, freak you out? Curious as always to hear your perspectives!

All Because of the Cliche Yoga Pants

I know, I know I disappeared for a while – embarrassingly straight after announcing I was back and posting for 2016, but I was feeling a bit uninspired, not just with writing but with cuckolding and sex in general. Maybe it was because of all the stress of other things going on in my life, but it was starting to feel a bit same-same and I think writing about it was starting to make it feel even more monotonous. I have sex, big cock as always, cum (seriously? Of course that’s an always) and then write about it and re-live it all over again. I’m not depressed, it was just nothing new.


To fill the void and create a distraction I started hitting the gym pretty hard, doing a lot of strength work to become more toned. I discovered I’m not as fit as I thought I was and my body does not seem to have a core. Apparently I am made of marshmallows and big tits. So I spent a lot of time collapsed and sweating on the floor, swearing and wondering how the fuck everyone in the class is able to maintain downward dog for 7 minutes, followed by 50 pushups and bicep curls. Not so ironically though, my legs are strong and oh so very flexible. It was a nice morale booster to find out I was on par with the more advanced guys in my class when it came to leg work.


About two months or so ago after a squats set, one of the guys complimented me on my form. Apparently he’d been watching me since the start of the class and had been really noticing how much I’d improved. I was positively beaming and when I told Nathan about the comments he started smirking.

“What? Don’t you believe me?”

“No of course I believe you, but I mean… In those leggings of course the guys are going to talk about your ‘squats’ and your ‘form’.”

Ok so maybe I was wearing yoga pants. And maybe they’re the cheap ones that go see through when the fabric stretches… And maybe I was wearing a g-string…

“Fuck you I’m awesome and my squats are awesome.”

But I did wonder if maybe my ass on display was the real motivation behind the guy’s comments, and started to feel that familiar tingle between my legs.


Next class, I was looking at myself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror when I suddenly noticed a couple of guys staring at me. I turned around and one looked away but the other winked. I continued doing my weights but more slowly as I became much more aware of others staring at me. Ok so Nathan was probably right and everyone was checking out my ass. It took a few more classes of me noticing all of this apparent attention I was receiving yet completely oblivious to, but it all led to an epiphany about what had me in such a crappy funk – I missed being desired and chased after. The sideways glances, coy smiles and eventually a bold (or not so bold) flirtation that more often than not would lead to some silly banter and most definitely a good fucking.


Using online dating it was all guaranteed and there was really no chase. Sure sometimes you needed to send more than 3 messages to set something up, but it was all pretty definite. There was nothing really exciting leading up to it and it almost had become robotic and mundane to organise. Well that was my theory anyway. And yes most definitely this could be classified as a first world problem.


I decided to test out my theory and became a bit more interactive with the guys in class, not full on flirting just more approachable after previously being the token mute. After a couple of weeks, one of the younger guys asked if I wanted to get a coffee after class. I obliged, we had coffee, small talk and then I very bluntly asked him if I could fuck him in the back of my car. The poor guy nearly choked, his eyes widened and I could see he was thinking “be cool man… be cool…” but he was too excited to contain himself and within 10 minutes we had the bill paid and I was rocking back and forth on his thick 6 inch cock.


After we both came he said that thing I forgot comes with non-online dating: “So when can we do this again?” I guess because I was feeling so blasé about everything, I didn’t care about the consequences so just as frankly as I asked him to fuck me I told him it was a once off because I had a boyfriend. He didn’t say anything, although I could see he wanted to comment. Normally my neurotic need to make sure he wasn’t judging me for being a cheating whore would take over and I’d awkwardly explain everything about our one-sided open relationship – this time however, I didn’t clarify a thing. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t go into further detail, but he didn’t ask any questions about Nathan and just chatted a bit about gym before leaving.


Following that encounter, I made it my goal to fuck every willing man in my class and have been somewhat successful. The tally to date is:

Guy #1: back of my car

Guy #2: back of my car

Guy #3: fingered me in the sauna

Guy #4: back of his car

Guy #3: fucked at his place (ridiculously amazing sex)

Instructor: after a PT session in the physio room


Turns out what had me in my funk wasn’t missing out on the thrill of the chase, I just needed to up the ante to keep things interesting. With each guy in my class I fucked I felt myself becoming more and more excited and invigorated. There’s a few more to go but I don’t think I need them to close off the challenge. Each and every one of them knows that I’ve fucked the others, knows that I have a boyfriend and they don’t really seem to care.


