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Shopping for bulls: Online vs Real World

One of my absolute favourite activities to do on weekends is hunting shopping for potential bulls. When I first started dating Nathan, I used bars/clubs to pick up most guys and it was shooting fish in a barrel of vodka and bourbon. Even though lights were dim, with drinks flowing the drunken banter would ultimately end up with a taxi ride back to my place. But I didn’t really know how to tactfully explain to guys that I already had a boyfriend and literally only wanted them for sex. So it was always an extremely awkward conversation after I had them in my bed, “Hey… that was fun but my boyfriend will be here in the morning so you can’t sleep over… Oh yeah and I kinda want to call him and tell him about all the dirty things you did to me.” Some took it well and were somewhat relieved that I wasn’t clingy. Some were angry that they had been used as ‘the other man’. One guy cried. Another smiled and told me I wasn’t meant for this world. He might have been doing more than just drinking though…

The other downside to real life bull shopping was I couldn’t tell just from looking at a guy who had a big cock. Steve over at Small Penis Relationships can tell you all about how big cocks are hidden down the pants of guys of all colours, shapes and sizes. There is no guarantee that the guy who looks like a Greek Adonis will have a big, thick cock nor is there any reason you should doubt the skinny geeky looking guy isn’t secretly wielding a massive cock. Same rule applies to how well the guy will fuck you. Drunken dirty talk about how hard he’s going to pound your pussy, does not always translate into the same thing when you’re having drunken sex. There were so many nights that I’d pick up guys who were either not that into it or had a cock smaller than Nathan and I felt like it just defeated the whole purpose of cuckolding. Plus I’m not a very good liar, so Nathan always knew when the guy had disappointed me:

“Yeah he had… a GRAND penis… like a grand piano! With all of its girth, yes so much girth that I was overcome by his… girth!”

“He was smaller than me wasn’t he?”


After a while I got annoyed at how uncertain and volatile picking up guys in real life could be, so I tried online dating website Adult Matchmaker and it was perfect. I had never encountered people who were so open and liberal with their sexual fetishes/requests. And people were rarely offended if you said no, they just moved on to the next person. I could explain exactly what I was looking for on my profile and filter my search results to only show guys that would be interested – and then filter again by cock size (although I always subtract an inch from stated size for true accuracy!) They know it’s a one-off no strings encounter, know I have a boyfriend and aren’t freaked out by me requesting my cuck watch or listen in from the next room. Even if they weren’t experienced bulls, most guys were excited by the idea of doing something different and would run with the ‘dom bull’ persona and order cuck not to cum or touch himself as he watched. Probably even better was that I could be chatting with a dozen or so guys and humiliate Nathan by making him read all their messages and then make him choose which one would fuck me. Something you definitely could not get away with in real life!

The one downside to online dating – people are fucking weird on the internet. And I say that from a place of love, as a fellow person on the internet. Top 5 strangest requests I have ever received:

  • Can I put a vegetable on you? No sorry not into vegetables or any foreign objects being put inside me. No I mean ON you, like resting on your belly.
  • Can you come to my place? Except I live with my parents and don’t have a car so we’d have to have sex in my driveway on the left side of the tree only because then we can’t be seen in the streetlight.
  • Do you have a bath? I want to bathe you with a natural sea sponge because it’s best for your skin.
  • Can I fuck you in your pee-hole? Um I don’t think you realise where girls pee from because it’s kind of impossible… No I can do it, I’ve done it before all the time!
  • Do you have a seat-less chair? If not I can make you a seat-less chair for you to sit on and I will also bring 2 black clothes pegs with me. The rest will be a surprise…

But despite this I still prefer using online dating to real life because it’s so much easier to find a like-minded person. Experienced bulls will advertise themselves, whereas if I passed them on the street I wouldn’t have a clue what they were into. Ultimately I’m looking for someone to give me great sex to cuck Nathan with, not a partner. I don’t need a cute backstory about how I ran into the guy at a coffee shop when he got my latte and I got his macchiato or how our hands touched as we reached for the same copy of Hilary Clinton’s autobiography at the bookshop. Those kinds of spontaneous meetings are for single people wanting a relationship. I just want to fuck.

Tell me about your experiences looking for bulls – do you prefer online or real life? And what lead you to your preferences?

Patty xx