moving day

Getting Fucked on a Daily Basis…

Unfortunately it’s not what you think. Nathan and I recently bought a unit together and with this very adult milestone we’ve found embarrassingly all our conversations lately seem to be centred around different home loan packages and getting fucked by the banks, interest rates amirite?

Anyway this is our second place together (first place we jointly own) and the process has been insurmountably more stressful compared to the first time we moved in together. Consequently less sexy times have been had. When we first moved in together, Nathan already owned his place so it was really just me shifting all my things to his place on a permanent basis. Since it was a comparably more relaxed event, it meant I had the time to think of a surprise for my little cuck on moving day.

Before we moved in together, I lived just over an hour away from Nathan. So moving day was several trips back and forth between our places, with approximately 6 hours or so of driving done in total plus collecting our brand new king size mattress. By the end of the day, all Nathan wanted to do after dinner was curl up in bed beside me in an exhausted heap. But what he didn’t know was that I had arranged for my favourite bull at the time, John, to come over and fuck me senseless on our new bed. After all, who was Nathan to assume that he’d be the first man to take me in our bed?

Little cuck was so tired he didn’t question why I was wearing a black transparent, lacey negligee as pajamas. Nor did it click for him when there was a knock at the door and I went to answer it, wearing only the negligee. John kissed me passionately on the lips as soon as I opened the door, sliding one hand underneath to squeeze my ass. “Mmm glad you invited me over, babe…” Nathan suddenly appeared in the living room with his mouth slightly open, “Is that John? Patty, you didn’t tell me…” he trailed off as John ignored him and pushed me up against the wall to kiss me hard on the mouth again, running his hands all over my body. I could feel him growing harder by the second, and started to unzip his pants. “Come over here Nathan, John needs to fuck your mouth.” Cuck reluctantly came over and got on his knees to take John’s thick 9 inch cock into his mouth, while John continued to kiss me and slowly rub my clit.

John took his cock out of my little cuck’s mouth and traced it over his face, teasing him for being a cock hungry slut. He slapped Nathan’s cheeks a few times on each side with his cock while laughing, before lifting me up in his arms as I pointed him to the direction of the bedroom. John fucked me hard and raw and I let him do it bareback. He twisted and contorted my body into different positions, always so that my little cuck could either see my face as I was cumming or see his cock stretching and filling my pussy. John came in me three times in the span of a couple of hours, the first two times he instructed cuck to lick me clean. The third time John ordered my cuck to insert his little semi-soft dick in me so that he could not only feel the fresh load inside me but also feel how much more stretched I’d become after fucking a real man’s cock. That was enough to make Nathan cum, which of course John ordered he pull out and cum in his hand only. “Pathetic little cuckold’s like you don’t have the privilege to cum inside your girlfriend.”

By the time John and I were left well and truly sated, it was nearly midnight and he was yawning so I suggested he sleep over. Nathan looked at me with an expression that half said, “Best idea!” and half “You better not make me sleep on the fucking couch!” Of course given the size of the new bed, I told John and Nathan we can all sleep together with me in the middle and plenty of room to spare. I showered and threw on a t-shirt and underwear, Nathan showered and wore boxers and John didn’t have any pjs so he showered and went to sleep naked, pressing his cock against me.

I woke up early the next morning feeling hazy, similar to that feeling you get just before you cum. I then realised John had his hand down the front of my underwear, massaging my clit back and forth between his fingers. I let out a quiet moan, “Mmm this is a nice way to wake up.” I whispered, whilst facing my sweet cuck who was still sleeping. I pushed my ass up against John’s cock and could feel he was rock hard. “I want to fuck you so badly.” He whispered back. I was dripping wet from John’s fingers and from knowing he was doing this while Nathan was sleeping just across from me. Suddenly he pulled his hand out of my underwear and pulled down the back to expose my ass. I bit my lip and drew in a breath as I felt him rub his cock against my pussy from behind, before slowly entering my ass. He kept moving slowly in and out of me and moved his hand again back into the front of my underwear to finger me as he fucked me from behind. We both tried to move as subtly as possible to not disturb Nathan. As I started to cum I couldn’t help but moan loudly, which then set John off as he started fucking me with more vigor, rocking the bed. Cuck woke up to see both me and John cumming simultaneously, and as expected he came in his boxers.

It’s two weeks until settlement for our new place and I’m still stuck on an idea that would match what I did the first time in terms of intensity. Have any of you done something similar? As always, would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Patty xx