So I feel like I’m back in the swing of things but I still can’t promise I’ll keep posting as frequently as I have previously. I will aim to dedicate some time each weekend to write posts to keep you all updated, especially to write about things more cuckold related compared to this post. But if I can be completely honest with you all – I’d rather spend that time fucking.


















Patty xx

Quitting Cuckolding Cold Turkey

John, one of my readers asked me recently on my previous post, if Nathan wanted to cease being cuckolded, if I would be able to stop. At first I’ll admit I was a little indignant, I mean I’m not a wild animal I do have some self control! But I got down off my sassy horse before replying and really thought about it – could I just go cold turkey? No more checking out guys on the street guilt free, no more variety in my sex life or cocks for that matter. Just one sole cock… Forever… For the rest of my life.


Would this also mean Nathan no longer wants to be emasculated? Sure, I know cuckolding and humiliation don’t necessarily go hand in hand but after 5 years of pulling faces at the sight of his penis and rolling my eyes and asking when he’s going to finish flopping on top of me like a dying fish, could I suddenly stop and be nice? “Yeah you go Nathan! I love that part where you came before me it was the best! Now let’s cuddle and talk about how we only want to have sex with each other.”


Ok so maybe it wasn’t such a silly question from John after all and it has given me a lot to consider. This is my first open relationship (even if it’s only my side that’s open) and I’ve had many other monogamous relationships prior to meeting Nathan but it’s different with us. I suppose because we started cuckolding from the very beginning it’s almost ingrained into the foundation of our relationship. Similarly to how most of my readers have found moving their relationship towards cuckolding has taken years (or in Sherulestherooster’s case, over a decade), would the transition into monogamy be just as long a process after spending years where cuckolding was the norm?


These were all the questions swarming around my head after I read John’s comment. But then in a moment of clarity it all clicked – we love each other. If anything cuckolding related or otherwise, is causing us harm, stress or anxiety we would both do whatever we could to stop the pain. I know it sounds sappy, but it really does override everything. Why would you want to continue doing something that causes so much angst for the person you love? If Nathan came up to me tomorrow and said cuckolding’s no longer fun for him, I’d naturally ask what’s changed and be a little taken aback (omg why you cockblocking me for!?) but ultimately I’d stop. Sure it would be hard, all relationship compromises are. But I didn’t start dating Nathan knowing he was a cuckold and I didn’t continue to stay in our relationship because he is one either. We’re together for every other reason that’s special to us and we just happen to enjoy the fact I fuck other guys. If that stops so be it, but it’s not the end of our relationship just a transition into a new lifestyle.


Plus life after cuckolding does mean I no longer have to lie to everyone about what I get up to on the weekend!


What are your thoughts on this my dear readers? If you’re currently in a cuckold relationship could you just go cold turkey or would it be something you fight for?


Patty xx

Slightly Manipulating Reality to Create a Fantasy (p.s. I’m back!)

Apologies for the exceedingly long hiatus! If you remember my last post from many months ago, Nathan and I just bought a place together and the renovations took a lot longer than expected. Have you ever dug up your garden only to find it was hiding syringes, crack pipes and basically everything else you associate with a crime scene? It is a good neighbourhood we just happened to purchase a place from the only crack head in town.


But in the midst of the renovation nightmare, I managed to fulfill one of Nathan’s long time cuckolding fantasies. Since I’ve known him, he’s always wanted to go to a bar or a club and have me fawning all over him, and yet still attract the attention of another guy (or guys) who flirts relentlessly with me despite knowing I’m with Nathan. He dances with me, buys me drinks and tries to touch me at every opportune moment. And of course the fantasy predictably ends with me sitting on his cock/face while my cuck quietly jerks off in the corner.


Although the start of my cuckolding experimentation started with hooking up with guys in clubs, I hated that I couldn’t guarantee a massive cock every time. I’ve posted about this previously when weighing up the pros and cons of online vs. reality and being able to filter men by every single feature is a huge pro that real life can’t provide. But we’d been working so hard, didn’t celebrate moving in, didn’t celebrate our anniversary, so I felt like now was the time to indulge in this fantasy… sort of.


Unbeknownst to Nathan, I updated my dating profile to say I was looking for a man to play along with my very specific fantasy. I requested a guy who would pretend not to know me or that I’d arranged for him to be at the bar, and act as inappropriately cocky and confident as he could possibly be in flirting with me in front of Nathan. I thought it might be a bit too strange a request but surprisingly had someone sorted within 2 days. Joel promised 9 thick inches of uncut cock would be fucking me raw by the end of the night.


