The Ground Rules

Unlike any of my previous relationships, I found that being with Nathan meant a very upfront discussion of boundaries and what would cause a breach of trust. At a time when new couples are in their honeymoon phase, spending every waking moment trying to absorb as much of the other person as they can, we were talking about the other guys I could fuck. In a normal monogamous relationship, it’s very obvious that cheating = bad, but with cuckolding the lines are a little more blurred. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we started off with two very basic rules:

  1. Secret or undisclosed encounters count as cheating, not cuckolding
  2. No relationships, friendships or dating of guys I’ll be hooking up with

At first glance it may seem like our rules were more to protect Nathan, especially given his ex had run off with their bull. But really it was to protect me emotionally as well. I mean it’s only inevitable if you do form a friendship with someone and start fucking them while at the same time denying your partner sex, of course your brain is going to start sending you mixed messages about who it is you really want to spend time with. In our case as well, when I do occasionally have sex with Nathan, he gets off on being ridiculed for having a small penis, being impotent and wants me to be selfish with my orgasms, making myself a priority over him. So you can understand where/why things can get complicated and why the “rules” are for my emotional protection as much as they are for him.

Over the years though, our rules have become much more flexible as we’ve come across the numerous exceptions, which have proven that ultimately it all comes down to trust in each other. For example I have on certain occasions secretly invited guys back to our place to fuck me, while Nathan was at work. Technically that’s breaking rule 1, but imagine how unbelievably hot it was for him to come home after a grueling day to find a condom filled with cum and a little note saying: “You weren’t home and I was bored so I had to find someone to keep me entertained… Be a good boy and clean up the mess.” And of course because I’m a sadistic nice girlfriend, I filmed the whole escapade for his viewing pleasure.

As for rule 2 this has proven to be useful because we both often forget the other guy involved isn’t just a giant cock for me to fuck, and funnily enough is a real person with feelings who can get attached – especially if I’m lusting after him and scheduling him in weekend after weekend. This happened with one particular guy, whose cock I absolutely adored. He was thick and long, and I would cum a minimum 3 times in an hour when I fucked him AND he would cum with me every time – he had the stamina of a bull in heat and I was in total awe. Plus he was a genuinely nice guy, he liked having Nathan watch us fuck and in the moments of repose he’d chat about work and life and everything in between. Long story short, I was so enamoured with his cock I didn’t even realise how we’d suddenly gone from down and dirty fucking to intimate love making. He was being more gentle, stroking my hair, kissing me lightly on my eyelids and the tip of my nose and whispering to me how beautiful I look, in hindsight very obvious signs he was getting more attached. It’s true that he was well aware I had a boyfriend who was literally sitting in the room every time we were together, but I think all of us can sympathise with being so completely lost in the moment with another person that you tune everything else out. So it was a sad day when I had to say good bye to him and his gorgeous cock, but definitely necessary. As cruel as it sounds, he served as a lesson learnt though and myself and Nathan are more strict now with the guys we hook up with, trying not to repeat them too many times before any kind of emotional connection is established on either side.

Our 2nd rule is probably a bit strange for most couples who initially decide to trial cuckolding with a friend/co-worker aka someone familiar who you can trust. Personally for us, it boils down to the fact that we can’t trust anyone in our inner circles to tell them, let alone ask them to engage in our relationship. All of our friends are conservative, and our reputations in our workplaces, mean too much to jeopardize with seducing a co-worker. Everyone ultimately has to do what works for them, for us it’s “randoms”. Plus, I’m still in my 20s, so I suppose you could say I’m stereotypically a bit more laidback about having sex with strangers!

Do you have any rules you follow in your cuckold relationship or are you still feeling things out to see what works for you? I’m interested to hear if any other couples have had similar or different issues to what we’ve had and how you resolved them.

Patty xx