You don’t make friends when cuckolding

I’m back! And I promise to do a Sunday Session this weekend, but first this post is somewhat of a rant slash FYI for new cuckold couples who are wondering whether or not cuckolding is right for them.

Everyone always talks about how the cuckolding lifestyle is all about communication – specifically if you don’t trust your partner or feel comfortable talking to them, then things are going to go sour really quickly. This is why it’s not really something you want to do to spice up a relationship that’s already struggling with disclosure and mistrust. But there’s another aspect to cuckolding that is never spoken about – and that’s the fact that it generally has to be done in secret.
I’m the kind of person that when I get excited about something I want to shout it to the world and tell literally everyone about it. It’s a beautiful thing when you discover a new restaurant or band or tv show or anything really, and you share it with people who all come together in awe of this new experience. Alas if only society was so open when it came to talking about great sex and cock size, let alone open relationships or cuckolding.
And that’s the sad truth about cuckolding, it can get really lonely. Sure, cuckolding isn’t all there is to me but it is a lifestyle, so as natural as it feels for me to openly show Nathan the texts of the next guy I’m going to fuck, it’s not exactly something I can talk to my friends about either, which means I end up leading a secret double life. In my real life I spend most weekends fucking a different guy. But to everyone else in my life, (friend or otherwise) I’m the really boring girl who never does anything on Saturday nights except hang out with her boyfriend watching movies or gardening or knitting or some other completely benign activity. The times I really feel the loneliness are when things go hilariously wrong with the bull and I can’t stop laughing, Nathan can’t stop laughing and I have this urge to share the laughter with others, then I remember I can’t. Like the time when the guy came while I was taking my bra off, the guy who went soft when I offered a bj because he had been traumatised by a previous girl who was way too toothy, and then the guy who asked me to lie face down on the bed, cross my legs tight and then proceeded to fuck me between my thighs and I had no idea if it was his fetish or if the poor guy thought he really was inside me.
I don’t begrudge my friends, afterall some of them I became friends with long before we even knew what sex was and we have so much more in common I would never cut them off just because I can’t share anything about cuckolding with them. It would just be nice one day to have someone to talk to that doesn’t giggle at the word cock or speak in vague innuendos that could be mistaken for a description of a really good meal rather than sex. I’ve tried reaching out online, as there are numerous cuckolding forums out there, now including sub-reddits, but most posts are from cucks or wannabe cucks. Occasionally I’ve chatted to some self-described ‘hotwives’ but they usually just want to swap pics or are so, so deep into cuckolding (ie. the females with queen of spades tattoos and cucks with “sissy cuck” tattoos) that they don’t want to talk because I’m not as hardcore as them.
It might sound like I’m being silly or talking about a completely innocuous aspect of cuckolding, but trust me it does creep in to your every day life. Remember that woman earlier in the year who wrote a book about how her and her partner tried an open relationship for a year and she fucked a total of 12 guys? Every single person I know was mortified and disgusted AND placed all the blame on her when their relationship deteriorated, while all I could think was that 12 guys was a really poor effort. Or maybe you’ll be caught up in a conversation with your girlfriend’s about how sleeping with more than 5 guys is very slutty and you have to sit there biting your tongue and nodding in agreement.
So if you are going to start cuckolding your partner, make sure you always have a good little white lie to tell everyone when they ask what you did on the weekend, lest you end up blurting out “I FUCKED A HUGE COCK WHILE MY BOYFRIEND WATCHED!”
Patty xx