Leading up to the weekend I convinced Nathan we needed a night off from renovating with a little well deserved indulgence, by going for dinner and drinks at the local bar. I wore a short, tight white dress with big red flowers printed all over and strappy black heels and texted a photo of myself as I was slipping into it, to Joel who responded with a photo of his cock dripping with pre-cum. Meanwhile my sweet cuck was sitting on the couch drinking tea.


Dinner flew by and we were soon at the bar watching the band playing some pretty terrible 80s covers. I was sipping on a mojito when I saw Joel enter. He looked directly at us then took a seat in a booth nearby so we were still in his view. I chewed on the end of my straw as I waited in anticipation. When was he going to approach us? What was he going to say? We never really discussed his pretend back story, just that he would pretend to have never communicated with me previously. Then I had that nagging thought that maybe he’s piked out. The music’s shit, the beer’s watered down, I’m not what he was expecting and he’s decided not to go ahead with it.


I became slightly despondent, which Nathan took as me needing another drink. I was still looking down when I noticed Joel walking towards me, so I sat up and smiled brightly at him as he walked past and stood next to Nathan at the bar. He looked like he was ordering a drink too and then started chatting with Nathan. They turned around simultaneously as Nathan pointed me out, and Joel nodded. Ugh did he just confess everything to Nathan and ruin the fantasy? But then they started laughing and as Nathan grabbed our drinks he gestured for Joel to follow him. “Hey Patty, this is Joel is it ok if he sits with us? Poor guy was just telling me he’s been stood up.” I slowly smiled and gave him a wink, “Of course, her loss is our gain.”


Joel quickly sat next to me while my unassuming cuck continued chatting about, I can’t even remember what, because Joel started walking his fingers up along my thigh and under my skirt. “So Nathan, how’d you end up with such a beautiful girlfriend?” Joel asked, withdrawing his hand from under my dress. “I mean even if my date had shown up, I probably would’ve pissed her off by staring at Patty all night.” Nathan looked a bit taken aback, “Yep you’re not the first person to point out I’m punching above my weight.” He said laughing and then changed the subject. Small talk continued for a while before I interrupted and asked both Nathan and Joel if they wanted to dance. At first Nathan shook his head but when he saw Joel jump up to join me with a little too much enthusiasm, he changed his mind and grabbed my hand to lead me to the dancefloor.


I danced between the two, watching Nathan look more and more confused at how brazen Joel was being. Every time Nathan would pull me close, Joel would grab my hand and twirl me over to him. Cuck excused himself to the bathroom, and as soon as his back was turned Joel leaned in to steal a quick kiss. “Am I being forward enough for you?” I smiled, “Yes it’s going perfectly but I’m not sure if Nathan can actually see what’s happening or if he just thinks he’s had too much to drink.” I giggled. “Well, let’s make sure he knows this is definitely real…” Joel pulled my waist close to him and kissed me hard and passionately on the mouth while running his fingers through my hair. I could hear a few guys wooping in the background but closed my eyes and melted into his kiss.


“Uh oh, busted…” Joel whispered into my ear. I broke away from his embrace to see my cuck standing near the bar watching us. I grabbed Joel’s hand and led him over. “Hey man hope you don’t mind, like I said she’s just so fucking hot!” Joel said squeezing my ass. Nathan shifted his weight uncomfortably, “Nah it’s cool I guess, I mean yeah…” I gave him a wink, “Oh I’m so glad you said that because I’m actually getting kinda bored of this place and wanted to go back home. Just me, Joel and you.”  I didn’t give him a chance to respond and started heading towards the door with Joel’s hand in mine and cuck trailing.


What should have been a 10 minute walk home turned into half an hour as Joel took every opportunity to push me against a wall and kiss me. Fingering me in front of Nathan and commenting on how wet and ready I was for him. Asking Nathan to feel me and asking if he’d ever been able to make me as wet. Halfway on the route home we passed a park and Joel’s eyes lit up. “Patty have you ever had outdoor sex?” To tell the truth outdoor sex is on my list of things that seem to sound appealing in theory only.  Like group sex, it seems dirty and unhygienic plus with all the renovating, tonight was the first night in months that I wasn’t covered in a layer of grime, paint and plaster so I definitely was not enthusiastic to go roll around and get mud in my vagina. Joel sensed my hesitation and pointed to a dark corner where the outline of a park bench that was barely visible. “I’ll sit there and you can sit on me while your boyfriend keeps a look out.” I bit my lip and nodded, on the condition we stick to the bench.


Joel’s pants were around his ankles before he even got to the bench, and cuck obediently stood facing the foot path to keep watch. I gave him a quick kiss before going to position myself on my knees to suck Joel’s cock. “Babe as much as I love a bj, I’m so primed to fuck right now.” I gave the tip a flick with my tongue and obliged, straddling him and teasing him by not sitting all the way down until he gave a quick thrust upwards and pushed me onto his cock. “Oh god yes your cock is amazing…” I moaned. Joel grunted, quickening his pace and became almost animalistic trying to pull the top of my dress down to expose my breasts, which he licked and sucked with ferocity.


We fucked for a good 10 – 15 minutes before he couldn’t hold off any longer, “Babe quick get off, I’m close to cumming.” “You can cum in me if you want.” That was all it took and Joel blew his load inside me. I continued sitting on his lap, rocking back and forth gently as he finished cumming and I saw Nathan’s shadow approaching. Without saying a word I de-mounted Joel and spread my legs as cuck got on his knees and cleaned me up with his tongue, stopping occasionally to thank me for providing the privilege.


My grateful cuck leaned his head along the inside of my thigh after he finished as I stroked his hair. “Guys that was amazing, thanks so much for turning around my crap night.” I had to commend him for his commitment to the back story. Joel gave me a deep long kiss good bye, and to really put cuck in his place he ruffled his hair like a child and said “Thanks heaps dude for letting me fuck your girlfriend, although I guess you didn’t really have a choice did ya?” He laughed, zipped his pants up and headed back towards the road to flag a taxi as Nathan and I headed home. We walked most of the way in silence, Nathan squeezing my hand and taking in sharp breaths, which I knew was a sign he was close to cumming himself. As soon as we were inside, I dropped to my knees and took cuck’s little penis into my mouth. He came in less than 10 seconds but I still swallowed every last drop. I got back up to kiss him and as I pulled away he shook his head, “Patty I’m still… I don’t know what the hell is going on, is tonight real or am I really drunk?” “Why didn’t you have as much fun as I did?” I said with an exaggerated pout. “No no, it was amazing! But what was that guy’s deal? How weird was he? I mean I know this was my ultimate fantasy but who’s that rude in real life to fuck another guy’s girlfriend? And I was so nice to him and asked us to sit with us and everything because I felt sorry for him…” I felt terrible for causing Nathan this much angst and was about to confess I set the whole thing up and there was no girl who stood Joel up, but then he asked if he could go down on me as I replayed the night back to him going into detail about what it felt like to have Joel cum inside me. I smiled and led my sweet cuck to the bedroom.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear readers! Hope you enjoyed my last post for 2015. Looking forward to sharing more of my salacious cuckolding stories with you in the new year.



Patty xx

Getting Fucked on a Daily Basis…

Unfortunately it’s not what you think. Nathan and I recently bought a unit together and with this very adult milestone we’ve found embarrassingly all our conversations lately seem to be centred around different home loan packages and getting fucked by the banks, interest rates amirite?

Anyway this is our second place together (first place we jointly own) and the process has been insurmountably more stressful compared to the first time we moved in together. Consequently less sexy times have been had. When we first moved in together, Nathan already owned his place so it was really just me shifting all my things to his place on a permanent basis. Since it was a comparably more relaxed event, it meant I had the time to think of a surprise for my little cuck on moving day.

Before we moved in together, I lived just over an hour away from Nathan. So moving day was several trips back and forth between our places, with approximately 6 hours or so of driving done in total plus collecting our brand new king size mattress. By the end of the day, all Nathan wanted to do after dinner was curl up in bed beside me in an exhausted heap. But what he didn’t know was that I had arranged for my favourite bull at the time, John, to come over and fuck me senseless on our new bed. After all, who was Nathan to assume that he’d be the first man to take me in our bed?

Little cuck was so tired he didn’t question why I was wearing a black transparent, lacey negligee as pajamas. Nor did it click for him when there was a knock at the door and I went to answer it, wearing only the negligee. John kissed me passionately on the lips as soon as I opened the door, sliding one hand underneath to squeeze my ass. “Mmm glad you invited me over, babe…” Nathan suddenly appeared in the living room with his mouth slightly open, “Is that John? Patty, you didn’t tell me…” he trailed off as John ignored him and pushed me up against the wall to kiss me hard on the mouth again, running his hands all over my body. I could feel him growing harder by the second, and started to unzip his pants. “Come over here Nathan, John needs to fuck your mouth.” Cuck reluctantly came over and got on his knees to take John’s thick 9 inch cock into his mouth, while John continued to kiss me and slowly rub my clit.

John took his cock out of my little cuck’s mouth and traced it over his face, teasing him for being a cock hungry slut. He slapped Nathan’s cheeks a few times on each side with his cock while laughing, before lifting me up in his arms as I pointed him to the direction of the bedroom. John fucked me hard and raw and I let him do it bareback. He twisted and contorted my body into different positions, always so that my little cuck could either see my face as I was cumming or see his cock stretching and filling my pussy. John came in me three times in the span of a couple of hours, the first two times he instructed cuck to lick me clean. The third time John ordered my cuck to insert his little semi-soft dick in me so that he could not only feel the fresh load inside me but also feel how much more stretched I’d become after fucking a real man’s cock. That was enough to make Nathan cum, which of course John ordered he pull out and cum in his hand only. “Pathetic little cuckold’s like you don’t have the privilege to cum inside your girlfriend.”

By the time John and I were left well and truly sated, it was nearly midnight and he was yawning so I suggested he sleep over. Nathan looked at me with an expression that half said, “Best idea!” and half “You better not make me sleep on the fucking couch!” Of course given the size of the new bed, I told John and Nathan we can all sleep together with me in the middle and plenty of room to spare. I showered and threw on a t-shirt and underwear, Nathan showered and wore boxers and John didn’t have any pjs so he showered and went to sleep naked, pressing his cock against me.

I woke up early the next morning feeling hazy, similar to that feeling you get just before you cum. I then realised John had his hand down the front of my underwear, massaging my clit back and forth between his fingers. I let out a quiet moan, “Mmm this is a nice way to wake up.” I whispered, whilst facing my sweet cuck who was still sleeping. I pushed my ass up against John’s cock and could feel he was rock hard. “I want to fuck you so badly.” He whispered back. I was dripping wet from John’s fingers and from knowing he was doing this while Nathan was sleeping just across from me. Suddenly he pulled his hand out of my underwear and pulled down the back to expose my ass. I bit my lip and drew in a breath as I felt him rub his cock against my pussy from behind, before slowly entering my ass. He kept moving slowly in and out of me and moved his hand again back into the front of my underwear to finger me as he fucked me from behind. We both tried to move as subtly as possible to not disturb Nathan. As I started to cum I couldn’t help but moan loudly, which then set John off as he started fucking me with more vigor, rocking the bed. Cuck woke up to see both me and John cumming simultaneously, and as expected he came in his boxers.

It’s two weeks until settlement for our new place and I’m still stuck on an idea that would match what I did the first time in terms of intensity. Have any of you done something similar? As always, would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Patty xx

Sunday Session: Jay the virgin

I know I haven’t posted a Sunday Session in a while, so this one’s extra special: the time I cucked Nathan with a virgin.

Normally I only choose bulls my age or older, but there was something so endearing about Jay’s PM to me I couldn’t help but respond with interest. He was 19, never had a girlfriend and intrigued by the idea of Nathan letting other men have sex with his girlfriend. I get messages like this quite often, usually it’s someone yelling down from their moral high horse, but this was the first time the disbelief genuinely came from someone who couldn’t understand why he couldn’t even get a woman yet here was another man who was happy to share his girlfriend around.

After a bit of back and forth, Jay very awkwardly asked if I would consider fucking him. If he wasn’t a virgin he was playing the part very convincingly, so even though he was at the time 8 years younger, part of me loved the thought of taking someone’s virginity. I also imagined the level of humiliation for Nathan, for me to cuckold him with a boy who had even less sexual experience than him. Plus I peeked at the pictures in Jay’s gallery and he was cute with a huge dick, which is all I ever ask for.

That night, Nathan begged to go down on me while I described all the things I was going to do to Jay and let him do to me. I was so very tempted, but felt like saving myself for Jay… Well for 3 days anyway. Instead I gave my cuck a handjob, tugging away at his little penis and when his breathing quickened and he started the usual moans before he came, I let go. His eyes opened in shock as his penis swelled a little, dribbled a pathetically small amount of cum before collapsing completely into a ruined orgasm. I kissed him on the forehead and went to sleep while he cleaned himself up.

I normally dress extremely slutty for my bulls, but for Jay I felt like he needed a level of normalcy that wouldn’t make him think he’d just hired a prostitute. So I wore a summery blue cotton dress with little white flowers all over and underneath I wore a white lace corset that was completely see through over my breasts and a white g-string that had a big pink bow on the back. When Jay arrived he brought a bottle of red wine and some flowers. I thought it was adorable but I could see my little cuck’s face growing uncomfortable, as Jay openly flirted as if he was courting me to be his girlfriend.

I quickly moved us to the bedroom and Jay sat on the bed looking extremely nervous. I sat next to him and kissed him slowly, while cuck sat in his usual corner. “I’ve been watching some cuckold porn since you told me this is what you’re into, did you want me to say stuff to embarrass Nathan and stuff?” I laughed and told him to just ignore my little cuckold and pretend he wasn’t even there. I looked over and my little cuck was pulling on his penis furiously at what I’d just said or maybe it was because I laughed or maybe because I was about to fuck someone who’d only ever seen pussy in porn.

Jay and I made out for a while before he shyly put his hand up my dress and slipped a couple of fingers inside me. I moaned, which spurred him on even more as he pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top whilst still maintaining speed. I stopped him when I felt I was getting close and told him to take his clothes off.  He kneeled back on the bed, unzipped his pants and revealed a deliciously thick 8 – 9 inch cock that I immediately started sucking on, my ass sticking out with its pretty bow in Nathan’s direction. Jay couldn’t contain himself any longer and came in my mouth after about 5 seconds of oral. Little cuck came over to kiss me but I’d already swallowed it all.

Jay went red and apologized profusely for cumming so quickly, promising I’d only have to wait another 10 minutes and he’d be ready to go again. I forgot that was the benefit with fucking younger guys, some of them have the stamina to cum more than once in an hour. I let Jay give me his first ever attempt at head and it was amazing. I could feel his tongue and fingers pressing and feeling in me, half trying to get me off and half testing to see what would happen if he flicked his tongue a particular way or increased/decreased speed.

In my haze I looked over at Nathan who was mouthing, ‘take off your dress!’ I winked at him and turned my attention back to Jay. I lifted his head up from my pussy and told him to lie on his back. I sat on his semi-soft cock, and rocked back and forth a bit as I lifted my dress up over my head to reveal my white lace corset. Jay reached up immediately to feel my breasts and I could feel him growing hard instantly. I continued to tease him, grinding on to his cock and sitting completely upright so he could only run his hands over my body. I then took his now hard cock in my hand and directed it into me, lowering myself slowly onto it before I started to quicken my motion. I paused momentarily to turn around and ride him in reverse as I faced Nathan who had already cum and was watching me with intensity, biting his lip. All of a sudden I felt Jay’s hands lift me up off his cock and he pulled me forward so that he could eat my ass. I was on all fours and moaning as his tongue moved in and out of me. He then stopped and sat up, “I want to try doggy, is that ok?” I nodded and told him to do whatever he wanted to me. Jay however, didn’t quite know that doggy and anal aren’t synonymous and proceeded to force all thick, 8 unlubricated inches into me. Anyone who’s experienced that before knows it’s not the nicest surprise but little cuck sprung into action and as Jay pulled out a bit, squeezed a big amount of lube on his cock so it started to slide in with a bit more ease. Cuck then lay on his back underneath me so that he could lick my pussy while occasionally glancing at the massive cock penetrating my ass.

It didn’t take long before Jay started breathing heavily and grunting. I let him cum in my ass and told Nathan to remain in position so that when Jay pulled out, his cum would dribble on my little cuck’s face which he gratefully lapped up. As we got dressed, Jay thanked me profusely and said it’s definitely something he’d never forget. I gave him a quick debrief on what doggy ACTUALLY is and he went on his way. My naughty cuck then revealed while I was getting my ass pounded on all fours and he was lying underneath me, he took some photos and a short video on his phone. We spent the rest of the night in bed (seeing as I couldn’t sit properly) flicking through the photos and watching the video. I probably wouldn’t fuck another virgin but I’ve since opened up my age range to younger guys because like I tell my cuck, they just have the stamina to keep me satisfied in ways he never could.

Patty xx